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How To Pray With Pastor Chris On Yookos

I read a very inspiring article at http://www.pastorchrisonline.org on how many good use of the prayer times with Pastor Chris. Here is the gist of the article by Pastor Lanre, it will bless you immensely.


“….Pray fervidly in tongues and let the fire in our spirits burn to His glory…”

“…Pray fervently in tongues, desiring that the influence of His Word and the deposit of His grace in our lives should spread abroad…”

“…Oh! How glorious to be led by the Spirit of God. No wonder we march on victoriously in triumphal excursions in life…(Culled from Oct Tweets from PastorChrisLive)

This are some of the yooks Pastor Chris Often sends about Praying in Tongues.

What are “Tongues?”

When a person accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, he is born again which means his spirit is recreated (1 Cor 5:17). When this person receives the infilling of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit imparts his spirit with the ability to communicate in a new heavenly language, which is generally called tongues. In Mark 16:17-18, Jesus said “….they shall speak with new tongues….”. This is one of the New Testament realities. The people of the Old Testament didn’t have this privilege. The closest reference to it is in Isaiah 28:10-12.

Now, All can Receive this Ability

The ability to speak in tongues is a glorious gift that is available to every child of God who has received the Holy Spirit. If you are born again but you haven’t been filled with the Holy Spirit, the Lord wants you to receive Him today. Your salvation is the only qualification you require to receive the Holy Spirit. Now you can simply ask by faith and receive Him into your Spirit.

Say these words out loud in faith, expecting to receive:

“Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You for the Gift of the Holy Spirit. As Your Child, I now receive Him by faith to come and dwell in my heart. I receive Him into my soul and my body. I receive Him into every fibre of my being. I am now filled with the Holy Spirit, and according to Your Word in Acts 2:4, I speak with other tongues as He gives me utterance, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen”

(culled from “The Power of Tongues” – Rev Chris Oyakhilome, Phd)

You have received the Holy Spirit! Now open your mouth by faith and begin to utter those words of the Spirit that are coming from your innermost being. Praise the Lord!

When I pray in tongues, what can I expect?

In any endeavor, having an expectation positions you for better results. What can you expect when you pray in tongues? 1 Cor 14:4 (Amp) says the one who prays in an unknown tongue edifies himself.

The amplified version adds the synonym “improves” himself. This means that when you pray in tongues, you can expect to be improved! Pastor phrased it as : the self-improvement program of the Holy Spirit for you! So now, there’s no limit to how much you can improve. Nothing or no one can set a limitation on you. Most remarkably, Jude vs 20 (Amp) says “make progress, rise like an edifice higher and higher….praying in the Holy Spirit”.

This means you can make progress and rise like an edifice as you pray in the Spirit. An edifice by any imagination is an unavoidable structure. It means you make progress till you can’t be ignored!

When you refer to an edifice, you don’t look down for it, you always look up for it. That’s how you become. Your stature in life is improved. Your influence and impact cannot be ignored, regardless of the sphere you are involved. Thanks be to God!

Theres’ More…..

Praying in tongues allows you to communicate at the God level. It is communication that is out of this world. It’s comparing spiritual with spiritual. It is spirit to spirit. It is communication that is beyond the throes and frailties of the earth realm.

At this communication level, there are no limitations, only possibilities. You are not communing with man, but with God (1 Cor 14:2). What a privilege! This is fellowship of the God-kind.

It is too vital and honorable to be missed. When you pray in tongues, your spirit is engaged. You are sensitive to the sublime signals of the Spirit and as Pastor taught us, you are synchronized with the accuracy of God’s plans, purposes and timing.

One of new creation realities is that the Holy Spirit dwells in us. During the HLC in Houston, Pastor Chris opened our hearts to a glorious truth about the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in us. He said:”the Holy Spirit doesn’t want to live in us to be apart from us, but to be so mingled with us that we are one entity!” 1 Cor 6:17.

So as we pray in the spirit, we activate the power and increase the influence of the Spirit over our spirit, mind, body and affairs. We are subsumed under His influence so that our expressions are now under his influence and control. In this state, mistakes are impossible. You function rightly and accurately all the time!

Getting more out of my Prayer Times

  • 1 Cor 14: 14-15 shows us a simple but profound truth about the pre-eminence of praying in tongues. Pastor Chris has expounded this to us in detail. Train yourself to always start by praying in tongues instead of praying with your understanding.The spiritual is greater than the physical. Why start with the lesser? And in most cases, the understanding is limited so if you are faced with a situation you don’t understand, and you are praying in your understanding, that will be quite frustrating.Always pray with the spirit first, and then with your understanding if required, for by then your understanding would have been energized and under the influence of your spirit. This is the order. It works. 
  • When you pray in tongues, stay engaged long enough for the power to rise within you. It may take a while, as you try to keep distractions out, but stay with it. Pray until divinity takes over. You will know when this happens. Often, Pastor specifies in the Tweets how long we should pray, and how (fervently, passionately). Follow the instructions closely. You will get the results.

We are forever grateful to Pastor Chris for the Yookos.com. We may not know how far this will go, but we know that we are in it all the way and the days ahead will be even greater than the days behind!


Pastor Lanre Alabi


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    the word you give build life.

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    Hi pastor please I really need you to pray for me, tell God to give me wisdom to overcome every plain of the devil against me

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    Thank you Pastor, YOU ARE ALWAYS THERE FOR US ALL..WE LOVE YOU DEARLY..YOUR heart is toward us all,your concerned for us 2grasp the word of God, the prayer you prayed for us all on daily basics. that shows the depth of your love . thank you sir

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    Hello pastor pray for me i have ear problem and i need your help in my career .

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    Dear pastor ive been trying to get thru to you for a long time. I am very sick with a stomach problem and desperately need prayer and healing apon my stomach. Please please pastor.

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    thanks to Pastor Chris. I now exercise my faith in a positive direction preparing for success and especting God’s best in my life.

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    Pastor, i just want 2say a Biggg thank YOU FOR HAVING love Us so much to deliver unto us what u hav received from The LORD,SO THAT WE can also be a compion in life like You in all phase of life.
    I lov u so dearly.

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    christ embassy jos..pastor u have been a blessing to my life,words cannot be enough..thank u daddy,am proud to be a part of this great ministry..glory

  11. pastor am really getting motivated by ODM i ask u pray for me to grow in my spiritual life n receive total healing n finacial breakthrough for me n my husband. my email address does not go thru you can contact me using my # +260977541334 thanks.

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    If any one is facing a challenge on how to pray please read how to pray effectively by Pastor Chris O PHD. Your prayer life will be rejuvenated and made easy.

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    Dear pastor

    Please pray for my mother , Nofanavele Eunice Soka.She is very sick. You are our last hope my dad.

    Thank you
    Your child
    Thelma Soka

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  46. Timothy says:

    The ministry hath change my mentality about the Person of the Holy Spirit. When i speak in tonguess, i’m making things happen in the realm of the Spirit,. glory to God, i’m
    blessed and previleged to be part of this great revelation.

  47. Timothy says:

    Waoooooooooooooo this is spiritual expression! I bless and filled with the spirit. thank you pastor

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    Hie Pastor Im very grateful for a well Blessed n Inspirational Day it was yesterday at FNB Stadium U r sooooooo Amazing in Jesus Name
    we love pastor u rocks!!!!

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    Thank you Pastor, you are a blessing to this world. you bring hope to the hopeless.

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  57. gladys m says:

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  58. Clement says:

    Helllo pastor i want to grow in the things of God,how can i mantain a relationship with him.Regard, clement.

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    i thank GOD for using you Man of God may HE continue to bless you more Amen….
    Man of God i want to be a servant of GOD our LORD JESUS CHRIST..bt i dnt speak in tongues and yet i want to go to heaven and hell see wat is happening giv a testimony…. m low in spirit i dnt knw how to pray

  61. Warona Sebina says:



    pastor, i want to know more abut spoking unknowing t. plz?

  63. I like the valuable info you supply on your articles. I will bookmark your weblog and test once more here frequently.
    I’m reasonably sure I will be told a lot of new stuff right right here! Best of luck for the next!

  64. Obiora. says:

    Dear pastor chris,i thank God for using u to bless my life daily.His blessing will cease in your life.my degree exam will be starting on monday 17th of sept 2012.pls man of God i need ur prayer.As i have decided to put d exam malpractice behind me and putting Jesus before me.I know he will see me through.Shalom.

  65. SHEKINA MANDE says:

    i love your teaching pastor and may the Good Lord continue to bless you abundantly.

  66. i love u man of God!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    i really love this man of God so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi pastor.may the Good Lord continue to bless you..I wnat you to pray for my Dad.he has been in the USA without a green card and also i want to be the best in my school

  70. Lawson Steward says:

    My daddy was having a serious case with a man for 12 years and there was nothing we can do and i remembered what i was thought about seed offering so i told my daddy to gave see offering by doing this He won .

  71. sharon manenji says:

    hi pastor its, i feel good to write to u i feel honoured great man of God could pray for me am looking for a job and i am in need of a licence that is a driver’s licence and for spiritual growth. i pray to be protected with the holy ghost in wateva i do so that every day in my life i move from glory to glory. stay blessed

  72. Ishmael phile says:

    Sir,please pray for my husband that God will favour and give him wisdom also help him get a big building contract of his own.HE is a building contractor.i belive that the prayer has been answered as i have post the prayer request here.thanks

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    Hi pastor. I am down and very down. I would like/ wish to request for a prayer. Pastor for the past five months, I don’t know what is going with my life. Father I know that you have that power to see very far with your Spiritual eyes. There is a financial challenge in front of my face. I am afraid Father, very disappointed. I won a promotional post and the SGB recommend a male, my number two. Pastor I am praying but I need your revelation Father. I need it like now. It is too much for me. My car has a breakdown every thing is going please my Father pray for me and give me a revelation Pastor. Thanks my father.

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    Sir,ℓ̊ want to know whether smoking cigarette.it’s a sin or not?

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  78. morwa says:

    i wantto see the grace of GOD in my life and my church . thenks PR CHRIS

  79. Linda kelvin says:

    Pls pastor,pray 4 God 2 favour me wit a visa,2 study at United state of America(usa)dis month,cos i knw dat dis month,is a month of God’s favour in my life.i join my faith wit ur’s pastor. Thanks so much pastor,i am gratefull.

    • yvette kingue says:

      Favour is your name
      God has done everything. Just believe and proclaim God’s word relating to your situation.declare what you want to see and it will happen.the Word says Everything is possible to him who believes.

  80. clementine magnidong says:

    pastor chris i want to get more closer to God.the spirit is willing but the body is weak.pls i need your help.pray for me to get what i want in jesus name.amen

  81. clementine magnidong says:

    pastor chris i want to get more closer to God.the spirit is willing but the body is weak pls help me

  82. Nanahaeqwya says:

    Pastor i ve joind faith wit yourz n al ma needz r bein met n da imposiblez posible

  83. Ntokozo says:

    hi pastor can u pls pray 4 me u see the progress in my life & heal my sickness.

    • yvette kingue says:

      it is not “your” sickness
      By His stripes you are healed
      declare every day that you are healed.
      Also declare every day that “i am a success and i am going forward only” keep declaringthis every day.

  84. Thandi says:

    thank God sir for sending us a prophet like you a God fearing one, you r our teacher u make us understand what God has sent you for The word of God now we know there’s eternal life with God and we’ll never lack coz the one in us is greater than the one in the world. We r perfect and excellent , beautiful coz of our Lord and saviour, the more we pray in the HolySpirit is the more God at work in us. We r more than conquerors in Christ Jesus. Thank u sir we r growing in the work of the Lord. Luv u sir.

    • Nanahaeqwya says:

      Pastor i dnt kñow u personali buh i ve joind faith with u in da spirit n evri need of mine x bein fufild n da imposibilitiez posible.amen

  85. Martin mahlangu says:

    Thank you Pastor for leading us towards living rightious live through our lord Jesus Christ amen.

    From CE-Kwa-Mhlanga Randburg Zone one South Africa

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    Pastor will you please pray for me as I have applied for a post at work and I have been shortlisted. please pastor I need this post this one is mine.

  87. Noluthando minya says:

    Thank you Paster Chris for publishing the book called (Praying The Right Way) after I have read it I learn a lot of how to pray now the right way.May GOD be with you all the time Paster you are really a Man of GOD

  88. NOMAZA says:

    I greet all in the name of the Holy Spirit. I request assistance in praying my Daughter Sisipho gets a high school for 2013 GR8 and receive a scholarship.
    I pray in the name of Jesus she receive and get accepted at the best school of her choice so she can study in peace and happiness. I pray in the name of Jesu and the spirit of tyhe Holy Ghost that I received a new job and be able to pay and settle all my debts and be free to worship the Lord with ourt worry.
    all shall be true and granted in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ the son of God. Amen!!

  89. Calvin ranjith says:

    Hellow brotheren going to nigeria was gods plan.many people think nigerig is a bad place.no it is a good place where u meet people that are dedicated to the word of god. Nigerian people can pray in tounges the whole day in church .by me being in nigeria did change my life to they standard.i attended foundation school .nigeria is a place with Gods anonting people are blessed .most people say they car is full of Gods blessing their no place…it means there is no place for the Devil.in 1st service it about 1000 people.i thank the man of god for changing nigeira where he says Reach out nigeira.pastor CHRIS God bless u sir..

  90. Calvin ranjith says:

    Hi pastor i want u to pray for me.on the 26th may its on saterday.i am writing an ielts general english test.so i can get my 457 visa and a business visiting visa to australia.my prayer point is …
    I need a Gods faver upon my life to achive my goal for my job situation on 26th. Last year 26th may i got born again .i belive with my heart and confess God raised jesus christ from the dead.he his the lord of my life.i will pass the test.the holy sprit lives in me .GOD will never forsake me.because i am making progress and i am a sucsess and a winner .l love u pastor chris please pray for me i trust my god for a maricle on the 26th .love u pastor chris and pastor lawrance.

  91. Calvin ranjith says:

    My name is calvin ranjith .christ embassy south.i was a bad man.i used to smoke hard drugs .rocks crack cocaine.and mandrax.rob people.gang member of the 2$6 TUG LIFE.i use to smoke at least 1000 rand a day.my life was full of fun .i used sell and stay with prositutes .my life was sex .rock en roll and drugs.but one day last year my life was going down to the dump .i was watching paster Chris on tv.it realy ment some thing for me it touched me .last year 26 may got born again .i asked jesus to come into my heart to be the lord of my life.i declare i am saved and born again.the lord blessed me with a job in nigeria lagos.i attended church and cell meetings and foundation school.my life was blessed .then i came to south africa for christmas and now i am blessed with a full time job in australia permant job.and now have christ dwelling in me.the power of god is my shining light that shines where ever i go.i prosper in all thing.i even speak in tounges .my life is blessed and full of joy. GOD is good all the time .my testomany can change life people fröm the Gheto.GOD CAN CHANGE ME WHO ARE U.THANK PASTOR CHRIS.

    • My Name is Florah Ndhlovu,CE Southern Africa Zone 3 C E Cosmo City,Pastor Sir Praying with You Sir,has changed my Life so much that I now understand that:Prayer is not a time pushing thing,but,it is a ministry preparing us for our future,Even when you give us the theme of the Month every Communion Service,My spirit will is always alert that I’m ready like a goal keeper to recive the word and put it to work for me.Thankyou Sir For raising a spiritual Giant in me,I can be sent anywhere and go there and produce results.Thankyou Sir,God Bless You Mightly.

    • Calvin ranjith says:

      I love jesus .i love jesus

    • Calvin ranjith says:

      Hi pastor chris i my life is totaly blessed i am a man of god. Pastor i saw with my own eyes u do great miracles .pastor my family treat me like i am a nobody. Its my wife she is full of bad things .call me funny names . I dicide to divorce . For 25 years i was never happy .until i found god in my life .we come from church we fight.theirs no peace at home .pastor pray for my family i asked god to restore my family . Thank u pastor chris

  92. Katusabe Beatrace says:

    Pastor, i have seen you do miracles, please pray for me to get a good job. I pray that God should change my life, transform it. I also need a baby boy. i believe every thing is possible before God.

  93. Mr & Mrs Ogboji says:

    Pastor, We believe so much that you are God sent. Pls pray for my wife, she has been ill for the past 6 wks, The doctor said she has incision hernia, another doctor said epigastric hernia, and intestinal disorder. The bottom line is my wife has not eating any food for the past 4wks and if she attempt to put any thing in her tummy, she will throw up and her tummy will swell up as if she is pregnant, we’ve been going in and out of hospital, and no improvement. Pls pastor pray for her, I cannot afford to lose her now. She is seriously in pain as I’m sending this prayer request. I believe God can heal her.

    • All things are possible to those who believe, definitely she will be healed because there is nothing impossible with God, you only have to trust him that HE is what HE says HE is,HE is God the Healer in you situation.

  94. Dear pastor Chris, I am tuned into your morning services on e tv for most all times. I so believed in the end of your older services when you prayed for everybody to be healed from the crown of their heads to the soles of their feet. Please pray GOD to send his Holy Spirit upon me and make me hole. I trust God to hear from you. God bless.

  95. kkeletso says:

    Man of God pliz pray for me i am a motswana woman aged 41 diagonised with cevical cancer and fibros since may 2010 i hope with your prayer i would get healed thank you and may GOD bless you Amen.

    • My sister if you have given you life to Jesus you are no more motswana but belongs to the tribe of God, you are abraham’s seed there is no more lack in your life because Lord Jesus has already healed you, you only have to apply your faith by simply believing that Jesus has died for you in order that you may have life and have it more abundantly, receive your healing in Jesus name, Amen.

  96. Ayodele G Bams says:

    Pls help me spiritually,didnt know wat is eating me up inside my body sir

    • You are correct that you problem is spiritually and it needs spiritual solution, if you are not yet a born again you need to give your life to Jesus Christ as your personal saviour and if you are already a born again tell that problem that to leave your body NOW in Jesus name, it will hear you and leave because we have been given authority to cast demons out in the name of Jesus, that name of Jesus is still powerful even today and in the future.

  97. Okeyprosper4ever says:

    Pastor,u ar a God sent,u ve change everything concerning me.AM SO EXCITED 2 B UR SON.GOD BLESS U SIR.LUV U

  98. Mande says:

    hi pastor i want to know how to pray with focus i know that,that is what i need because i want to be able to speak in tongues.

  99. leina says:

    Pastor sir thank u 4 the book how 2 pray effectively I ve learn lot of things that I didn’t knw thank u sir ur a blessing 2 my family nd friends @ skool

  100. jennifer says:

    Pls help daddy. I’m so frosted I have been dismissed from work.from last year.on the 26 I’m going to the hearing pls help me pastor

    • Jesus is bigger than your employer, in HIM there is no failure, so dont worry God has already paved your way to success, remember your are joint-heir with Christ so dont worry God is in control, cheer up HE is the Alpha and the Omega.

  101. Hana says:

    Pastor hw do i pray with focus

    • DR TONY ODUSANYA says:

      Thank you Sir Pastor. Your word of God and prayer have bring life to millions of people. Your prayer has bring light to my path and my life is shining in God glory. We love you so much and May God continue to Bless you mightily and increase your anointing amen.

      • Pheeha says:

        Thank you Pastor for a new years message,i love you very much,Pastor will you pray for me Pheeha Makola,my wife siphokazi makola,sarah makola,my brother Benny Makola,Dimakatso Makola and Mgagule’s family

    • Melusi says:

      Pray with boldnees the moment you say FATHER IN THE NAME OF JESUS you will be on the presence of the throne.

      • Melusi Kopotsha says:

        Yes my brother this is very true, as you mention the name of Jesus you cause
        changes around you and the devil flees & can not come near you.

  102. Hana says:

    Thank u pastor for da word of God dat has transformed my life. I always knew that my salvation was in christ embassy. I love u sir

  103. Christy says:

    Pastor you have been a source of inspiration to me and family.i love you sir.pastor pls i need a prayer,my family is facing a serious financial constraint even after sowing our car and i want to go to usa by ending of this year to pursue my nursing career.pls pastor i need a miracle

  104. Khumbulani says:

    Glory be to God mr Motsamai from Lesotho, the book of life is Rhapsody of Realities be blessed man of God

  105. abraham says:

    i should like to receive a word from the man of god daily

    • Thembeka Mkhapheni says:

      Pastor, you are a blessing to me the way you explain the word it open my mind i would like to pray with you and get the word of God everyday, thank you Pastor may God increase your anointing and bless you mightly.

    • Monde says:

      Hi ! Pastor, ever since I came to Christ Embassy I have learnt a lot of secretes to pray, worship, importants of the tongues and many more I know the weapons of success prays God !

  106. Motsamai T says:

    I’m asking for your monthly books called Rasphemmy (i’m not sure of spelling). i like to receive them trough my post.i’m in Lesotho my address is Box 455 Maseru 100 Lesotho. Happy to know you Pastor.

  107. Hellow Pastor Christ i love your books so much,how to pray effectively has really changed my way of thinking and way doing things and look forward to have all your book in JESUS name and may the Lord bless you.One more declear that i am bless in the spirit and am moving higher level now.

  108. Asu Mirabel says:

    Gudevening Sir.Pastor thank u 4 these opportunity 2 speak with you. Pastor, please can i be receiving the prayers directly on my phone as messages without brazing to check it? And how can I sign other to follow you because i ve been trying to sign myself first bt i cann’t. Thank you Sir and God bless you. I love Sir. This is my number 08065290491

  109. Sandra says:

    Pastor i need ur prayer for me when i go to labour so dat everythng must go de rite way no complications

  110. Gonam Patel says:

    My dear pastor Chris I have come to your healing school and was healed that very day, since then everything eslse has gone wrong in my life finances gone to a new low whenever i get better the finances become a problem tell me how to have both complete healing and living without this heavy burden. I

  111. Pastor thank you the the word and aspiring messages I love so much ,Pastor is it a mandatory that every born again christian must speak in other tounges, why myself lm born again lm keen to speak but l cant find myself speaking, I have got 5yrs in the minstry, Pastor what can l do

  112. pastor pray for my family coz we need children…3 yrs in marriage…by John from kenya(+254725329598)

  113. Paka Moitsepi says:

    Pastor, would like you to pray for me and my family. Especially my Sister, My Ma’am, my Fiancé and my boy.

  114. mishingo richard says:

    pastor chris i love you so much sir because god choose you as the right man spread gospel and do miracles. thanks for teaching me how to win souls. what realised is that jesus gives us power to heal and do miracles so that those people who do not agree that jesus is lord should see. miracles are stil there as long as you are the man of god. i have already healed lots of people in the name of jesus after reading some of the books pastor chris wrote with the influence of the holy ghost it is making positive impact in my life everyday, i move from glory to glory every day. he showed me that i am the prophet of my life. pastor chris teaches u that u have the power to archive what ever u want without a limit. thank you pastor in jesus name.

  115. Linda van koler says:

    Pastor thank u so much 2 c that God can stil use u 2 open hearts healing people around the world am greatful 2 no a man of God like u pastor am a born again christian and live nw in a town where am nt realy cmited 2 any spiritial activitys am a independent yong lady that luks after 4 orphans i cant cope with the job am in my finance is nt gud enough 4 me and my fam i got no kids and wish 4 one first of all i need a husbmd 4 that i knw God wil come thru 4 me.there fore pastor may u and yr team plc pray 4 me theres a ndw job waiting 4 me at totalsport 4 april plc pastor i need yr prayers 4 this job 2 be mine thank u so mutch cos i no God wil bless me cos thru Him i no all things are posible may God bles u and yr ministry so much amen

  116. Zodwa says:

    Asking for prayer

  117. lizzy mamoh says:

    Thank you pastor for giving my life a meaning,you are God on two feet

  118. Am hapi,God is blessing souls through ur ministry,my spiritual mentol God bless u,dady join me pray wit me,am luchings God outreach,jesus inheritance evangelical outreach,wit five days rivaval from 21 to 25 march,title:spirit of royalty.we are facebook.www.facebook.com/jesus inheritance or http://www.witter.com/jesusinheritanceevangelical.God bless u my father.i love pastor chris.

  119. Thank U, Pastor Chris for lettin ur light soooo shine tht Men all over the world are being drawn thro it unto GOD! Thanks also for teaching me tht there is no hopeless case with JESUS!!!!!! The Word sure works!!

  120. Isaac says:

    pastor the way u preach the Word it brings hope and healing to the brokenhearted and the sick. it is true if somebody does not believe in Jesus he does not have life. I love Jesus with all my heart. I need prayers to get house my family and I leave in a state house in a month time we expected to vacate the house. this area does not have houses that are affordable for us to rent. we have debts o take care as well and this bring pressure on us. I still have faith that this situation will change because the Lord will not abundon us nor forsaken us. Please pray for us and we believe a miracle will happen in this situation. God bless u

  121. Bernard says:

    Pastor chris, please pray for my education,i hav aplied 2 a univesity of zambia ad am waiting 4 th acceptance form, i believ dat wil make a way for me,pliz pastor 4 me so dat i kn b accepted ad b enrold in th school of medcin, with God evrythng is posible,please pastor please help me. Thak u man of God

    • Annabel says:

      I daily thank God for bringing me to christ embassy,indeed here yo life is given meaning and I can surely say my lines have fallen unto me in plesant places.Glory!

      • mishingo richard says:

        Annalbel you really telling the truth pastor chris is not a jelous man of god because he doesnt block ur gift he natures it to grow in the right way and teaches you that u are able to do some miracles like jesus. he teaches u that the word of god, speaking in another tougues, holy spirit and asking god in the name of jesus are ur tool to overcome all impossible situation, that is where ever you incouter problems you can change that without even calling the pastor to help because the power has been made available to u by calling the name of jesus with strong faith. praise the lord!

  122. brighton says:

    thank you pastor for the word .can you please pray for my business ,job ,family,brethens,and souls that are comming my way.

  123. peter Nifty says:

    hey! gr8 woman of God dnt b afraid of wots happnin,u ned to spk out the change you wnt to see in ur husband,wnt you to tke a quality seed of faith nd sow into ur husband’s life and declare and a change and then watch out!

  124. Vuyiseka Mvubu says:

    Dear Lord
    I asked a permanet position this year but i know in the name of Jesus Christ Gord will do that.Amen!

  125. samuel . eseine; says:

    tank u pastor i truely love u nd GOD will continiu to bless u nd ur familys AMEN.

    • lustre ogechi offor says:

      Thank u pastor 4 inspiring me wit ur teaChing I always receive it like wahoo,my happiness today is dt I hv come to a full knowledge n understansing of Gods things

  126. samuel . eseine; says:

    im’very happy dat GOD sent pastor christ to come deliver nd set people free just like d way jesus christ did in its own time;GOD have use pastor christ to change my life totaly…i dont even know wht to say to him but i just ask GOD to give him more power nd long lasting AMEN.pastor help me wit prayer i want GOD to take every pains out of my life so i will be free to bless his name.tank u pastor.

  127. shadreck ndebele says:

    Sir I love you so so so much, I don’t even know how to thank God for using in such a mighty way! You teach the Word, you heal the sick. cast out devils and do a lot more for the nations of the world, especially Nigeria,

    I desire that God would raise people like you in my country Zimbabwe. We love you and we desire and ask that you come to our natoin with the gospel that you preach. Thank you. I love you!!!

  128. shadreck ndebele says:

    Thank you man of God for such a ministry. I love your teahings and the way u through the Spirit heal the sick. I have a greatestdesire to speak in other tounges and I am born again, pliz pray for me. I have even had several dreams and visions seeing myself preching the Gospel, casting out demons and healing the sick. I really rally want and desire so much that those things would manifest. Pliz pray for me and guide me as to how to make it work. Thank you Sir, I even thank everyone who posted his/ her testimony, I thank God for you.

  129. weston mutenga says:

    Pastor Chris, I really would like to thank our living God for all your teachings for they are helping me and my family even though we are still yet to achieve many things in our life.

    i got retrenched, i lost my job and went home only with my little pension. I was jobless for about 8 months, but because of your teachings i got a job again and am now working even though my salary is too low to meet our family needs. Again we did not have a son but because of your teachings and our prayers, we now have a son who is five months old.

    i thank you you so much Pastor Chris for the word of God that you preach to us. May our living God richly bless you and continue to use you so that many more souls will be saved and that many more will achieve a lot in their lives.

    on another note may you also pray for me and my family Pastor so that i will get a promotion. Again pray for us pastor so that we will have a home of our own. I am saying so because am facing a lot of financial constraints. worse still we do not have a home of our own where we would love to see our children grow. As a result, we continue to face accommodation problems.

    Pastor we will always be very grateful to your prayers and your teachings. OH may the Lord richly bless you Pastor.

    i thank you in Jesus might name.


  130. vida says:

    Dear man OF GOD pls pls! Help me pray for my good husband Michael, I’m happily marriage for over twelve years wit two children,but for the past one year my good husband is loosing mind n complaining seen people chasing him and trying to affected him with bad deases n kill him.Pastor there’s a lot more but I don’t know how to put them in words. Pls pls Pastor help me n pray for b’coz my little children need their father pls pls pls help me!!!!..

  131. ngeri.S says:

    God has got to do something miraculous for me,ive been trusting God for my Husband to change!he is a christian but there are things that he does that I personaly dont agree with,and frankly im just tired…

  132. My prayer request:

    I Nompumemelelo Kekana, ID NO: 6707050376080 request that my transfer be granted to Dept of Correctional Services Head Office, Directorate: HRD Training Standards as a Skills Development Facilitator (SCO) next year in January 2012.

    My application as Assistant Director at DCS Head Office, Directorate Policy and External Training in 2012 be considered and I be appointed on the post.

    Have a prosperous and successful life with my family. My myself,husband Charles Kekana, and children Thereso, Seetsa, Khumiso, my mother Nancy Seopela, sister Gandhi Nzama, uncle Seth Seopela to live good health, no sickness, good life for the whole 2012. Finance and bussiness adventure to prosper and success. Good achivers in all aspects of life in 2012. Be successful with our studies and achieve further qualification in 2012 excellently. Let God bless all our plans in 2012. Live good, healthy life without sickness and death.

    Let God bless the Kekana, Seopela, Nzama family in the name of Jesus, Amen.

    Nompumelelo Kekana

    I rebuke sickness, death within my family. Let my enemies drown in the Red Sea.

    I pray that all people i have mentioned be blessed. Heal my family Lord Jesus,especially my uncle who is blind for him to see and be able to fight for his life and be healthy notice that his family loves him and miss him.

  133. Elinah Muzola says:

    wow dat is power.im happy to find this time to talk to you man of God.man of God i nid the glori of God to manifest in my live,every part of my life.i love PastorChrist so much & i respect him alot.

  134. lethiwe says:

    I have no more fruit

  135. Haruna Alfa says:

    I feel happy whenever i listen to pastor chris preaching and deliverance. I need job and i need his prayer,i accept christ recently.

  136. lethiwe lucy sibanyoni says:

    ALL I can say is WOW the way you explain the word of God in every Question a person might have is amaizing showlly God almigthy has given you such wisdom.It was said to JESUS ahowlly this is indeed the son of God in the day he gave up his spirit.That is what I am saing to you now .

  137. theodorah.s.dube says:

    Thank u lord for giving us man of god like pastor chris l’m blessed on his teachings

  138. Lynekapungu says:

    Pastor ‘m so grateful,my lif’s changing and its going 2 b awasome.truely the wed weks bt i stil want 2 mingle with e holy spirit al the days of my life.thank you so much, love u alwas.GOD BLESS

  139. BLESSING says:

    Pastor i thk God for ur life,u ar really a Blessing 2 me and my family,Sir pls pray for me for healing in my body and for the friut of the womb. GOD BLESS U

  140. Adjartey Agnes says:

    oh!pastor thank you so much for teaching us the necessity for praying in the spirit much more than in our understanding,my prayer live is changed as the spirit of God mingles with mine ,there’s nothing we can’t change.GLORY TO GOD.I LOVE YOU PASTOR

  141. Nhle says:

    Grithngs in Jesus name Pastor sir. Thanx 4yo teachings Im growing spiritually. I’d lyk 2 receive yooks in my mailbox. Pastor pray with me 4my spirit 2b in a right position 2receive financial miracles. I’m in Haven dept & I want 2outdo my giving each month. May God incriz u mightily.

  142. baboloki Moyangwa says:

    Hello Man of God
    I hv been struggling to use Yookos but thanks to all mighty today my phone manage to log in. I follow pastor chris on TV always and inspired by his good work. Pastor i need your prayer asa 34 year old diagnosed with breast cancer. I believe with God nothing is impossible. As a child of God i listen to your teaching especialy spaeking with tougue. I want to pray with tougues.
    Pls help me sign in yookos my email bazb3@yahoo.com
    God bless

  143. felicity says:

    Dear Pastor Chris. Please pray for me and my family our financial problems. My studies for this year and next year. for my husband to get a better job. for me and my son throught the exams.

    God Bless..


  144. Ndangoh Kedinga Bafon says:

    pastor i will be glad if i could have the means of geting to the Healing School because i need GODs blessing in my HEALTH,DELIVRANCE,and my LOVE LIFE.plase pastor give me that oppotunity to be healed and be delivered

  145. Henry Efemini says:

    Pls Sir pray 4 me & my family financially & in good health, most expecially money 4 my addmission dis year

  146. Henry Efemini says:

    Thank u sir 4 d gud news, but there is one thing that borda me. y is it dat gud people die & d bad remain, pls i nid ur reply tru my email adrs

  147. Magdalene says:

    Swit daddy!de words rily works 4 mi,years back when challenges come,i cry nd mourn bt naw i change situation by speaking de right words.tank you pastor i luv u.

  148. Magdalene says:

    Last week during service,were listenin 2 pastor’s message ‘titled’ word works,b4 i came 2 church i was havin serious stomach pain,i cudn’t work fast or stand bt after pastors’ message,he prayed 4 us nd he mentioned my case first..pastor was like be healed in ur body,immediately de pain vanished uptill 2day i haven’t felt any pain 4rm any part of my body. Secondly after dat same service,my pastor in church was like we shud pray 4 our family member,after prayin he still told 2 pray at nyt nd give some scripture 2 read, one thing abt me i don’t disobey any instruction 4rm my man of God,immediately i took my phone set alarm,at about 2o’clock i woke up did as my pastor said,after somedays i recieved call 4rm my younger brother,he was like daddy went out 2 visit a friend nd on his back arm robbers attackd him collected his car nd his phone nd even told him 2 enter into the car nd they drove away,when they got 2 kogi state at spot they jst stopd return back everytin de collect nd told him 2 go nd he drove back home witout any scratch.God is wonder,i jst want tankGod nd also my swit daddy pastor chris nd my pastors over here,tanks 4 ur support in prayers nd may God bless u all.i luv u all.sis magdalene Abuul,christ embassy niger state.

  149. BusieDlamini says:

    I thanks God for the Man of God who shares his word with us daily teachings. Praise God.

  150. Carol Wafawanaka says:

    Our God is good after saying the prayer of speaking in tongues, i did spoke in tongues for the first time,,, How awesome it is

  151. Demi says:

    This website truly is awesome. I was going to say please pray that i do well on my midterms but it’ld be awesome if you could please give thanx to God with me for “anointing my head with oil, my cup overflows”, for his love and acceptance and the wisdom that he gives to me (in essence us). For his provision, his care and his spirit that lives through me in which i know i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

  152. abraham richie says:

    i tnk god 4 pastor for d word of God dt he is filling us wit,my life has bin totally changed for good,

  153. Moses Owusu says:

    Yes I believe and request your prayer for me on November 1

  154. Joyce says:

    I thank the lord jesus for the pastoor like you. thanks for your teachings, i grow everday of my live by ongly listining to your teachings.Know i no that i am the seed of Abraham father of all faith.thank you for teaching me that christians do not wait for things to happen but they make things happen.I pray that God strenthen you more and more to teach us his word.i read the bible daily becouse of your teachings.God bless you.

  155. Philisiwe says:

    Tnks Pastor for your teaching through books,dvds,LWSat and 150 channel Sir you mean a lot to us. i love you my mentor and my teacher you are BLESSED

  156. I am joining my faith with pastor Chris on praying on the 1st Nov 2011 this will be so awsome thank you men of God for giving us this oppotunity our lives will never be the same ! Be blessed

  157. Pastor i love u wit all my life,ur message has create a great future for me. I now no how to fellowship wit d holy spirit an life has been very easy for me.tank u sir may god bless u.


  159. Sir tank u very much 4 d ministry u have chosen.pls sir i will like to post y family nae and prayer request in november but i don’t no d prceduce to follow.

  160. Philisiwe says:

    Home!sweet,home .Pastorchris man of God.I’m very happy today after a very long time trying to find the Yookos site and i believe to receive your prayer for me on November 1st with my family.And i believe this my seoson to LAMBANO my things from God through my mentor,my teacher.Man of God PastorChris tnks Pastor i love you

  161. Sammy Marfo says:

    Pastor chris God richly Bless u 4 ur daily motivational Word of God.Anytime i read this it revitalize my spirit.Amen

  162. priscilla moyo says:

    thank you pastor sir,the weather has changed.in zimbabwe it seven raining. the prayers have changed me. i can do all things through Christ

  163. ROSELINE says:


  164. adebisi stella says:

    i want to bless the the for our father in the lord for those faith how can one break from curse

  165. adebisi stella says:

    i want to bless the the for our father in the lord for those faith filled word it work. due to some challege i hav year back

  166. adebisi stella says:

    i want to bless the the for our father in the lord for those faith filled word it work. due to some challege i hav year back i left christ embassy but a dear sister start come to invite me sister Bisi she had been minisry words of faith i bless the lord for your live sir you are a man sent from God the word works

  167. Pastor i my husbnd snt me away afta confesin n askin 4 4gvnes. Am 22 tel me wot 2 do. I also want God 2 help me gain admision in2 university dis yrs. I can b blesd tru u my lovly pastor

  168. carol says:

    I BELEAVE and RECEIVE your Prayer for me on NOVEMBER 1 PASTOR CHRIS I Love you Sir God Bless

  169. Thank you man of God i love this site

  170. Comfort katametsi says:

    Pastor sir,i believe and recieve your prayer for me on the 1st of november.thank you sir.

  171. ejiofor says:

    how can i become a pastor

  172. hai my beloved family!i love you ,i just wnt to pray for me to pass my exam.am stdng at IUM in namibia.,cnt mis to pray with pastor on the 1st.Ndilly

  173. Isaac says:

    I want to thank God 4 what he has use pastor chris to do in my life,i want to ask if it is normal that any1 that has call of God should go into pastoral school? And how do u know u are called?

  174. Bright kasalu says:

    Thank you pastor chris for transforming my life by your teachings i get know the bible and understand it pray for me to be strengthened in the power of God and in his wisdom

  175. kidist says:

    Please, we are in the valley, just pray for me and my family.

  176. Xola says:

    Paster sir i’m so greatful to God 4 u, & i desire & knw i can be like u if coping you always. Thanx sir

  177. Okochi kenneth okechukwu says:

    Dady you are My all in all there are much to say but thank you, you will never die in jesus name amen

  178. rutendo makumbe says:

    i luv u s s much man of GOD ,u r a blessing 2 m & e whole world…

  179. Titus Sithole says:

    I would like to thank God for giving us pastor Chris as a gift of glory. May God bless you more and give you long life to turn in all those who do not know Jesus Christ to live a new life and live with the Holly Ghost. Thank you for the power Lord God has given you.

  180. Leboneng says:

    Pray To God to Heal me from my desease and bless me

  181. pls sir i would like to pray with you on ist nov, 2011. i am one of the leaders in alapere church ketu.

  182. sindiso says:

    Hellom.everyone I’m new at this I’m going to an inteview today an would like to be prayed for amen

  183. Esnathshereni says:

    I wl pray with pastor chris in sprit on novermbr 1. my name esnath shereni 4rm johnnesburg braamfoietn

  184. Benedicta o uduovie says:

    Daddy thank u 4 inspiring me.i luv u pastor

  185. Austine Jacob says:

    pls hw can i follow pastor chris on prayer time

  186. Pastor Sir,l thank God for you.you are a blessing not only to me but to the entire world.Thank you for teaching the word and l now know who lm in Christ because of you.may the dear lord continue to increase you in wisdom .thank you Pastor.

  187. I believe and receive your prayer for me on november 1

  188. Dear pastor you are everything I ever needed in my life,since I joined Christ embassy my life and my family have transformed,everytime I hear your voice Im changed from where I was to the next and higher level of success,Im loving you,God will bless you richly forevermore

  189. I have the fiath to recieve your prayer pastor.i thank GoD for giving my life a meaning.i accept your prayer pastor.

  190. Bridget Owhofasa says:

    Pastor Sir,Thank you sir for teaching me the word via ROR and of course following you on yookos has truely blessed my life. Sir,i have been so inspired to go for the word like never before,to digest it and allow it to completely transformed to become the word.thank you so much Sir.i love you.

  191. Bridget Owhofasa says:

    “I believe and receive your prayers for me on November 1″

  192. persia Malodi says:

    Morning, thank you pasto for introducing yookos a nation realy people need to know the truth, if the world of dackness winning our poeple why can’t we win them back we have all power from above, I knew about yookos yesteday I was passing near one of branch in germiston SA n I decided to join them for a prayer not knowing the sprit was calling me for good thing
    I thank God

  193. thank you the man of god for such inspiration that u gave us with those powerful words, please pray for me to have a job of my dreams, a car, husband and a home to call mine. And one more thing give me strength not to fail god and trully commit myself to him wholeheartedly. I pray a lot and i ve grown so much sprittually and i dont want to fail in anyway coz jesus has died for mi sins and its my turn to pay him by loving one another, forgiving, sharing and obeying what god wants us to do for him. Pastor god bless you and your family.

  194. FRED says:

    I want more prayer pls sent it direct 4rm my mail

  195. Patience says:

    I am perculiar, Im a success, I have an Extra ordinanary Strategist by my side Wooo!!!

    Pastor Chris You are BLESSED, you are HELPED AND SO ARE WE.

  196. blessing c says:

    ihave attended my school and hav done the course i want to do in Jesus name amen i pray that god wil be with in all things that am doing in this world thank you fathrer for is my husband to be i have won him to christ he is a new creation thank u father

  197. Benedicta says:

    Intact your teachings has strenghten me. Everyday I’m learning new things from u.
    Now i know all my needs will be supplied without listing them.
    Pastor i have serious headache and i hv prayed about it.
    Just say d word and i will be
    healed. Ben

  198. I use to be the highest soul winner in my church a year ago but now I hardly goes to church not to talk of winning souls and it worries me a lot I want to go back to my old self I ve try and pray but nothing since to change, pls pastor chris I need ur Prayers

  199. Gift says:

    All i have to say is thank u pastor

  200. Blessed tom says:

    I want to say a big thank you to pastor chris for teaching me and helping to know my role in this world.i know that i have to preach the gospel and make my world ready for the lord.

  201. Maseabata says:

    My name is exceedingly, abundantly, above all. I’m born to rule and reign in this world. Thank you Pastor may God bless

  202. the word that you have given me can never depart from me sir. i just want to thank yon, and may the work of the one that called you prospect in your hand. God bless you sir.

  203. Taizoe says:

    Pastor z a gret blesin 2 us,a fathr,mento n life coach,luv u pastor sir

  204. Karen says:

    Pst thank u very much 4 makin me kwn who iam in christ .i want u to help pray for my frnd who has been aplyin for visa any embacy she go to alway reject her.pls pray for her to be ACCEPTED.

  205. Makhosi says:

    Paster i will like to have a prayer i’m 26 years old in 2007 i was found out that im HIV positive now their is a guy who is preparing to get married with me i dont know what should i do now or i must have to refused.

  206. christian says:

    gooday sir pastor chris pls iwt to know want my problem is sence ihave become an adult something is so hard for me im praying fasting pls sir idont know want to do pls help me icanot take care of my family pls iwant to be a man ineed god help.

    • jane daniel says:

      Gud even pastor’I want you to pray for me am pregnant but de doctor said that my pelvic is narrow I need a miracle on before I go back for checkup it will be a different story

  207. Mmakamba Etukudo says:

    need instant healing in my utterus

  208. Godwin ukezi says:

    I received my first copy of Rhapsody of Realities in August this 2011 and since then I haven ‘t been able to do without my problem I use it daily as my personal guide book especially as a minister of God in my World thank you pastor chris and pastor Anita for makeing me stop Worry. of my problems words are not enough to express how happy I am. May God continue to bless you and use you All days of your Life. Amen.- Godwin ukezi

  209. nomvula says:

    Hi pastor when i pray in tongues the annoiting become so strong to me if i am on my knees or standing it’s like my knees are cutted off if my pastor pray for the sick people still it’s like he is praying for me because this annoiting became strnger over me sometimes i feel a strong pressure over my body now i am not praying standing in my feet because that thing cut on my knees i preffed to bow with my knees pastor chris pls help is this thing normal.

  210. Vimbai Makuwa says:

    pastor thank u for the word,my life has been transformed in all areas.i keep on praying that this word will not depart from my mouthg.i love u pastor.u are my mentol

  211. eugene says:

    Dear PASTOR,
    being born again in Christ Embassy is a blessing. I love you pastor Chis.
    The way you relate the word of GOD to me is awesome. I’m blessed through it.
    Thanks might not be enough but are the least I have.

  212. msipakuda says:

    how to log on to yookos

  213. sammy joseph says:

    In life i never know that church can be so swt and interesting untill i join Christ Embassy thank GOD for Pastor Chris You a gift to the world.

  214. tony k says:

    Pastor chris i love the good work you have being doing may the good lord bless you and give you more power to do his work. Pastor i want you to pray for me and my family, pastor i have done something bad to a friend her name is tonye please pray for me so that she will for give me. may the good lord bless u in jesus name.

  215. ANDY M.MAAKE says:

    i am a college student RSA, thank you pastor for each and every second you give your self to show us ways.my family is now good (brothers working and younger once studyin), my studys are now improving, getting distinctions.

  216. Chris Edike says:

    Pastor chris u ar too much in spirit,u ar a teacher. I luv u.

  217. Henry says:

    Pastor pls pray for God to help from the sin of adultery i do’t no what to stop this died woke but did not what to do pls pastor help.i have receive jesus but i keep doing this does mean am not saved because of this i am not doing well that’s i am not progressing.


  219. Afolabi David says:

    Sir i’m starting my exams tomorrow.I need God’s favour

  220. patience says:

    sir, i reali appreciate u 4 d gift u gave 2 us.sir pls i want u 2 pray 4 me against d spirit of fear and divine health.

  221. Balogun fabode idowu says:

    Help me to follow pastor on yookos

  222. BISMARK says:


  223. Elisabeth Haman says:

    Hi Pastor i enjoy your program very much ,can pastor also pray for me and my family please?

  224. Br.Nhlamulo says:

    I thanx Christ Embassy and BLW campus ministry 4 changing my life…I now speak in the language of angels and my faith is not of this world,and i know that in Jesus the Annointd one,i can do everything because He strengthens me.**THANX 2 OUR GREAT MINISTRY.And hw can i pray with pastor

  225. Friday Marcus says:

    Pastor…may God continue 2 enlarge ur wisdom n knowledge…luv ur message Pastor.

  226. Godwin ukezi says:

    Pastor Thank you sir for rhapsod of realities your time money please pray for me i am sick i need to be heals thank sir God bless U

  227. success says:

    I love you PASTOR, Thank you sir.

  228. Mirenda says:

    Hi pastor Chris,plz pray 4 me and my parents.They’ve tested 4 HIV and were told they r positive,plz pray 4 them to b negative,and for me to find a job,and my children to be healthy always.Thank u

  229. Jennifer oliwe says:

    Pastor i just lost my admission thou my faith was strong dat i wil get it.pastor advice pls

  230. chukwuma promise says:

    Help me out i need to signup in yookos but am finding it difficult.I love you pastorchris.

  231. Thank u Pastor for making us to pray with u. It has been an awesome experience!

  232. charles says:

    pastor pls i want tallk to u

  233. nana ama says:

    pls pastor,i want to progress in my education.am reali goin down in my education.i want to see some changes.i know wit God al things r possible

  234. jones says:

    I am a chronic kidney failure patient now on dialysis at the korle bu teaching hospital.What it means is that my kidneys have stopped working.I want PASTOR CHRIS to pray for to be healed.

  235. Goodday sir, pastor Chris. I realy thank u 4 d word of GOD dat u are givin 2 GOD Childran I love u sir. P/s sir, i want u 2 pray with my sister husban mr Peter Ayuba he was ill and d doctor cnnot fine is distoping him. I believe dat if u join us in prayer he wil be wel. From nigeria, kaduna state,kaduna south.

  236. Vincent kate says:

    Sir thanks for ur teaching, the word is what keep me going.

  237. Vincent kate says:

    Pls help me sign up to follow pastor on yookos.

  238. Joyce Ncube says:

    Can u please send me details on how to follow pastor chris on yookos i am struglling to thanks

  239. success says:

    Thank you Pastor sir,you gave my life a meaning, and more to that is my spiritual eyes,I HAVE improved on my sight,and since i am making progress on that, even the way i use to do things has improved a lot,thank you sir.
    The Condition of my spirit was not like this when I first stapped in this place ( CHRIST EMBASSY), but now …WOW. I AM A SUCCESS.

  240. mmapule raborife says:

    paster sir,you rock i like your style,very neat your teachings are very powerfull,i now understand the word of God because of you,may God keep on blessing you

  241. mawethu matyalana says:

    I want to thank thee Almighty God for giving me the opportunity to see and listen to Pastor Chris in this genaration. Pastor through the word that you teach now I have a permanent job and I’m married with my beautiful wife. I thank the Lord for you.

  242. Enoma james ozemwongie says:

    Dear pastor i want to thank you sir ,for your teaching it has change my life for good.your teaching now make me to understand that God does not punish is children.the church that i was antending before the pastor brought a pregnant woman out of the church in front of everybody and told the woman to knee down and gave the woman twelve strokes the cane and told the woman that God told him to flog her very well cos of her sins. But sinces i had been listening to your massage:) you made me understand that God does not punish his childreen.

  243. steve omele says:

    pastor,thank u for being a gift to d world.sir,wen will u visit benin city nigeria again? we are really missing u sir

  244. Vimbai Makuwa says:

    Thank u pastor 4 the word u a teaching me evrday,if it wasnt 4 ur word the devil must have been using me.thank u i have light in my lyf through ur teaching.i love u so much

  245. CARLOS INGWANE says:

    I lyk 2 say hpy birthday 2 our man of god paster KIM we love u. 4rm CARLOS INGWANE. RUSTENBURG

  246. take you pastor for your word pastor your message on the spirit of the dove, i was inspiade. But i just want you to lecture me with some word consening the topic.

  247. glory mthembu says:

    Man of God please ask u to pray for my marriage to last forever.

  248. mureen says:

    thank you Pastor for your awaresome teachings and prayers. and to my spritual mother (pastor julie) i love you.

  249. success says:

    Thank you Pastor for this opportunity that now we can pray without sezing.

  250. Pastor im so much blessed to be part of Christembassy ministry,because mi life has changed so much,so i want mi family also to join me to serve the Lord in this great ministry,so i want to join you Sir in your prayers and pray for them to be saved,and pray for mi brother who has been diagnosed with HIV

  251. Good afternoon pastor,I have been praying with faith for a miracle in my life but there is no responds.What should i do when my prayer keeps failing.

  252. e.tigere says:

    TThsnk you so much mathen of God for teachingvme about theholy spirit, he is my best friend.

  253. Themba mashaba says:

    Pastor please pray for me this coming thursday 15 september 2011 im going to the driving testing station for drivers licence please pray for me to get it

  254. Dear Pastor ,I am very glad to be a member of Christ Embassy.May God continue to bless you for the good works God is doing through you.Amen

  255. CARLOS INGWANE says:

    I lyk 2 thnk god 2 gv us our handsm Paster Chris nd thnk u 2 be wth us evrytym. I lv u. 4rm Rustenburg.

  256. CARLOS INGWANE says:

    I lyk 2 thnk god 2 gv us our handsm Paster Chris nd thnk u 2 be wth us evrytym. I lv u. 4rm Rustenburg

  257. sesi says:

    Thanx Pastor Chris,afta readin de Power of Tongues my life has changed 4 de beta.My kids aged 6 & 3 also join me.Evry time I am drivin alone I pray in tfhywxsghobcwahccbcswh.I enjoy evry moment.Glory to God.

  258. sesi says:

    Prz God.He is de alfa n omega.

  259. glory mthembu says:

    p’s help me how to sign in yookos.

  260. Hephzibah Beulah says:

    Dear Pastor Chris,

    I want you to know that on the day of the higher life conference in the Uk there was a great lightening and thunder throughout the Uk. While you were in the conference hall at Webley the lord by his voice of thunder was confirming all you were saying to the people of Britian. Although I was unable to attend as a result of looking after my elderly mum.I was in the spirit recieving all that the almighty was releasing in the uk. Thanks for all your teaching especially the most recent “the consumate man”which I’ve had the previledge of watching 7am every morning. God bless you sir for allowing your body to be made a living sacrifice holy and acceptable unto our lord. I am gradually allowing my self to be trained by the word that the almighty has been speaking through your mouth.Thanks for bringing Gods light to shine in the land of UK once again.gOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY SIR

  261. pls pastor i need prayer in the area of grace and favour in my life.

  262. skhumbuzo mbatha says:

    Man of God

    Thank you and your wonderful young pastors. I came to healing school for two things my healing and to develop a relationship with God.I anyone would have told me that it is possible to develop a relationship with God in such a short time ,I would have laughed. but now I knw the holy spirit works in mysterious ways.
    Thank you for this opportunity to grow my faith.

    from ms mbatha(healing school sept 2011)

  263. george rita says:

    Good day pastor,i belive in the gospel of christ jesus that says by his stribes we are healed,pls pray for me dat my healing will be evident to others,so that they will glorify our father which is in heaven. I love JESUS

  264. happiness idara anthony says:

    pls hw do i do i connect 2 yookos on my mobile phone.Thanks y!

    • Zuky says:

      Please pray for me,for the financial breakthrough,to change my husband heart of stone also his repentance and fear of the Lord.

  265. YEIGBA W. Raphael says:

    So many expose from the word of God as i listen and read from the man of God pst Chris. One of his kind oh what a gift to humanity i lv u pastor.

  266. sandra says:

    Pastor I have just starting speaking in tongues after attending the higher life confrensce. How can I pray more effectivley in tongues, thank you pastor chris for the wonderful work you are doing may the lord continue to bless you.

  267. osas stella says:

    pls like to follow pastor chirs on yokoos

  268. Thomas says:

    I want God to grant me the spirit of speaking the right word of God.

  269. Abigail says:

    Goodmorning Pastor Chris. Thank you for being a guiding figure. Pastor please pray for and with me, i am looking for a job. Since i finished school, all my attempts have been futile and all has been disappointment. Please help me Man of God.

  270. Danny says:

    Pastor my name is takporbunor and i have a brother obro who is in cult and he said he is tired and want to leave the cult and he is afraid of his members b/cos if he leave they will kill him pls sir pray 4 us my brother to be saved we want to re-dedicate our lives to God and do his will pls pray 4 us sir i want him to be delivered sir thanks.

  271. Nyameka says:

    Good evening,Pastor I need Prayers my sister and my cousin have been looking for Job since last year. We really need Gods intervention.

  272. Sophia Mshana says:

    It is nice to be connected with the whole world and Pray with Man of God Pastor Chris in yookos. I am happy to receive answers to my prayers. My life is upward and forward.

  273. Tigcebe says:

    Thank you for such a revelation Pastor now I know the power of praying in tongues and why I should pray in other tongues.

  274. Nicoline says:

    I thank God for pastor Chris live,i’v been watching Pastor Chris on tv,and seeing wonderful miracles happening to people,de blind see.sickness have been healed,barren women bear children,and i believe that God will use him and heal me too,and make me hold again,and make me mother of many children and i believe that my change has come,and this is my season,i’v marryed for three yrs now and we have no child.pls man of God we need healings.

  275. Nicoline says:

    praise the Lord,God is so kind toward pastor Chris,i beleive that my own change has come,this is my time.am watching Pastor Chris on tv and i believe and have faith that God will heal me,and make me hold again.

  276. leavy says:

    how do i download yookos

  277. I would like to thank Pastor Chris for teaching us the word of GOD and also showing the love of GOD in us, and me to i am doing the same now i am taking every one like Brother or Sister i have same spirit of GOD in me, now my life is so beautfuly thank you Pastor Sir for your love, Sir GOD Bless you.

  278. my everloving pastor , plz pray 4 me, wen I got born again I was very hot, but nw I don’t know wot is happening 2 me, I nid ur prayer plz pastor . I luv u.

  279. Jethro mangoro says:

    Pastor l thank you the word u are spreading all over the world.may God continue to guide u in watever aspect of yo lyf…

  280. Jethro mangoro says:

    Kip t …

  281. cordelia says:

    Pastor chris thank u for being a blessing in my life. Pastor want u to pray for with for spiritual weak in my life,that I may grow from one spiritual level to another,and also for breakthrough in my family.

  282. busisiwe says:

    paster im pregnant for my first child and i find out that im Hiv possitive…i just cant handle this situation i need this deases gonne,i declare my body clean from this virus.as im writing this tears are falling down my eyed and i strongly believe it can be healed permanantly. Please pray for me

  283. menelisi says:

    pastor.GOD bless u for the word tha set us free

  284. Promise says:

    thank u pastor for what u have thought me , u have made me to become independent of men thank pastor there is know pastor like u in this word

  285. bongile sigenu says:

    thank you pastor for opening such divine destiny of vocalizing our faith and expressing our heart to the father

  286. Anesh says:

    Hello Pastor i feel demons and evil things all around me sometimes i here voices and curse them in the name of JESUS i can feel something bad coming close to earth but i dont know what since i feel this my life is going down hill my finance is down my family is suffering my job gets harder everyday and more problem has come into my life and my families please pray for me i need to be what God wants me to be PLEASE PRAY FOR ME AND MY SITUATION THANK YOU FOR YOUR FAITHFULLNESS GOD BLESS YOU IN YOUR MINISTRY

  287. Anesh jugroop says:

    Pastor im having trouble praying in tongues i used to have such power that even to remove evil with my eyes but now i feel so less that i feel nothing at all when i pray why?

  288. tochukwu v okafor says:


  289. MONICA SCHOON says:


  290. philly says:

    i greet u pastor in the name of jesus pls pray with me im praying to be healed from hiv iknow by jesusname i will be healed praise the lord

  291. orobosa usoh says:

    hello daddy in the lord you a wouderful man of god,may god bless you and your famliy in Jesus Aman.pls remember to pray for me my famliy.i went to follow you on yookos.

  292. alex ohue says:

    my life is moving upward and forward everyday. Thank u pastor chris for prayin 4 me always

  293. JUSTINE says:

    Dear pastor i love you so much. please pray for me for wisdom, for the holy spirit to be with me every day, and that i must not let GOD down. i am currently doing a short course at a college in cape town i want this certificate for a better job and a better living for me and my two kids maned Chloe and Byron. Please pastor pray for us for prosperity and that financial break through

  294. Taiwo Onitiri says:

    Dear Pastor Chris,

    Greetings to you in Jesus name, AMEN. I need you to declare in my life that “IT IS DONE”. I have been going through some experiences (details sent to your personal email..’pastorchris@christembassy.org’)
    Like the centurion told Jesus, he was so confident that at his word, his servant will be made whole. In the same manner, you need only to give the order and there shall be a manifestation of the miraculous in my life. I know this because I understand authority. I am so certain and I know for a fact that once you speak, it shall be done.

    Looking forward to your response Sir.

    Thank you Sir.

    Taiwo Onitiri.

  295. kingsley eze says:

    pastor what u to pray for things are very tough for me now. Any thing i since not working i need God intervention.in my situation.

  296. Taiwo Onitiri says:

    Dear Pastor Chris,

    Greetings to you in Jesus name. I have been blessed by your teaching on “UNDERSTANDING FAITH”….what profound teaching. I was praying some nights ago concerning a particular situation in my life (details sent to your personal email..’pastorchris@christembassy.org’)when the Holy Spirit asked that I connect in agreement with you in prayer.

    All I need you to declare is “IT IS DONE” and I know for a fact that miracles will be wrought in my life. Like the centurion told Jesus, he was so confident that at his word, his servant will be made whole. In the same manner, you need only to give the order and there shall be a mighty demonstration of God’s power in my life. I know this because I understand authority. This one is a World Wide Record.

    Looking forward to your speedy response Sir.

    Thank you Sir,

    Taiwo Onitiri.

  297. meg ogbonmwan says:

    my great man of God pastor christ i thank u for leting me know the word am so happy to be in the same convenant, christembassy canada how well i follow u on yookos? God bless u sir.

  298. halima glory says:

    My dear pastor Chris, I know you are very busy. Pray for me. How do I follow you on yookos? I have tried everything. God bless

    • Taiwo Onitiri says:

      Dear Pastor Chris,

      Greetings to you in Jesus name. I have been blessed by your teaching on “UNDERSTANDING FAITH”….what profound teaching. I was praying some nights ago concerning a particular situation in my life (details sent to your personal email..’pastorchris@christembassy.org’)when the Holy Spirit asked that I connect in agreement with you in prayer.

      All I need you to declare is “IT IS DONE” and I know for a fact that miracles will be wrought in my life. Like the centurion told Jesus, he was so confident that at his word, his servant will be made whole. In the same manner, you need only to give the order and there shall be a mighty demonstration of God’s power in my life. I know this because I understand authority. This one is a World Wide Record.

      Looking forward to your speedy response Sir.

      Thank you Sir,

      Taiwo Onitiri.

  299. kebaone says:

    wow!!! since i met or i knew of Pastor Chris my life changed for the best.i dont ve much to say but may the lord continue to use you Pastor and i pray that people’s eyes may be opened to the truth and again Lord help us to stay under the blood.

  300. kebaone says:

    wow!!! since i met or i knew of Pastor Chris my life changed for the best.i dont ve much to say but may the lord continue to use you Pastor and i pray that people’s eyes may be opened to the truth and again Lord help us to stay under the blood.

  301. Adeyeye busayo samson says:

    I pray for God manifestation and to be fill with the holy spirit!

  302. Gnr Try says:

    Dear Pastor Chris

    Thank you our man of God for being used and i have so much to say but i run out of words becoz of the excitement that i have to be in the greatest ministry.i wld like to tell those who are not yet in Christ Embassy that u missing the greatest opportunity eva. When i came from ICLC i bought Mercedes Benz becoz of the great anointing that works in our ministry thru our father Pastor Chris. And the wisdom that our man of God has ,i tell u i have never seen a person with such wisdom , i mean Pastor is not a man the nature of God is just too much on him and the dimension in which operates in are loaded. All am saying is come to Christ Embassy and see for yourself. I love you Pastor and thank you for coming to Zimbabwe next year we are expecting you BIG time and Zimbabwe will never be the same. Christ Embassy giving your life a meaning. Do u know that i feel like im on top .Those in this ministry understand me better come to Christ Embassy. Thank GOD for opportunity given unto me to share. Once again i love you our man of God.

  303. gary chingwena says:

    thank u pastor for your teachings

    • Ginitus klams says:

      Dear pastor Chris I always need your daily prayer. For I don’t want to mist heaven, I’m a new growing children of God, I want to be receiving your mail msges my e-mail add is ginitusklams@yahoo.com, my special thank to all yookos members.

  304. sammy joseph says:

    Pastor Chris i thank GOD 4 ur personality,u’re my Menton,my choch,my father,friend .i luv u so much u’re a gift 2 me,my farmily 2 the world thnk u SIR.

  305. heh christian says:

    all i have to say for now is i love you

  306. Neville says:

    Gudday pastor cn u plz pray for me im going thru a tough life,i knw i did thngs wrng i want my lyf 2 change so much,plz help me pastor

  307. Precious says:

    I have been so blessed tremendously by my Father pastor Christ. May God continue to bless you more with wisdom. i love you pastor

  308. halima glory says:

    My dear pastor Chris. I do not know I to say this but all the same I say I LOVE YOU. I love what you are doing or I love how God is using you.I want to be used me SERIOUSLY. Please pray for me because all I want is to resign from my Job and worK for GoD. I am kind of confused. I need to know what to do-guidance. God blee my Mentor.

  309. Yabo Luswazi says:

    Hi Pastor your teaching are so blessing and powerful

  310. Yabo Luswazi says:

    Your teaching are so powerful and blessing

  311. stella says:

    Thank you pastor very very much.

  312. Ithink Christ Embassy is the best church in Africa.why becausethey have the shortest services i ve ever seen . but all will have taken place. they are also strong in the word which is the most important thing to have in our lives .thank you pastor Chris for such a ministry and for your best strategies that are beyond other strategies the world may draft,thank you pastor sir

  313. Thank you pastor Chris our man of God.you have made me to know how to give tithes to the Lord.Pastor if you don’t give tithes,God will teach you a lesson so that you became faithfull to him.l am saying this because l have experienced this when my money was stollen from my a/c.ln Hebrews 11vs1 teaches us about what faith means.Lets have faith in giving tiths because we will be growing our seeds & we will harvest one day.for the Lord will open the windows of heaven to those who give him (Matthew 7vs8).Thank you pastor Chris for teaching us through YOOKOS.I have grown now in christ through your teaching & following your prayers on YOOKOS.GOD BLESS YOU PASTOR CHRIS & your family.

  314. Gifty Sharon says:

    Pastor,thank u for ur encouraging prayers.Am 24 yrs old. My mother and i have been watching ur programmes on TV which always inspired us not to give up expecially the healing school.
    Pastor, i have a problem which i need to share with u. I was supposed to get marry last month but it’s unfortunately it didn’t happen all bcos my was crippled.
    The whole problem began when i was in Ghana. My fiancee came from Austialia to visit me the same week i was travelling to London. He came and we had fun. He went to his brother friend’s plce to spend the night. On his way to the bathroom, he fell. He’s seen medical attention but no improvement. He’s now in a wheel chair. We found out that, his brother’s friend’s girlfriend went to consult a herbalist to get some medicine to kill his boyfriend. So we asked myself, how can an innocent person be involve? and we were told is because he took his brother’s friend’s towel to bath. We asked the girl and she confirmed that, she is the one responsible but not to cripple an innocent person but rather kill his boyfriend.
    Pastor Chris, i know you have healed alot of people and believe you can do it so, please help me and my fiancee to get marry soon. I want him to be on his feet again. Heilp us in prayers.

  315. Robert says:

    Dear Pastor Chris!! i am so blessed through your preaching and i also know that the spirit of the lord is healing to many sick people through you.

    So, it is my humble request to pray for my friend who is in UK suffering from kidney stone pain. it has been leading him in pain disturb for many time.He is longing for healing.The medical treatment by many Doctors had nothing brought him healing.

    Please ask him the detail about how he is suffering.His name is Mr.Mash and His Email is:mashdot@gmail.com

    Thank you for accepting my request for my friend’s healing

    I love you Pastor

  316. Itumeleng101 says:

    Pastor sir!my name is Itumeleng in Christ Embassy Pretoria South Africa.PASTOR SIR day by day i’m inspired by your Teachings and Prayer therefor Daddy i decide to take a step of Faith in all your instructions and commands.Wow daddy m supprise of what GOD has for me In store,everything i needed or desired is in the word.thanks PAPA for giving PASTOR TAIWO ADINOBI to b My Spiritual Father.my life is completely changed for the Glory of GOD BECAUSE OF HIM TEACHING,MENTORING.AND PRAYING FOR ME THANK YOU PAPA SIR.I LOVE U SO MUCH.

  317. kolade says:

    i love you

  318. Pitso says:

    ps I am overlooking souls in a new chapter that was recently established. I kept my confession that God will supply my needs but I remain broke. Everything I try falls apart n it brings a lot of strain on me. Ps a word from you will change my course pls help

  319. I need pastor to sed his messages to my email box

  320. jackson abasiama says:

    Please how will I follow pastor on yookos, this is my mali address jacksonabasiama@rocketmail.com, thank you for reply

  321. jackson abasiama says:

    Pastor thank you for being There for me some time thank about how my life will be willout you, what I am today is the word from your mouth thank you pastor I really love you am hoping to meet with you someday thank u ones again

  322. Pastor i enjoy every word i hear from yu th words yu say change my life everyday,am born again and enjoy th word of GOD so much , May th LORD continue blessing yu

  323. BRO.EMMANUEL ANOH says:

    Thank God 4 u Great Pastor Chris, u are a blessing to me and my
    My family cos of your teaching of the word we have.
    Transformed and transported by it and the Holy ghost

  324. malebogo mathiba says:


  325. malebogo mathiba says:


  326. ukiwe o says:

    Pastor goodmorning,how was ur night sir?.Sir what should i do to restore divine direction.

  327. Nwaeke josephine says:

    Dear pastor,i wana say a very big thank u 2 4 everything u hav taught me.Anytime i’m angry or cryin i hear a voice talkin 2 me sayin i dnt hav 2 cry bt u knw dis voice sounds xactly as yours.I LOVE U SIR!

  328. gagoitseope bright mosimegi says:

    Man of God i realy thank you for th inspirin words, i have learnt a lot from you. When i see you preaching its like im seeing Jesus himself. I love to always pray wth you man of God. I want to present Jesus fuly.

  329. joyce moabi says:

    Helo daddy pls can u pray for my mother Eveline she is not felling well.

  330. becky says:

    please send me update of prayers

  331. Peter Austine Ifeanyi says:

    i want to be getting pastorchris’s msg on my email paustine88@yahoo.com

  332. Charity umokoro says:

    Its such am awesome experience worshipping God. My roommates ask me how I do my stuff and this is d secret: I go to my sch chapel and sing and worship Him. I love d Holy Spirit!

  333. alice says:

    pray 4 my family member healing

  334. Angela says:

    pastor you are wonderful. Thanks 4 your words; love you

  335. Maryam Ja'afaru says:

    Pastor sir,u’ve really been a blessing to me anytime i watch u live or on tv I keep loving the word of God the more an I se jesus in you,I love u so much pastor may the anionting of God continue to increase in ur life(Amen)

  336. phillipa ohangbon says:

    Only God will reward your labour of love pastor,thanks for bn a blessing,and coming such a time as this!I love you

  337. nominate says:

    hie pastor i’m a lady aged 28 was born again in 2006 and am married my husband is not born again, in 2009 my marriage almost fell apart but by the grace all was made right, but after that my husband had another lady pregnant and he is now renting that lady a house, we have two children, pastor i ve sat down and tier to see why all this has been happening to me and i discovered that we have no direction in our lives, we are both not working i ve failed to get work, pastor we need direction in our lives. And pastor i want to know more about ,meditation thank you.

  338. Thandeka says:

    Hi pastor please pray for me & my family want 2 study 2 get a better job i also live with hiv im requisting a prayer 4 healing. In god 2 change my life. I want my life 2 change, have a perpose. Thank u pastor.

  339. I’m always inspired with your demonstrations full of wisdom and knowledge by the Word of God. The Holy Spirit has led me to Believers Love World in other to be trained by the Word of God, becos I’m called to His vineyard. I thank God for setting you as the model He wants me to follow. God bless you.


    pastor i love you and feel blessed everytime i hear you pray, i am asking for a prayer from you pastor chris for the holy spirit, and for my health. i need my life to prosper, and by dat i have faith and believe in the name of jesus christ, and pray for GOD TO SHOER MY LITTLE DAUGHTER WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT AND GUIDE US TO RIGHTEOUSNESS.

  341. CHUKA ANYAEGBU says:


  342. winile says:

    hi iv learnt & grown so much thru de teachings of pst chris. pastor once said, when u depend on God no man & nothing can disapoint u. Recently my husband did something dat should destroyed me or our marriage. Bt i hd dis peace in my spirit, & i was surely encouraged by de spirit. He said its no longer u who lives bt me, i cannot be dicsouraged. Uc the holy spirit iz so beutiful, hes neva late nor dumb. I lv him.

    • happiness idara anthony says:

      Thank u so much pastor chris!u are d best.pastor pls pray 4 me am 32yr.nd no serious relationship that wil b leading 2 marriage.i want God to give me my dream man.I luv always.

  343. kennedy homu says:

    Greetings pastor.Pastor I went for an interview and I got the job and was also asked to sign the assumtion of duty forms which I did but only to be told that the regional director disapproved.i still know that its my job and i am asking for you to pry for me.

    Thank you pastor

  344. joyce moabi says:

    goodmorning pastor,i like to know how to put my faith works al the time and get answers in my prayer.

  345. Adeyileka Adeyemi Donald says:

    I just want to thank you for your messages, teachings, and preachings.
    May the good lord continue to bless you more sir.
    Thank u.

  346. Dear pastor Chris,
    YOU are a gift and a blessing to our world,your way and method of relaying the message or word of god is very simple,even a lay-man can understand you perfectly
    well,you are a mensaiah to the rest of the world.May god in heaven guide and protect you as you go on administering the gospel.May your family be blessed in Jesus name,amen.

  347. i love you Pastor may God continues to bless u and u mightily

  348. dunamis uzoafia says:

    wow,i have never been this blessed in life…thank u pastor i love u

  349. yolanda says:

    I would like to receive email for yookos. My email is yolah.m@webmail.co.za

  350. gadimang mokoto says:

    hi pastor, can u pls pray for me, permanent wrk, marriage & successful life 2 me n my family

    • sidney says:

      all the spiritual blessings in the heavenly places are in me.as I speak in tongues,I bring them forth from within me out to influence my world.

  351. johnson rusere says:

    hie pastor chriss

    thank u very much i have been blessed by the message of the missionry
    christian it has changed my life and family is so delighted by your teachings. They are life changing full of power of the holly ghost

  352. bright8blw says:


  353. lerato says:

    i luv u pastor

  354. Francis Obiazi says:

    Thank you Pastor for this greater truth. This was the message(i.e message on new creation) you preached to me in 1991 that changed my life forever. This is reality. Am so grateful Pastor.

  355. Francis Obiazi says:

    Thank you Pastor for this greater truth. This was the message you preached to me in 1991 that changed my life forever. This is reality. Am so grateful Pastor.

  356. beth thairu says:

    I thank God for pastor Chris he has been a blessing n inspiration to me.I like to follow n pray with him daily.

    • noluzulo says:

      Thank you my father my paster, today am somebody because of your teaching. paster you make my life to be more defferent, the word put me in write direction, i never new that blessings can came to me, thank you my father,every thing that i do at work i always be excellent.

  357. pastor. Chris i feel so Blessed to be a member and a minister in the ministry that is Led by you. Always when im watching or lesten to you its like im watching Peter, Poul or John the Apostles or the LORD JESUS HIMSELF. Pastor Chris may God the father of our Lord Jesus meet all your needs,dreams and the desiires of your heart. Thank you sir

  358. meshack says:

    help me follow Pastor Chris on yookos

    • nomfundiso mtshulana says:

      can you pray for me i need promotion in my job.I am interested in financing the gospel of christ,i find it dificult due to financial constraints.

  359. Anthony Chukwuemeka says:

    Hello Pastor,

    I want to thank you so much for feeding me with the word of God during ICLC that took place last week. My prayer life has improved so much and I have become much bolder than I was before and my metality towards life and its chalenges has changed since then and I now see things differently than I used to before the conference.

    I am from the Proffessionals cell ground in Randburg 2 South Africa. Thank you so so much pastor and may God continue to use more and more in changing other people’s life through your ministry.

  360. Nkateko Sithole says:

    Can I also please pray with you pastor

  361. keamogetse nkamo talane says:


  362. edoh faith says:

    have enter my username to follow pastor chris on

  363. washy says:

    l love you pastor when do you come to zimbabwe God bless you love you love you

  364. sontokubayi says:

    Ps your teaching messages realy inspired me. i know who i’m? i am peculiar a chosen generation, a highly favoured of God. I read and lesson to your materials its so wonderful, to me is a blessing. I have no fear of what tomorrow brings because he lives in me, m moving from glory to glory, strength to strength. May the lord bless you and your family ps for sharing the good news to the whole world.

  365. okocha eleanya says:

    pastor thank u for blessing me with the word,ur more then a father to me my life without the ministry isb nothing thanks sir

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