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Rhapsody Of Realities Daily Devotional

Receive God’s Direction For Your Life Everyday!

Get answers to life’s challenges & know how to deal with any situation you are going through. Introducing rhapsody Of Realities daily devotional, God’s word for you every single day.

Start you day right, by hearing what God has to say on that day. Learn to live a successful & victorious life everyday, through God’s word to you in the Rhapsody daily devotional.

We will post Rhapsody of Realities on a daily basis on this blog. Make sure you check regularly on the blog, for the latest Rhapsody of Realities.


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198 Responses to Rhapsody Of Realities Daily Devotional

  1. Alfred CHIGUMADZI says:

    Pastor Chris how i pray GOD increase you…i have come across several MOG but every time the spirit of GOD leads m to you.truly you are spiritually inspired to preach the Gospel, Recently i dream t telling you how i thank God for having you in my life.how you have taught to dig deep into the word for every answer, as i telling you all that .we started to speak in tongues .and how sweet it was to communicate with you in tongues in a dream.wow wow wow i love Papa Chris,

  2. MOSES UDENSI says:

    I want to use this opportunity to thank God and also my man of God for the previlage of reading the Raphsody as my daily devotional.The devotional guilds my life in dealing wisely in the affairs of life.This is a worthy of mention book.Thannk you sir!

  3. Keme OPIA says:

    Dear Pastor permit me express my profound appreciation for all you have been doing through the ministry.
    Pastor sir, Rhapsody of Realities (our messenger angel) has been a major source of inspiration for both my life and that of my family.
    Special thanks to the Woman of God Pastor Anita.

  4. victor etisong says:

    thank you pastor for the word i am blessed

  5. Tafadzwa says:

    PastorSir thankyu for the living word from our daily devotional.I’m being changed every moment I meditate on it and yu make it easier make impact in everypart of this world.

  6. Tafadzwa says:

    I love youPastor and I’m not ashamed to be identified with yu.God bless Daddy.

  7. Tafadzwa says:

    Thankyou Pastor I’m ready to receive my daily devotional everyday.

  8. mbah francis says:

    Dear pastor Chris and Anita what you. hard done to me and my entire. family only God alone knows. May he alone equip you and your team mightily. I love you spiritual mentor

  9. shado mhlanga says:

    thank you pastor sir ..the word is working in me..stay blessed

  10. pastor says:

    If you need Rhapsody of Realities or you want it to be publish in your country then kindly contact this email for more information about Rhapsody of Realities, at: rhapsody-of-realities@live.com

    thank and God bless

  11. clauben says:

    thank you pastor chris for the word of God.
    today i am inspired and energised about 2corinthians 8:7 which reminds me to be excellent in the grace.i acknowledge evry good thing in my life today through CHRIST.may the Lord richly bless you.

  12. Samuel Kekebo says:

    Hello Pastor Chris God may bless you. I’m from Ethiopia.
    I want to have some publications like “the Rhapsody of realities” can I get it please?

    Blessed !

    This is my Po box

    Samuel Kekebo
    Po box 1076
    Hawassa / Ethiopia.

  13. mylene says:

    Hi Pastor,
    Please haw can i get the rhapsody of realities in my country chad? i need the french version.Please i really want to be a new person in Jesus name.
    Thanks a lot. God bless you in Jesus name.

  14. Sarah ANANTI says:

    Pastor.you have revealed to me through your life ,A RHAPSODY OF REALITIES.I sleep and wake up each day in your messages. I don’t even know when challenges come.your message has given a mindset that GOD’S WORD WORKS..THE HOLYGHOST IS REAL TO ME..MY LIFE NOW DEPENDS ON THE RHEMA OF THE HOLYGHOST EVERYDAY………I have no question to ask you because every answer I wanted, are all in your messages.. Thank pastor Chris and Reverend Anita. I LOVE YOU.

  15. Thank You God for Your Servants like Pastor Chris. Your annointing upon Him make me stronger and healthier beliver, and helps me waiting for God’s healing my paralyzed / waist down / Lovely Son Norbert, who also trust God with His all heart.AMEN.

  16. Vaidah Mkandawire says:

    Thanks alot for the daily devotional book. I use it daily. Stay blessed

  17. RAY says:

    God Bless You Man Of God.

  18. Alex says:

    l really enjoy using rapsody of reality daily devotional and I want to read everyday’s devotion on rhapsody and i want to join yokoos too as well. Thank you

  19. Hope Mailesy says:

    I would like to receive daily devotions on my mail box everday
    I would to grow spiritualy and have more spiritual insites
    I thank God for Loveworld

    God bless you

  20. Aaron Adams says:

    I want to read everyday’s devotion on rhapsody and i want to join yokoos

  21. isidore says:

    I’m beninese, and often follow Pastor Chris preach to world throught loveworldplus via satellite from Benin. Each time i have a privilege to attend his preach, i’m very plenty of joice. I beleive that his is a very called of God. i’m since two years ill and beleive that God has heal me since more than 2000 years old. I need Pastor Chris to pray for me even if i’m very far from him now physically but in Holly spirit there is no distance prevailed. Many thanks and God bless in your wonderful ministry

  22. Kgatiso says:

    The body of Christ really need Pastors like Ps. Chris in these last days. may God protect you and your family and may be blessed going out and coming in. may His face shine upon you and may everything that you touch be blessed and multiply. Stay Blessed!

  23. collins jumbo says:

    Pls pastor i wont to be getting the daily inspirational word in my phone,i don’t know how to go about it God bless you sir.

  24. Abdul razak meshach says:

    I am a Ghanaian. I truly believed that am blessed be young cures each time i have the previllage to listen to Pastor Christ on one of the TV station in Ghana i always fill blessed within my spirit.

    I believe in my spirit that Pastor Chris is anointed man of God.

  25. James Nyimbo says:


  26. tony says:

    indeed i’ve greatly blessed by the messages.I just wish that i could upload yookus on my blackberry.

  27. abiodun morakinyo says:

    Blessed is the womb that carried pastor chris.

  28. MICHELLE says:

    Thank you for teaching the word, I am learning everyday. Glory to GOD.

  29. samuel . eseine; says:

    i’m very happy dat pastor christ make’s me to know who i am’in christ jesus;i am so bleesed by his teaching nd my life change by his world of jesus christ;i just want to say to pastor dat u nd ur family will remain blessed 4evere in jesus name AMEN’pls pastor i want u to help me wit prayer 4 my life i had an accident d year 2007 i went to hospital d doctor say to me years to come d pain will tone to cancer pastor since den now i have dat fear in my mind nd 4 litle why now i realy have pain im my chest nd my stomach my back every tin about me now is fear of cancer…pls pastor help me wit prayer pls sir,i will be very greatful to se d is go away frm my body.GOD will bless u nd ur family pastor christ;

    • samuel . eseine; says:

      i will be very greatful to se d pain go away from my body…..pls pastor pray 4me….GOD BLESS U 4 EVER AMEN,

  30. Teboho says:

    Thank You Pastor for the Messenger angel, for it always have what i need for the day

  31. Asamoah Rosemond says:

    one thing I can’t do with out in my life is rhapsody of realities. each teachings builds my faith and direct me what to do and say in each day. today i have seen that i am a light set on a hill and can’t be hidden. thank you pastor Chris and Anita Oyakhilome

  32. i greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ Pastor, it has been so wonderful and blessing joining this ministry. My life has been moving form glory to glory, upward and forward only. thank you Pastor for imparting my life so much with the gospel of Jesus. I can boldly declare who i am in Christ Jesus.
    Pastor, thank you for sending to Ghana Pastor Boidun Lawal who is also saturating the country with the word of God, teaching us the authority, power,ability and who we are in Christ Jesus. Ghana has moved to another level of grace because we dominating the world. Pasto, am proud to be a member of Believers Loveworld. God bless you Pastor Chris.


  34. good day pastor,

    it was so awsome yesterday during the allnight services

    if not for ur teaching, i dnt know where i should have be.

    thank you so much sir.

    bro prince l.c. obizuo, ce klerksdorp south africa.

  35. good day pastor,

    it was so awsome yesterday during the allnight services

    if not for ur teaching, i dnt know where have be.

    thank you so much.

    bro prince l.c. obizuo, ce klerksdorp south africa.

  36. BIANCA says:

    if it was not for pastor Chris teaching i have never been able to anderstand the meaning of salvation so i am greatful to part of CHRIST EMBASSY.thank you sir. BIANCA CE PORT ELIZABETH RSA

  37. thandi says:

    Im greatful to God for revealing himself to our man of God, Pastor you have made such an inpact in my life through all you teachings, rhapsody has become my life connector I can not be withough it is such a blessing to me and my family. May God continue to fill you up and bless you and Pastor Anita.

    Love u Pastor

    • noluthando nyandeni says:

      Thank you very much Pastor,for the Rhapsody of Realities daily devotional,it makes me take charge of the day and be in control of every aspect of my day.It provides wisdom and excellence because after reading I am so full of the Holy Spirit that brilliant ideas flow throughout the day.I have been using R.O.R daily with my learners,guiding them on how to be in charge of the day,now we are using TEEVO during the morning assembly at school.WOW!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Pastor Chris and Pastor Anita I love you so much
      From : Sis Noluthando–C.E.Mohlakeng Sandton Group, Zone I South Africa

  38. farai says:

    thank you pastor for all the teachings that l can not go a day without listening to. l am blessed a lot. may the lord continue using you in a mighty way. alleluah

  39. Esther Sayed says:

    Hello Pastor Chris…..How can I receive via email Rhapsody of Realities in Spanish? God bless you and your ministry as we continue our journey towards saving souls.

  40. Zoeva says:

    Pastor, God bless you more. My encounter with you has made my whole life a testimony through your teaching of the word of life. I love your teachings nd deeply beleive God will be unto me according to His words spoken of me and family in Christ Jesus.Amen!
    Thank you Pastor, God Bless You More.

  41. Emma says:

    Hello Pastor Chris, i greet you in the nane of JESUS CHRIST. You are a God sent to lead us to salvation. Your preaching is touching. I dream you wear the gown you worn on new years eve, standing in front of my house with books seal in a plastic. They look like the Rhapsody ones we normally get. No one went to get it I went towards you and take one as i wanted to take anothe one i knew i have double in the one you gave me. Before i had this dream this new years day, i told my eight month old baby, i said we dont have money but we have CHRIST and we went to bed that when i have this dream of double blessing. God, you know best unto your hands i commit our spirit. Thanks pastor for showing up in my life and in my dreams. God bless you and your family Happy new year. Emma

  42. Admire Abbu says:

    I would like to thank God for the great man of God pastor Chris,i am so delighted to be in this generation with such a great man who simplifies the word of God with greater revelations.The ministry has made me to understand my purpose of living and revealed to me the vision of God to mankind.Thank you pastor Chris for those greatly annointed teachers and sheperds you sent to us.They are trully a blessing in our lives.Thank you so much pastor sir.

  43. Dave Edogun says:

    I have a very bad night men. I say a snake in my dream, and was in my table. as get up from the bed when i was still inside the dream the snake run 2 the room conner and when i got out 2 call my friends d snake was no where to be founds, the happen 3 nights ago. Pastor Please Pray for me and my family.

  44. stacy dickson says:

    greedtings my dearly beloved pastor,i have registerd to pray along with you on yookos for a long time but no reply or confirmation mail from you,pls am still waiting sir,its a priviledge to pray with you,thank you very much sir for this opportunity.STACY:

  45. Portia says:

    God bless you pastor

  46. jane says:

    i would like to be annointed like you sir so what can i do?

  47. Gloria says:

    Hi,its encouraging to have a site where faith is shared.One thing someone can ever do on earth is to have a personal encounter with Jesus Christ and you can never go wrong!Please,send me daily messages to my email.Thank you.

  48. keaboka lebalang says:

    god is sso great , this is our,my season,wow…
    haleluah to jehovah

  49. The Rhapsody is a blessing!

  50. br.Odunayo says:

    Today is a special day to me and several pple in the world, why ? years ago a teacher,mentor,father and pastor was born into this world,the paul of our time,i am happy pastor chris is born today,pastor i want to say a million happy birthday to u sir, u hav impacted my life tremedeously and i will forever be grateful to God for connecting me to your minisry. Thank u sir, i love u.

  51. Owen Diza says:


  52. Happybirthday my sweet father my mento my Pastor may th grace keep pouring on yu may our Mighty God keep yu for more yrs on this earth lives a changing thru yu i luv yu dad .have a great day

  53. Nomthandaso says:

    In this day and season we need to have our spiritual senses quickened,Our eyes,ears,feeling,taste and spiritual noses must function very well in this season.

    I love The Holy Ghost who is always here to assist us.

    I love all of you brethren.

  54. Emmanuel Sokari says:

    http://www.yookos.com.Hi pastor u are a blessing 2 my world,thank so much 4 my prayer life.

  55. GLORIA K. says:

    Pastor Chris I just want to say thank you for the motivation on the Word of God as well as on how we should live up tp the Word.

  56. REAGAN_M says:

    man of God I really wanna follow you and pray together on yookos but I dont knw how I registed my self longtime but I never received a MSG from yookos why? plz mman pf God help me I really need to pray with you.

  57. Sukusu says:

    Pastor,ur a wonderful prophet of my generation.i luv u pastor,and also my church pastor,pastor nnamdi,i luv u too……….emeka monday




  59. Busi says:

    Man of God i want to follow and pray with you on Yookos and receive messages as you pray and ROR on daily. God Bless

  60. How do i register myself on yookos using myphone.its a nokia6500s.thanx

  61. Pls hw do i get a yookos acc.using my phone a nokia6500s. Pls i think its hard to get dont knw why.i need direction

  62. thank yu my father my mento yu ar loving and caring yo teachings have a meaning in my life am changed and th Word is working in my life .keep on with this wonderful teachings may th Lord keep yu for many many many many many mo years thank yu dad

  63. Jacqueline says:

    pastor chris l am touched by your teachings .pliz pray for me for all the areas of my life .l am struggling with my faith.l have fear and woorry pliz pray fo me !!

  64. Xolani says:

    Thank u 4 giving urself time 2 pray 4 me, my family&the rest of yookos members. I luv u Sir.

  65. kristitoyin says:

    Dear Pastor,thank you for your tender love towards humanity especially your children which i am one of

  66. Janet john says:

    Hello pastorchris god will continue to bless u 4 the work u doing for people i see u everyday from loveworld tv pray 4 me and my children please i belive in god becaues god make a way when there is no way in my life i dont know whot is going on i pray everyday but is like nothing is working well everything i put my hand or money is not working well i dont understand whot is going on with my life i believe and receive yr prayers 4 me on november 1st plaese i still needs more prayers 4 my life god bless u how can i get phapsody of realities i live in spain tenerife sur please iwant to know more about that book i need it tell me how to get it

  67. timothy says:

    Your Lordship?
    Pastor,I need your prayer and advice sir.GOD has used to impact anointing on me in year 2006;of which i felt it in me for complete 3 days after which GOD had used a prominent prophet to anoint me. . .About 3 months ago,GOD appeared to me in my dream by using to tell me start my ministry.Sir,I need your prayer,advice because am a young graduate.More power to your ministry(Jn14;12).

  68. Thomas Swartz says:

    I will start my day with Chtist and make Him my standard of life

  69. joseph says:

    i believe and recieve your prayer from me

  70. Anthony says:

    hello pst. I want 2 serve God scincerely. I nid a miracle in my life 2day, so i can 4get my past and b healed of every disease & infirmities. Pls pray wit me

  71. Berlynda Guriras says:

    Dear Pastor,

    I have a growing desire to KNOW MORE AND MORE OF JESUS AND HIS HOLY SPIRIT IN ME. Please pray for me pastor that I may grow to be an anchor in the word of Jesus. The word od God has changed my life tremendously through your teachings and mt desire is to STAY ON THIS PLATFORM unitil eternity. I praise God for a mentor such as you. Thank you pastor

  72. BETH says:

    am highly hoping for a miracle today the 1st of november.i request pastor chris to pray for me

  73. BETH says:


  74. Vimbayi says:

    I have had challenges with posting my statement of faith for the 1st of September. But i believe that i receive my miracle today. Amen.

  75. Sabina says:

    Thank you very much Pastor Chris and Pastor Anity for the Rhapsody of reaity. I would like to get it online if possible. It’s God inspired devotional!!!

  76. Sabina says:

    Thank you Pastor Chris, for everything you are doing to humanity! God bless you and use you more and more.

  77. george says:

    Pastor , thank you .you have made the word so easy to understand and live by. I am most grateful. Love you so much . I believe and recieve your prayers for me on the 1st November. Thank-you

  78. sonia says:

    thank you for the word of God that we receive everyday

  79. Sylvi says:

    Thank man of God, ” I believe and receive your players for me on November 1″

  80. thank yu sir i believe and i recieve your prayer for me on the 1st of November

  81. patience says:

    I need God to have hiz way in me…

  82. saki says:

    thanks so much pastor chris for the wonderful messages given by the holly spirit”I BELIEVE AND RECEIVE YOUR PRAYERS FOR ME ON NOVEMBER 1ST”

  83. kopano says:

    i believe and receive your prayer for me on the 1st November.

  84. eliza n says:

    I would like to read a word of GOD every day

  85. Terwase Doose M. says:

    Goodmorning My Pastor, Am grateful for all your prayers for me and for everyone, God Bless you richly! “I believe and receive your prayers for me on November 1st”. Thank you Pastor. Mercy.

  86. Pamtarry says:

    Pastor i greet you in the name of jesus i was blessed 2day with the word i pray for a job and joy in my life be blessed amen

  87. osuluku says:

    want to know more about prayer with pastor christ on yookos

  88. tracey setlhalogile says:

    as a child of god who is lost please pray for me as i need a prayer and a word of god to guide me

  89. tracey says:

    dear pastor,
    im a child of god who seem to be lost..who dont know how to pray please pray for me to help me how to pray


  90. Dickson Okon says:

    i want to be filled with God’s word in mu mouth.
    Pastor , you are indeed a blessing to all of us.Thank you for being there for my family. Receive more grace form God

    Remain Bless
    Dickson Okon

  91. amos bagarukayoamos says:

    need to read daily devotional

  92. oscar charles mvula says:

    God bless the man of God for the wonderful knowledge God has imparted on him which he shares with millions of people around the world through loveworld network

  93. Ginitus klams says:

    I would want to thank the presenters of the last week program may God bless Mr:Bongani, Simon , and the two beautiful ladies : Jeanne and Lerato may God bless u all in Jesus name .

  94. duduza says:

    Pastor i thank God for giving you an opportunity to give us words that are encouragious,I listen to you every sunday on your show,you tell us god loves us nothing is impossible in our lives,We thank God for your testimony,and your time,we appreciate that,GOD BLESS YOU!!!…,WE LOVE U.

  95. duduza says:

    Hi,Pastor Chris today is my first time to get into your website,Iam asking you Pastor to pray for me for progress in my life,Since i have separated with my fiancee” things don’t get right on my sight, he left me with badluck and hardlife,ican’t find job,no marriage,no money,instead i’ve got a lot of enemies,but i prayed everyday,hour,minute,it seems as if iam playing with God.
    cause i don’t see any answer to my prayers!!!!! Help me Pastor, or teach me how to pray,and to connect with GOD,

  96. Hello pastor. I was richly blessed by the teachings of pastor Anita in rhapsody today.Sir, currently in Ghana medical doctors are on strike leading to the death and perish of numerous souls. When I was going through my rhapsody today it dawned on me immediately that if the medical doctors had also gone through today’s rhapsody a lot of changes could have been made because by so doing they would rather resort to dialogue instead of the current approach which has lead to the death of many patience. I then remembered what you keep on saying that it is only when the saints of land or country sit unconcerned that the devil strikes. Because , Sir, if I had taken upon myself the responsibility to at least distribute 50 copies of rhapsodies to only medical doctors in my region we wouldn’t have been where we are by now. Sir, i am starting this campaign next month. And I know that the Lord has strengthened me for this initiative. God bless you Pastor Anita for the insight today.

  97. obioma kizito says:

    i like rhapsody of realities it motivate and strengthened me day by day

  98. obioma kizito says:

    i want spiritual growth in my life

  99. obioma kizito says:

    I want to know how to fellow pastor chris on yookos so that he can pray for me

  100. christie says:

    i need a word of prayer sort of by pastor to be sent to my box everyday.tnx n God bless.

  101. mothusimang mokoto says:

    i would like to greet you in the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST PASTOR CHRIS i ask you in the name of JESUS CHRIST THAT ON THE 24th of october i’m writing final exams so i ask you to pray for me to pass the exams as the bible says “WISDOM COMES FROM GOD” i hope you will fnd this massage

  102. Future Mthembu says:

    I have a melody in my heart every new day of my life .God is amaizing.

  103. gloria obioha says:

    I have been reading my rhapsody for a while now and it is helping me

  104. Bache Victor Bache says:

    Dear Pastor Chris,just love u,love ur teachings and everything concerning u.

  105. ima charles says:

    it a daily devotional l read it everyday and even today and I will continue to read it

  106. irene magoro says:

    its very nice to take jesus to be the first to our life.thanx Pastor Chris

  107. william siame says:

    Thankyou pastor sir for making me understand and know who iam and the powers i do posses and also for opening my spritual eyes thankyou and god bless you i love you.

  108. chijioke nwabuisi says:

    i want to be recieven text of ROR on a daily basis.

  109. Pinkett White says:

    I strongly need the daily devotional.
    Thank you.

  110. I want to follow pastor Chris on yookos

  111. Mwansasu says:


    How can I know with clarity, God’s call into ministry? Where, how, when

  112. Ogaga Egole says:

    There is a time in a man`s life he need`s too make is own disition.so this is the time, this is the DAY and this is the place.

  113. happiness idara anthony says:

    Gudday pastor.pls sir,i need a daily devotional.

  114. bright says:

    pls pastor,are every challenges for christians

  115. i want thank ma god 4 pastor pearl her teachns hv changed ma lyf.she taught me smthn wonderfl;when the word s taught believ and do what it says,hold un2 the light until the comn of christ.the most thing i enjoy s speakn n tongues,and singin praises

  116. segametsi says:

    glory 2 god christ embassy hav changed ma lyf i nw hav confidenc i nw knw dat christ n me the hope of glory.god s n me,which means m god! i realy lv pastor chris teachns & i would love 2 hav a daily devotional n ma mail every day.and i enjoy the language of angels

  117. Mapenzi Nombwana says:

    i love my Jesus pliz start sending me a daily devotion

  118. Mapenzi Nombwana says:

    i love my Jesus, pliz start sendng me a daily devotion

  119. Danny says:

    I want to serve God pray 4 me

  120. youngnath says:

    hello pastor! I thank you for the wonderful things the lord is using you to do ,i know who i am ,and what i was created for! Amen….

  121. samkelisiwe zondo says:

    I thank God everyday for using you to give us this wonderfull words.and I thank you for allowing God to be his massenger.God blees you.

  122. Glory to God ever since i have given my life to christ im living a miraclus life,pastor chris teaching and Rhapsody reality has worked for me.Thank with the power of the holy ghost.stay blessed pastors

  123. james bridget says:

    am bless by pastro chris ministry and God bless u

  124. eva acquaa says:

    pastor pls i want to get out of mariage.the man buleys me physicaly,emotionaly,psychologicaly,financialy,tel lies to make me look bad and even complain to sisters that they forced him to mary me, but my pastor says i can’t leave.pls help

  125. jacqueline says:

    will like to always have daily lessons with pastor chris so as to come closer to God thro u his servant

  126. Wat a gifted man of God pastor chris, u r more than wat d whole world say about U.U r wat God’s word says u r.i love u and the dat gave birth to U.THANK U increase of grace in u.

  127. no matter d circumstances around u, have d righteousness consciousness,refuse to give place to satan,dont think failure and dont comprehend failure cos d BIGER ONE IS IN U. Do u know u r jesus in ur sphere of contact 1jh 4:17.Think like HIM,talk like HIM,and live supernaturally like HIM,AND U WILL SURELY have surplus result,there is victorious lfe and higher life dat’s in U. i love u. azubuike from BENIN

  128. TSIGIE BOGALE says:

    Thank you for giving me this opportunity.Pleas send me the daily devotional rhapsody of realities.
    God bless you

  129. angel philogene says:

    please send me the daily devotion.

    thank you……

  130. uzoma says:

    i love you sir 4 Rhapsody OF Realities it has BLESS me 4 ever.

  131. Noxolo says:

    Is it possible to get a permanent healing when you are HVI+?

  132. liz odjugo says:

    i will like to get God’s word on a daily basis. thanks

  133. BoyTipz says:

    I am a success because of the messenger angel!! Thank u pastor

  134. keka samuel says:

    God will continue blessing you all the days of your life and i want you to tell GOD that i have decided to get very close to god and never say goodbye still i die.God bless you pastor and i want God to bless me through you as you recieve this comment i will get my blessing in jesus name Amen

  135. Stuart says:

    I like it, it inspires me. Thanks to the man of God!

  136. Noluthando says:

    I am ordained therefore all my prayers shall be ansered

  137. Disu dipo says:

    Thank you pastor for leting us no the kind of life that we have in christ,thank you so much God bless you sir.

  138. May Cristin Milandres says:

    please send me the copy of this book, I very much need it..please..God bless Ptr. Chris!

  139. Emma says:

    Hello pastor I greet you in the name of Christ. I have dreampt man of God preaching several times and even you, you where preaching to little children. I also dreampt a bright light on a pulpit in a church and a white dove. What does that mean?

  140. john murray says:

    please send me messages everyday.
    God bless

  141. Castor says:

    Where is the supposed form below that we should fill???

  142. I would like to transform my life,be filled with the spirit by the word of the Lord.

  143. amos victor says:

    may almight GOD increase pastor chris in wisdow in jesus name amen

  144. Rachel says:

    I urgently need to answer somebody They want me to explain to them why we dont have to keep Sabbath Please help I told them we are in the Sabbath rest with God? Can u sen me an e.mail Please

  145. Ezinne Uzoma says:

    pls I will love to receive rhapsody of realities in my email everyday……….I always have the book, but also need to have the soft copy, maybe with that I can forward it to the souls i win everyday…
    As i win the souls, i will also bless them with the word everyday….
    Wow!!!!! I love my ministry, the ministry of reconciliation.
    Thank you Pastor, and the Partners who made this possible.
    God bless you all.

  146. Danny says:

    I need rhapsodies to read

  147. Danny says:

    I want to grow more and i need ur prayers.

  148. Kofi kowuvi says:

    I’ll like to start the day with pastor chris

  149. Johanna Mogodiri says:

    Thank you Pastor. Please send me Rhapsody of Realities daily Devotoinal. My email address is posted above.

  150. Kuda Makoni says:

    Thank you Pastor for teaching us the Word of God and showing us how to live the victorious life everyday.God bless you.

  151. Elena says:

    Please sign me up, thank you.

  152. collins says:

    please I would like to have rhapsody of realities send to me dairly on my email.

    thank you

  153. i would like to receive a messanger angel every morning.
    Thank you pastor for your words of advice,may GOD bless you!!

  154. John Paul says:

    I feel so fulfilled right now by belonging to this great family.

  155. abiodun morakinyo says:

    kindly send me daily rhapsody of realities. Thanx in anticipation.

  156. Aaron Jedua says:

    My prayer request is ” LORD, LET YOUR PERFECT WILL BE DONE IN MY LIFE”.

  157. Sydney says:

    I tnk u paster 4 yo lv 4me, nw i knw who i am.

  158. Tlokolo says:

    This is superb, I mean supernaturally blessing. Thank you Pastor

  159. Pls I ll like 2 b reading rhapsody of reality. Tank u

  160. Uzoma nwankpa says:

    Please i would like to be reading rhapsody of realities in my email.Please i need it most.

  161. l read about your website in a rapsody of realities today and this was at a time when l was searching for God to intervene in a situation where my fiance is now going through because he has no any other persion to stand for him except me since he is an orphan, but am also weak,but when l read about this website,yookos where pastor chris live, l couldn’t wait to open it,coz l was feeling hopeless.

  162. l read about your website in a rapsody of realities today and this was at a time when l was suching for God to intervene in a situation where my fiance is now going through because he has no any other persion to stand foe him except me since he is an orphan, but am also weak,but when l read about this website,yookos where pastor chris live, l couldn’t wait to open it,coz l was feeling hopeless.

  163. Mandla says:

    please I would like to have rhapsody of realities send to me dairly on my email.

    thank you

  164. Lushomor Mudenda says:

    The rhapsody has truly transformed me.it changed me inside out.but the only problem is that,av never had my own copy before.pliz cam to my aid.i wana get the word personal.I will appreciate if you start sending to my mail.GOD BLESS!!!

    • Letie kgosana says:


  165. bright enoma says:

    I lick to start my day with God”s word

  166. mayor says:

    daily devotional

  167. denver says:

    we are so blessed and i would like to go next time to soccer city on JO BURG
    to be part of the church of pastor chris

    God bless him thank you Jesus !

  168. Elsa Kaanjosa says:

    Please send me the daily devotion. And what steps should i take to follow Pastor CChris on yookos i want to pray with him. Thank you.

  169. Adeyileka Adeyemi Donald says:

    Thank you Pastor.
    I would love to be receiving the Rhapsody of Realities Daily.
    Thank you and God bless you more.

  170. l love my messenger angel

  171. kaycee mark conte says:

    Rhapsody of Realities my daily devotional on my iphone. Thank you LORD. CHRIST IN ME.

  172. christian says:

    the start of the day with out the massage from the ROR Made me an ordinary man,but thanks be unto God for sending pastor chris into my life.

  173. christian says:

    the start of the day with out the massage from the ROR Made me an ordinary man,but thanks be unto God for dending pastor chris into my life.

  174. christian says:

    the start of the day with out the massage from the ROR Made me an ordinary man,but thaks be unto God for dending pastor chris into my life.

  175. EMO NDA says:

    Hello Pastor,
    I have been reading rhapsody of realities for sometime now and have come to appreciate the grace of God upon your life.
    Please there is something I need much explanation into. What is the deliverance ministry all about.For some years I have going through some spiritual attack of various forms.I gave my life to Christ in 2003.I have been undergoing deliverance from an evangelist and he keeps telling me I am in prison and so should forget about marriage plans, academic advancement etc for now till I am totally delivered.I used to have faith that once I am born again, no demon or witchcraft have any dominion over me.I have been under his ministry for over a year and wonder when I can advance into other plans.He keeps saying every move i make will be negative till i am fully delivered. Surprisely I have had several dreams and found myself in certain situations that confirmed what he’s been telling me. Pastor please may I know what Jesus actually meant when He said’It is finished’.Does a new convert have to go through deliverance before she is truly saved? PLEASE ADVISE ME and copy me your reply in my email

  176. manfred manny says:

    i almost lost my faith when i had am encounter with pastor chris rapsody of realities devotional books.i thank God for his life and what he is doing with him.

  177. cathy matsapola says:

    I am just so greatful of what thus Ministry did to me;the teachings,love & how should we give a meaning out there;it is only a blessing honestly.I came to realize my importance in God & now it is my duty to tell others of greater things that they can do by just doing what Jesus Christ commissioned us to do as co-labourer with God.
    I will forever be thankful of the cross for has made us one in the Body Of Christ.It is just so unthinkable the love Our Father is having for us;He is the LOVING FATHER-For sending us Ps Chris to teach us like Jesus to His desciples;it because of LOVE & Trust that we can give life a meaning bring back our Bro.& Sis. back to Him.

  178. Thank pastor for letting us know we have an Extraordinary Strategist,we really thank God for His anointing on you,may He continually reveal His purpose and plan for our lives to you for indeed our lives are being transformed and catapulted to higher levels.God bless

  179. Antwi Vivian says:


  180. Antwi Vivian says:

    I love to start the day with Christ in mind.

  181. Emmanuel amenyewu says:

    i have been struggling with my faith in God and being a true believer of christ which is my utmost desire in this life of mine and i need you to pray for me.

    • Osarhiemen Favour Nosakhare says:

      Dear pastor Chris,
      Am i in Egypt man of God.God has a purpose for me(i.e.)to preach His word in all Nations.
      Please,pray for me as the Holy Spirit leds you,so that when am i out from Egypt ,i can help others too.
      Thanks in addvace,God bless you.
      Yours Favour Nosakhre in Christ Jesus.

    • Ps SA MtileniPs Skhumbuzo Andrwe Mtileni says:

      thank you very much Man of God Pastor Sir, Pastor CHRIS you are a blessing to the body of CHRIST! The Communion service was so glorious, it was so great that we partake to the communion service through LOVEWORLD SAT! Although we were not in the churches but PASTOR YOU MADE SURE THAT THE MONTH OF OCTOBER 2011 WE PROCLAIM THE WORD OF GOD ABOUT OUR LIFE AND SEE THE WORD OF GOD COME TO PASS IN OUR LIFE! We have received all that you have declared into our life as you amd the last closing prayer, thank you MAN OF GOD!

      You said we have to outclass our previous success and indeed with the impartation we received today, our life is UPWARD FOWARD for the glory of GOD!

      May GOD keep you PASTOR SIR and may GOD increase you more than ever the world ever experiance. We love you PASTOR SIR!!! Pastor Chris you our inspiration, a Pastor for Pastors, a Laeder for Leaders, thank you PASTOR SIR for your humble spirit, although GOD has made you great but you remain humble, what a lesson to all of us!!!

      Thank you GOD to let us live during this time of your great man Pastor Chris we are really choosen and found favour in the side of GOD!

      Thank you Pastor Chris.

    • Pst David says:

      Am bless to have born in a generation,such as this where we have a man like u. God open my eyes to see u and ask me work in u paths. I will like 2 partner with ur healing ministy, so, l ‘ll like 2 have the account details. But l want u 2 pray 4 the same grace upon mylife.Thanks

      • mayor c isreal says:

        Truely,pastor chris is Gods annointed messenger,for infact since he started his prayers for me just this peroid and i have started seeing the doors of Gods favour and blessings getting opening to me.infact mine love for him is unique & i wish i can get the same potion of his annointing from God,& am now praying for him also for more annointing upon him in jesus name AMEN.

        • mayor c isreal says:

          Truely iam blessed by Godallmighty (chinedu isreal)

          • Vaidah Mkandawire says:

            I was first introduced to Rhapsody of reality by a workmate in August 2012. From that time, my husband and I use it daily. It really help us to face life positively. At times we use it for the family alter. Pastor Chris and Anita. May the almighty God continue blessing you. You are a great blessing to me.

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