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Pastor Chris On Yookos

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  1. FRANCA NTUI says:

    glo-re-y am glorious thank u sir# ce abuja zone

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    It is pretty worth enough for me. In my opinion, if all website owners and bloggers made good content as you did, the internet will
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  3. Dawn says:

    Gloryyyyyy Pastor Chris you are the best!!!!!! Glorrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Thank you



  4. FRANCA NTUI says:

    wow wow wow am so bless Christ in me the hope glory i just love u sir

  5. thank u my coach! PHD that anointing is opon me becoause you teach me the word of God!

  6. Micheal Adukwu says:

    Thank you my mentor #ceabazone

  7. Maggie Ngakane says:

    Thank you Pastor for always being available for our spiritual growth.

  8. Ekpenyong mark says:

    Good afternoon sir. Pls sir I found my self playing pool betting @ my young age of 24. Pls sir is it a sin. If it is a sin I need deliverance.

  9. wale says:

    thank you sir for this message,i am bless.love u.#celcc2/Lagoszone1

  10. Thanks to Pastor Chris. I have learnt and chosen to live passionaetly as a possitive reflection of God in our world.

  11. Geoffrey Peter says:

    i am bless all round

  12. Okojie Gabriel ozes says:

    God has done d miraculous in my life

  13. Hello sir ,my pastor chris oyakhilome phd my mentor ,coah. I tank u for the work sir for am joining my hand to u sir for the work of jesus christ that we will rapture the whorl world for jesus,nth shall be imp to me. For the grace my man of God has utter in the month of dec. Is at working in me tank u sir ,I love u sir

  14. Franca Ntui says:

    Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha am shining, am singing, am dancing, praising am d light of the world, am a city set on a hill I cant be hidden, those that despise me shall bow to me pastor thank you sir I luv u thank you for that chapter of Isa. 60 and those words of prophecy I say YES, YES, YES. #ceabujazone

  15. Franca Ntui says:

    I luv u sir #ceabujazone

  16. Franca Ntui says:

    Gud day pastor I luv u sir cos u av thought me how to live a victorious live thank u sir #ceabujazone

  17. ntui franca says:

    Thank you pastor for those beautiful lecture it was indeed glorious all through there was one striking part which u said something about time,d words came at d right time pastor sir i cant say thank u enough i luv sir

  18. Tafadzwa says:

    Glory be to His name .I thank God for yu Pastor Sir ,Iliving ina new day becoz of yur teaching .my hunger for spiritual thing has increased.l love yu Daddy.

  19. saint victor says:

    Glory to god,it is my month of in gathering.
    thank you pastor for saying yes to the call.
    i love you.# cephzone3

  20. saint victor says:

    pastor you are my life coach

  21. saint victor says:

    pastor you have added color to my life

  22. saint victor says:

    thank you pastor you are the best

  23. saint victor says:

    pastor,it’s been a great honor to have you
    as my mentor in life thank you,i love you.

  24. saint victor says:

    thank you pastor you change my life

  25. saint victor says:

    pastor, what a day to be alive
    thank you for teaching me the word.
    #ceph zone3

  26. saint victor says:

    thank you pastor, i love you big time

  27. saint victor says:

    thank you pastor, today’s rhapsody is mind blowing and uplifting

  28. ntui franca says:

    hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah

  29. ntui franca says:

    tank pst. for teaching me to knw that there is power in the word of GOD #ceabujazone

  30. ntui franca says:

    Am born a winner more than victorious becos u thought me thank u sir #ceabujazone

  31. Preye says:

    Wow! Good news 4 u. U can now download great gospel songs from preye fredrick album. Songs like, the power of tongue, word at work and ur love 4 me, rite here. http://Www.reverbnation.com/preyefredrick . Get dese songs n be inspired 4 life……

  32. pastor thank you for making me a wander to my generation i need more of the grace. pls sir there is something i need to know in the church, in the cells the PCF leader only look at those he/she knows why? and again i want to work in the church but no one is concern why?

    • Helen BIH says:

      Indeed the word is a seed when planted grows to a tree and a tree a forest. Thank you so much Pastor for making us have this awareness about the word being a seed. What we do with a seed is to sow it. therefore I will continue to sow the word in me for I am a fertile ground for it. God bless you Sir.

  33. The word is a seed when planted and watered grows to be great. The more of the word in us the more better and greater we become. Pastor thank you for d words. Gloryyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  34. cyril says:

    please pastor i want to inquire if Muslims will not see the kingdom of God? since they dnt believe in Jesus as the vital son of God but just as a Prophet does this therefore imply the would not see the kingdom of God

  35. Ejiofor Cindy says:

    Oh,am excited having u pastor as my mentor.u know sometimes u find urself in a tight corner where it wil look like u do not know what to do or which way to follow.but when d spirit is stired within u,u start declaring d word boldly,lambanowing what belongs to u in Christ and u know what?instantly u hv d result of what u have declared.Glory!#ce ph zone3

    • cyril says:

      Thank you pastor for opening my eyes to reality. Now the life i live in the flesh i live it by faith of Christ Jesus who loved me and gave himself for me. God bless and and i thank you for delighting yourself for Him for its is through your delight that i came to acknowledge the gift of the spirit in me.

  36. kelvin kafui quarshie says:

    Thank you pastor chris and and all the pastors Of christ embassy for there hard work and dedcation in preaching the gosple may the gud lord contenue to bless you all.

  37. Agnes okie says:

    dear pastor i need an answer,i have being trying to meditate on God’s word but i am not that effective,and i believe i can do better n more to a higher level of meditation,so pastor what should i do.

  38. Obichukwu Cajethan Tochi says:

    I really love d way pastor christ do preach, He speaks d word of faith and confidence in someones life…Let God keep opening his eyes to see more

  39. Weng joe says:

    Thank u sir

  40. Thank you pastor for the inspirational messages
    CE PH zone3

  41. Johnny says:

    WoW Humility is not weakness but STRENGTH of Character! Great words!!
    Johnny from CEPH zone3

  42. mathandisa says:

    Good evening Ps Sir
    Ps can you please pray and guide me and my sis! We work with gorvement , who takes time to pay us! If he does the money is gone in six months and we back to where we were! Please ps pray that we get paid on regulary! Thanks and you are a blessing! Sa.

  43. dikan benon says:

    there is power in the name of jesus

  44. The word of god has made me a success i live by the word everything i do its a success thank u lord jesus i love you so much,thank you so much pastor sir for showing me the way and truth of jesus christ our lord and savour, i am blessed i live a life of favour because i know who i am.

  45. Pastor pls pray for me for my health

  46. God is great; the only resort on this earth. and i thank pastor cris for his teachings, he inspired me much when he preaches the sermon; As we walk through the valley of the shadow of death we shall fear no evil. I was not a true believer by then, and the first time i saw it, it completely changed me, his moves as he walked about inspired me much, his voice hit the inner being of my soul, and faith ran through my veins and i was blessed. by now i’m addicted to christ and i’m hoping for the better.

  47. azubuike amadike says:

    Cec ph finance convention was wow. More especially,the dollar service. It was superb. I’m now a billionaire in dollars. I declared that I ve an oil bloc. #ce port harcourt.

  48. margaret amadike says:

    Pastor amadike family loves u than words can explain. Thank for been there for us. Guiding and teaching us the successes in this life.

  49. Alexander AUTHOR says:

    Dera pastor how are u doing my name s ALEXANDER I wont to ask u something plz.what a blessing experience from i can gat form u plz i wont to be lik u plz i wont u to help pary to GOD for me plz so dat i can be lik u in dis word.pastor plz pary for me becus if i red i dot ues to undasand plz and i wont to be var intenligant in my school activete plz.God blessing u for me.

  50. Alexander AUTHOR says:

    alo pastor i want to now GOD mou and mou plz help me plz hw do i beginning plz god bls u.

  51. pastor please am a finally year student who completed this year n pastor before we started our exam i fell sick but was able to write something . right now the results are out but am so afraid to check and i said to my self that when i check and is not good i will turn ma back on him but i can please help me pastor

  52. Cindy Okoro says:

    My name is Cindy Okoro, am based in Abuja.God has been so faithful. In the month of june(our month of prayer) during the communion service,I got healed of serious leg pain. the work I do, i ve to stand most of the time. the pain was becoming unbearable but I refuse to tell anyone or talk about it cos in zion there is no sickness. but on this faithful day after d communion and Pastor was praying, he said sickness shall not dwell in ur body and that was the end of the leg pain!Glory be to God. Pastor Chris God bless real good for saying yes to God!!!!!

  53. I want to follow pastor on yokoos teach me how pliz help me someone says:

    pastor chris is a blessing to our generation indeed

  54. brother elliot says:

    Paster sir i thank you to bring this gospel of jesus christ in our beutyfull contry south africa and your teching is wonderfull godbless you

  55. brother elliot says:

    pastor sir i always read my bible but when i true after sometime iforget the chapters and vers that i have rad.is becouse i am a fool ore what.thank u sir.

  56. magauta says:

    Salvation Prayer is the greatest miracle of all, Thank You man of God

  57. Richard Costa Ntini says:

    Wow what an opportunity l have to train myself to pray through these prayer sessions, my life has been disciplined and my body nw responds to me as0a result of prayers, l luv u Sir.

  58. nelly nlandu says:

    Thank you sir , i am so blessed to be part part of this ministry , thank you for the free msg that is building me spiritually and stiring my faith for the glorious HLC ,i’m reigning through this month of victories , glory be to God .

    • Norah Semenya says:

      Thank you Pastor for blessing ,motivating ,encouraging and guiding us every day,we are privileged to be in this ministry. Dcns Norah Semenya southern Africa Zone1 CC Sandton

  59. Joshua Oduah says:

    It is awesome to be in the presence of God once again. I can’t cease thanking God for the imense love he has for me, shown through the gift of his son Jesus for my salvation and i thank God for the life of those he has used to bring many in contact with the truth of Gods word, bringing men to the reconcilation table where grace is made abundandant. Thank you Pastor Chris and all the pastors of Christ Embassy.

    Joshua U. Oduah
    Christ Embassy Port Harcourt zone 3
    #Christ Embassy CC1 Trans Amadi.

  60. takalani says:

    i would like to receive post at my facebook page how do i sign from facebook

  61. BAGUMA BRIAN says:

    Thank you pastor for your massages they have really changed my life but i have a very IMPORTANT question that i would like you to answer me. NOW I’M BORN AGAIN BUT NEVER CONFESSED MY SINS IN FRONT OF EVERY ONE IN CHURCH IS IT REAL THAT THEY WERE FORGIVEN AND PLEASE TELL ME THE MEANING OF REPENTENCE. THANK YOU..FROM UGANDA

  62. BAGUMA BRIAN says:

    thank you pastor for your massages they have really changed my life but i have a very a question that i would like you to answer me NOW I’M BORN AGAIN BUT NEVER CONFESSED MY SINS IN FRONT OF EVERY ONE IN CHURCH IS IT REAL THAT THEY WERE FORGIVEN AND PLEASE TELL ME THE MEANING OF REPENTENCE. THANK YOU..

  63. thami says:

    Jehovah too much! Ce Rabie Ridge.

  64. thami says:

    I am so blessed by the word of God shared by our Man of God Ps. Chris.It is making me what it talks about causing faith to fill my spirit like never before.God bless you Sir.

  65. Agu Emmanuel says:

    Goodmorning pastor, i have been exprience financialy break down dat i couldnt pay my school fees anymore and my house rent and tins dat i realy need in life. Pastor u ar d solution 2 my problem and i need prayer 4 it now bcos since am a full member of ministry i deserve better tin in life. Am glad dat i av u dere.

  66. I would like to say thanks to our man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for the two conferences i have attended IWC and ICLC the word that i heard from the conferences opened my spiritual eyes,I am so happy Sir

    • Mercy Mtunzi says:

      The word that we have received and continue to receive from our Man of God Pastor Chris has catapulted us to higher levels of Glory. Indeed the World has become our platform. Im reading “How to make your faith work” it is amazing how my life has been transformed. As Im reading Im doing and indeed the testimonies upon testimonies are coming. Thank you Sir ever so much.

      • Mercy Mtunzi says:

        Enjoying a message by Pastor Christ “faith, Hope and Love” he says David knew personally how to be a shepherd.David didnt only think like this, he said it. Im in the middle of inspiration, Glory to God.

  67. Keep blving God, d father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Their aa other religion presentin some dieties as gods. Bt, d one we blv in is d only One dat s ur shepherd. He loves U.

  68. maggie ann c ranbg1 sa solomon says:

    psm23v1-6……the lord being my shepherd,i shall not be in want…i always find God at my disposal each time i give up.this makes me believe the lord is truely my shepherd.could there be a possible way to let all people know for sure God is real!!!######*****

    • Andrew says:

      Thank u pastor we are learning a lot from u, you are just like jesus may our GOD increase your days on earth.

      • ann mukiri says:

        I thank God for pastor Chris,today we watched atmosphere for miracles and i was convinced that the spirit that was with peter and john as they met the man at the beautiful gate is really alive today,pastor has come a time when people of God are invaded by diseases and infirmities of all categories ,i think Christ has activated His spirit more than ever again in my time.May God bless my pastor and empower him all the more,but since i came a cross christ Embassy in Oslo my life has never been the same again,am stronger and know who i am,free from illnesses that kept following me i thank God,i have trully advanced.Glory to God

      • Andrew says:

        I thank GOD for the teaching we receive from Pastor chris always because to spend 5 to 10 years with out medication it means i am highly favoured and devine health is mine glory to jesus.

        • evans uwadinma says:

          my dear pastor not only do you teach word of GOD but you empower me to do more about new things happaning internet wise.some people go to the net to hear the word of GOD THANK YOUsir .

      • evans uwadinma says:

        Thank pastor Chris

    • Sr Thembi randbg2 S.A says:

      I love u pastor!
      Thank you for teaching me the word!
      Today I am a better person because of u,
      I am the lite of the world,all things are mine in Jesus name
      Halelluyah!!Glory!!I love u!!

  69. Evans Ahadzi says:


  70. Evans Ahadzi says:

    am a boy of 26 having a calling of on me that i can ffl the mantle on my head .Being prayerful and the woman am to be connected to before manifesting was playing hid and seeek with me but before i could know i lost my mantle whiles praying ang reading the bible.please advice me and if i can recieve restoration from GOD .

  71. Mary ikeh says:

    Ps pastor Chris help me pray i always having nightmare very bad one i went a canceling them told me there is a death spirit in my family that needs blood that means people will die ps sir help i have bright future but enemy will not let me be them size my everything ps i need to be free

  72. kinika fortune says:

    i want to follow pastor chris on yokoos and receive messages from pastor to pray

  73. Edafe says:

    I’m so glad that I’m living in the days of Pastor Chris. I’m so loaded with God’s word. Praise be unto God. Thank you Pastor for teaching us God’s word.






  75. Edafe says:

    I am so glad that I’m living in the days of Pastor Ckris. i’m so loaded with God’s word. Praise be unto God.

  76. carol britton says:

    Dear Pastor Christ please pray for me, when i read the word of God , i do not understand i need the Holy spirit ,I love the Lord want to be use by God, but first i need to be deliver, please pray for me and my family. May God bless you. Amen

  77. Dear Pastor Chris, I sometimes feel like a useless road apple on a country road. I poop my pants in malls and pee up a storm in bed. I really don’t know what to do about it. Every time I go out to eat I burp, fart and belch and create a real stink in public places like buses, L.R.T.s, malls and elevators. I love the Lord and would like to be healed. Some people have called me “The Phantom” which makes me feel like I’m an unwanted celebrity wherever I go. Please pray for me sir as I want to be a refreshment wherever I go in life without backfiring. Thank’s a lot for your prayers.

  78. Kayode Samuel says:

    Pastor thank u sir for teaching me the word of God, sir i need your pray sir,in fulfilling my purpose in God

  79. pray that i will get my right partner for marriage

  80. makayi mark says:

    pastor pray for, me am believing for a better job that is in line with my vision of serving the lord with all determination patience and care fullness.

    • uchepa says:

      praise the lord i no easy GOD have done it 4 you

      • Hutton says:

        Sir,you make me to understand the word of God,and to be free from sickness,throught your books which i am reading,and your teaching of the word of God.May God perfects everything that concerns you. Hutton uk zone 2.

  81. Khatib Othman says:

    i have a problem with my entire life, since 2012 to present am facing with it.
    my problem is this, am an IT Personnel for years now but am not getting the benefit it deserved am running into problem after the another since the date stated. and am 38yrs old. i want you to pray for me so that i will reach my goal God set for me.
    Thank you Sir.

  82. Innocent says:

    Please sir my name innocent i whent GOD to deliver me from spiritual girl and evil bondage sir pray for me

  83. jimoh oriafoh says:

    pastor sir i thank God i have u in my time bcos u made my life so beautiful for
    me pastor sir thank u sir for building up my spirit with d word of God pastor sir d beautiful part is that when i found u sir i found life in Christ Jesus i love u sir

  84. Kenneth says:

    I want my life to be a fufilment of psalms 113 .3

  85. Busisiwe Danisa says:

    Thank you Sir for this opportunity to speak. As I prayed, the Holy Spirit has flooded me with important messages, how do I convey them Sir? They are important to Him.

    • carol britton says:


  86. daddy says:

    Hi pastor! please u can help me coz we ve been fighting everyday with my wife I don’t know y it seems I’m not a man in the house s.she don’t ve any respect for me I don’t know what I must do now please help me.

  87. Blessing eyo says:

    I want pastor Chris to pray for my mum who is having an eye problem that God should restore her sight and make her sight to be brighter as ever.i believe that the good who uses you to heal people will also use u to heal my mum even without seing her.

  88. Emmannuel Sevor says:


  89. SAKYI says:


  90. merriam busakwe says:

    Thank you Pastor for the month of December.New level of glory.My faith is catapult to another level of glory.The word is in me and thanks to Pastor Ose’s thanksgiving service yesterday .It was awesome and glorius.
    Pastor Chris you are a blessing and God’s send.

  91. caleb anichukwu says:

    sir are is ur day and ur wife

  92. caleb anichukwu says:

    think u pastor 4 ever thing

  93. caleb anichukwu says:

    hi sir

  94. michael nwabu says:

    Thank u pastor Chris, i am a new convert in your church pls how do i speak in tongue more frequently

  95. CALEB says:

    hi pastor

  96. CALEB says:

    i belive u sir and my family belive u we lve u sir

  97. CALEB says:

    it will be ok with u sir

  98. martha bell says:

    I believe that Jesus is lord ever, and can do all things.

    • mahal says:

      Pastor chris.

      Please pray for my hystorectomy biopsy reports to be normal . i am getting it on the 27th of nov.thank the lord for all his love and mercy for my speedy recovery. amen.

    • merriam busakwe says:

      Thank you pastor for teaching us how to pray effectively.Prayer changes the situations in our lives.Also that we should believe in our prayers.May God bless you pastor

  99. martha bell says:

    I need serious prayer from pastor chris, concerning my life and that of my children. pls pray that any attack from the enemy should be destroyed in Jesus name Amen.

  100. merriam busakwe says:

    Thank you Pastor Chris for the word of montih.I am really the light in my family and contact of sphere..Your teachings of the word are inspiring and i am applying the word into my life.May the Lord continue to use more in blessing us.

  101. Rev.Father George Momoh says:

    Pastor, I am very much pleased with your sermons,prayer life, and the gift of healing. They are very much inspiring. It is a great lesson to us priests and pastors of Jesus Christ all over the world. Indeed, salvation is present in every true christian church. Saint Peter is right in saying that God does not have any favourite.
    Remember me in your prayers to our Lord Jesus Christ. Our ministry sometimes, is not easy.
    May God continue to richly bless you.

  102. Pastor thank you for word of the month iam now light of the month.i am blessed .

  103. delphine says:

    Dear Pastor,please pray for me.for my health and protection of my family.Thank you pastor

  104. audewafo says:

    I need a prayer pastor to receive HOLY GHOST

  105. Rachel Oswald says:

    Dear Pastor Chris,

    You are Blessed. I have seeing you trimming nicely plants along the path, but on my part I was cutting the trees on the same line. on many occasion you have been giving me instructions on healing. I need to establish communication with you, I believe you have a message for me for the work of God.

    Thank you Pastor for you time.


  106. I walk in victory when ever I read the Rhapsody of realities everyday of my life

  107. This year of the dominion of the word, I have been soaring high like eagles and thank you man of God for teaching us the word of God

  108. Dumase Nxumalo says:

    Thank you Pastor for teaching us the Word of God. It is working in my life.

  109. pastor chist i revieved healing power of your prays.

  110. God bless you pastor,i just started using rhapsody of realities,i need you to speak on my life.

  111. divine says:

    pastor pls i need ur prayer concerning my document in france, i want God to give me my docu befor the end of this year 2012.i have been facing too many rejection in different country, i dont want to leave france,i want god to restore all my wasted years so i can give thanks to god almighty.

  112. divine says:

    pastor pls i need ur prayer concerning my document in france, i want God to give me my docu befor the end of this year 2012.i have been facing too many rejection in different contry, i dont want to leave france.

  113. Esdras says:

    pastor chris i not speak english i come from benin i speak french .je veux prier avec vous car je veux la vie de Dieu je veux l’onction de Dieu sur ma vie je veux etre rempli du saint esprit comme vous et a débordement. voulez vous travaillez avec moi? merci d’avance…

  114. Sir` please kindly pray for me & my family. I would be greatful if you can for me, I have work for the past three years. I don`t what is going on anymore.

    Kind regards

  115. Prayer Life of Jesus Christ
    Get PDF version of this article


    Jesus prayed! Even though He was the Son of God, Jesus prayed while He was on earth. This is amazing because it tells us of our deep need of prayer. If even the Son of God needed to pray, how much more do we stand in need of prayer!

    The First Step

    The beginning of Jesus’ ministry on earth was begun with prayer. As Jesus was baptized marking the beginning of His ministry He prayed. And as He was praying, heaven was opened and the Holy Spirit descended on Him in a bodily form like a dove (Ref. Luke 3:21,22).

    We too have significant beginnings in life. But do we pray then? Jesus thought it important to begin His public ministry with prayer. We too need to follow His example. Let us not move out to take important steps in life without prayer. But first let us seek God’s guidance and grace and strength in prayer. Then with His blessing resting upon us let us take the first steps during significant beginnings in our lives. Such praying is crucial for success during important turning points in our lives.

    We do not know what Jesus might have prayed for at the beginning of His public ministry. But He must have certainly prayed for strength by the anointing of the Holy Spirit. And God anointed Jesus Christ with the Holy Spirit. If Jesus needed the anointing of the Holy Spirit before He ministered to people to meet their needs how much more do we need this blessed anointing! And the surest way to receive this blessing is to pray and ask God for it.

    Alone with God

    During many times in His life, Jesus withdrew from His disciples and the crowds to be alone to pray. He often went up on a mountainside or went to solitary or lonely places to pray. Sometimes He even went to pray very early in the morning, while it was still dark (Ref. Matthew 14:23, Mark 1:35, 6:46, Luke 5:16).

    These habits of Jesus teach us some important truths about prayer. Though we may pray while in a group or in a prayer meeting, there is a great need to get alone to pray. For this, if necessary, we need to find a place within our home or elsewhere, where we will be free from disturbance. We need to get away from people too. Though the company of believers is helpful for fellowship, for some intense moments of prayer, one needs to be alone. That is why Jesus got up early and also went to solitary places to pray.

    It is in such undisturbed quietness (Ref. Psalm 23:2) that our souls will be ready for sweet communion with God our Father. For often God does not shout His messages to us, but gently whispers them to us (Ref. 1 Kings 19:12). And God will speak thus only to those who have shut down every other sound and every other presence to hear the voice of God.

    The Night Watch

    But at times, being in quiet and solitary places alone is not enough. We need to spend more time with God in prayer. This is evident from the way Jesus went about His task of choosing the twelve apostles. Jesus spent a whole night on a mountainside in prayer before He chose the twelve apostles (Ref. Luke 6:12). It is very clear from this that Jesus attached such great importance to prayer. Jesus had to take the decision the next day. This was very important because the apostles were to be with Him for the rest of His public ministry. It was to them that He would teach the truths of the kingdom of God. They were the ones who would later take the gospel to different parts of the earth after His death and resurrection. They were again destined to be the pillars of His Church. So the decision of that day was of great importance.

    Let us follow His example. Let us spend more time in prayer when we have to take great decisions in life¾especially when decisions relate to matters like higher education, employment and marriage, let us seek God’s face more earnestly. God will then guide us in our decisions that we may not need to regret later in life. He will then cause the blessings to shower on the course of action we take. It is thus of great importance to spend more time in prayer before taking important decisions in life.

    Praying for Others

    Jesus prayed for others too. That is why people came to Jesus with their little children that Jesus might place His hands on them and pray for them (Ref. Matthew 19:13). Again, Jesus, towards the end of His life informed Peter that Satan had asked to sift him as wheat. But Jesus added that He had prayed for him that his faith might not fail (Ref. Luke 22:32).

    Later Jesus prayed specially for all His disciples. Not only that, He prayed for all who were to believe in Him (Ref. John 17). That includes you and me too. This reveals Jesus’ great love towards us. And it teaches us that if love is absent, then we cannot pray meaningfully for others. Jesus’ prayer for others came as a result of His overflowing love for them. Let us also seek to follow His example.

    Prayer Attracts

    Then there was an unmistaken quality about Jesus’ prayer life. There was a beauty and simplicity and majesty about it that attracted people. No wonder it was when Jesus had finished praying while at a certain place that a disciple came forward and asked Him to teach them to pray (Ref. Luke 11:1). Something in Jesus’ prayer life had influenced them. The result was that Jesus taught them how to pray.

    Prayer should attract people. But unfortunately in our Christian world there are many who make a show of prayer. Sometimes people preach in prayer and make it very lengthy. Some others make it an occasion of shouting as if God would honor the prayer for its loudness. Many prayers are so dry and empty of compassion that it fails to move the heart of God. We should learn that real prayer has the power to attract. It has a godly quality about it that makes others want to learn to pray too. Jesus’ prayer life had this quality and let us seek to learn and imitate Him in prayer.

    Teaching Moments

    Jesus’ prayer life also helped the disciples to learn significant lessons of the kingdom of heaven. It was while Jesus was praying at one time and the disciples were with Him that Jesus chose as the moment of revelation. It was this point of time that Jesus chose to ask His disciples the question, “Who do the crowds say I am?” Certainly, some aspect of Jesus’ sweet communion with His Heavenly Father must have influenced Peter to say that Jesus was “The Christ of God” in response to Jesus’ question “Who do you say I am?” (Ref. Luke 9: 18-20).

    Confidence in Prayer

    Jesus’ prayer life had another amazing aspect to it. It is that Jesus not even for a moment doubted the fact that God always heard Him. At the tomb of Lazarus Jesus looked up and thanked God the Father for hearing Him. Jesus added that He knew God always heard Him but that He had spoken thus for the benefit of the listeners that they may believe that God had sent Him. It was only after thanking God that Jesus commanded Lazarus to come out of the tomb (Ref. John 11:41-43). This same confidence is seen when Jesus gave thanks by looking up to heaven before He fed the five thousand and four thousand people respectively (Ref. Matthew 14:19, 15:36, Mark 6:41, 8:6, Luke 9:16, John 6:11).

    We have to learn to have such confidence in our praying. We should know that no prayer prayed in Jesus’ name, no request made in Jesus’ name, no praise rendered in Jesus’ name, is lost. It is all heard by God. And we have to have the confidence that God will answer it appropriately for our highest good. Jesus’ confidence in prayer is something we must learn to imitate.

    Obedience in Prayer

    Jesus prayed during His greatest Hour of need. When the time came for Him to bear the sins of the world upon the Cross of Calvary, Jesus was in agony. We find Him moving to the Garden of Gethsemane and pouring out His soul in prayer. Here we find the great obedience of Jesus in prayer. He knew that God the Father could remove the cup of suffering. He stated that fact in prayer. But He also went further by praying for God’s will to be done. Jesus did not want His will to be done. Perfect Obedience! Unquestioning submission! This kind of prayer is the most difficult kind of prayer. Yet Jesus prayed this at His moment of greatest agony (Ref. Matthew 26: 36-46 and Mark 14:32-42).

    There is a great lesson to be learnt here. Nothing pleases God more in prayer than to see us pray for His will to be done. That is why in the prayer Jesus taught it is said, “Your will be done.” (Ref. Matthew 6:10).

    The Goal of Prayer

    Another important aspect–the goal of prayer–is revealed in the prayer of Jesus found in John 17. Here Jesus is praying that He may be glorified. Jesus states that He had brought glory on earth to God by completing the work God gave Him to do. So Jesus prays that the glory, which He had with God before the world began, may be restored.

    Our lives should be such that it should glorify God. Our work and deeds should be aimed to glorify God. Therefore when we pray; we should pray for that answer to prayer, which will bring glory to God.

    Prayer is Warfare!

    Finally, the writer of Hebrews turns the spotlight on one aspect of Jesus’ prayer life that is not highlighted in the gospels: “During the days of Jesus’ life on earth, he offered up prayers and petitions with loud cries and tears to the one who could save him from death, and he was heard because of his reverent submission” (Hebrews 5:7 NIV).

    Much of this remains a mystery. Yet it teaches us that prayer is not always filled with sweet language and fine expressions. Many times prayer turns out to be a battle. It is a valley of tears and struggle. The soul has to cry out to God. But one can have the assurance that God hears it all and answers them all. Therefore let us continue to pray

  116. we have a man of GOD.PASTOR i need ur prayer,i wnt 2 knw more of GOD,I SPEAK In tongues bt nt d way others do,i want 2 grow in my spiritual life.thank u pastor.n i dnt knw hw 2 get ur message everyday.

  117. first of all i could like to thank pastor for concerning in my situation and blessed me, i thank pastor chris and pastor nicholas now i’m changing the way i was thinking first while there is an answer to the lord who send his son for our salvation now i’m new born for christ jesus.

  118. JASON BROWN says:

    Pastor Chris I am asking if you can please pray for me. I have a really bad hearing loss and its making me fail in college. I need my hearing back. With the prayer from you and the Lord I know that miracles are possible. I also suffer from a post surgery on my foot and I am not able to perform like I use too. What can I do Pastor. What can you do for me Pastor? Please help me, I would be so greatful.

  119. Nontobeko says:

    Wow nyc one pastor

  120. Gloria Sithole says:

    I love you Jesus Chris. I live a miraculous life everyday.
    Gloia – Malmesbury

  121. christian says:

    pls sir i would be very grateful if u pray 4 my father, he is diabetic. And sir please pray 4 my family, things are really hard 4 us here in ebonyi state. And i would lyk 2 get admission in2 university next year, please put in your prayers so that things will orgure well 4 us sir. God bless you Amen.


  123. onyebuchi ijeoma says:

    Good afternoon pastor i realy lov ur programm am happy to be in christ embassy now, but what i want to understand is what Genesis 6 said there is a particuler verse that said GOD REGREAT WHY HE CREAT MAN because man disobeyed GOD,then GOD started filling as if he has made a greates mistake of craeting man,but the same bible tells us that OUR GOD IS A PERFECT GOD HE CAN NOT MAKE MISTAKES then my question is CAN GOD REGRAET?

  124. Pastor, you are blessed and anointing by our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for the word of God, you’re are giving us for since many years.

    Pastor, i have so many debts and i have no way to pay them. I know, GOD can make a way where it seems to be no way; and i know Our LOrd and Saviour Jesus Christ uses you abondantly to glorify the name of the Father.

    So, please PASTOR, Pray for me so my life can be restaure… ALWAYS BE BLESS…

  125. Puseletso says:

    Hi Pastor sir i just lv u end thank u 4 giving birth to Christ Ebassy u are giving us seeds of soul thank u

  126. boseme emilian says:

    I believe that God has the final say. i that God for giving to the world such a man(Pastor Christ) so filled with the revelation of His(God) word and power to cause changes and to change destiny. Pastor may you and your family remain bless forever in Jesus name. Amen.

  127. samuel oyewale says:

    thank u pastor for the grace. i need holyghost to teach me how to stay and live holy life and grace to sustain it. i need d power of God

  128. Agbor Brian says:

    Good day pastor please i want you to tell me how i can work in the light of good i love you preachings so much it has improve my wisdom and life in GOD please pray for Me

  129. mahlompho mokobocho says:

    hai pastor,thank god i ALWAYS listen and watch you on e TV.i humbly ask you to pray for me,to be blessed in everything i do,at work and my family.most impotantly my brother who is sick,yes he is nt down but he is not stable and that worries me a lot please pastor pray for all this.am from lesotho maseru.

  130. Ellen says:

    Pastor christ I have been bless when I listen to your word I thank Jesue for showing me tne channel loveworldplus. Thank you Jesus and thank you Pastor Christ. Pastor Christ pray for me for total transformation in my life and the life of my family amd marriage with 4 girls I want God to sower his blessing upon us and grant each and every one of us our wish. I want to meet you in person when and where is your next program
    God bless you Pastor Christ and your entire men of God Special love and blessing to your dear wife Pastor Anita
    (Ellen Banjul, The Gambia)

  131. Dela says:

    thank you pastor chris for being a father to millions of people across the globe.please i want to the differences between the holy spirit in you,on you and with you.thank you.

  132. Oluchi Dawn says:

    thank you JESUS for your son.P.Chris.that is all i hav to say.the world is bad,bt a son is here.by the stripes of Jesus i am healed.im having infections that is making me not to take in(pregnant)i have taken drugs,i have prayed with communion.my husband thinks that i must have had several sex with other guys before i met him.but is nit True.i want to get pregnant.infact i am pregnant in JESUS NAME AMEN.pls pray for me.

  133. john peter says:

    i would like to be given an spiritual guidelines daily,through my above mentioned email address,and be communicated with constantly,so as to facilitate my love for God,thanks

  134. hilda says:

    Good after noon Pastor. Father, you are great, you pastor are our mediator betwee ou Lord and us. You are really our Comforter. The healing school in Canada is a success. Pastor peole are healed in the name of Jesus. The word is alive father and the word was there before everything. Thank you my Father for being a wonderful teacher to us, you great pastor ther is non like you. Amen

  135. hilda says:

    Pastor you are great. You teach us to respect and to love the Holly Spirit. To love God and to talk to Him, Father. Talking to Him is great. It makes me feel better. It is only that we want to be answered at the same time. Father knowing God changes everything, your mind, life style and others. I love God I love the Holly Ghost. Pray with me Pastor to have a strong faith like you and to believe. To be able to pray strong to love and to have peace in with every and everything.. To take fear awa

  136. Georgybest says:

    thank you Pastor for giving me this privellege, i have been a registered member for a while now, but still can not access prayer points in my system why?

  137. favour mercy says:

    i try creating an account on my pc and it was showing a red background once am through with the password only for me to input my birthdate it will go back to the screen i don’t know why and have tried it on my other laptop

  138. mbah says:

    I wish to thank God for such a man like you who really help a lot of people including me.there are a lot of challenges I face, by you via the word I can say I am able to overcome some. just really want to thank u and God most especially for His word.

    Pastor I wish you help me pray for something in my life.
    1) I applied to three universities in Germany namely the applied universities of Bonn, Munich and Stuttgart. so I wish God blesses me with the best among this schools.
    2) I also want to love every one as i love myself and i want to always be humbled. Thanks

  139. Ishmael phile says:

    Hw can i chat with pst chris online?

  140. Ishmael phile says:

    I thank God for giving me a man (pst CHRIS) that enrich my soul with the word of life.peace and prosperity.AS my bishop luke .u. Says that my responese to the word of GOD determine what i will be.i pray that God will extend my glory life through pst chris and pst luke .u. AMEN.

  141. Ishmael phile says:

    I thank God for giving me a man (pst CHRIS) that enrich my soul with the word of life.peace and prosperity.AS my bishop luke .u. Says that my responese to the word of GOD determine what i will be.i pray that God will extend my glory life through pst chris and pst luke .u.

  142. Elias says:

    Ulakoze chane Ps Chris Iman’guhezagile

    CE:Salt River

  143. zainab says:

    when would pastor Christ visit our country sierra leone

    • eliza n says:

      Good evening! Pastor i want to thank GOD 4 what he did to me last year i ask pastor to pray with me because i was acting in the high post i was level 4 personal officer acting 4 level 7 section commader in HRM at the police station and the post was advertised all with the signed of disability.then i applied by completing the forms and the post was advertised as Human Resources Management level 7 the closing date was 3 Jan. 2012 after 2 weeks the same post advertised internal as Support Service Head again leveL 7 i also applied it again the first one they want strictly the disability person luckly there is no one at our station they used the second post of which i got it now my permanent post is Support Service Head is because of your prayers i woul’d like to thanks GOD 4 answering my prayer.Thnks Pastor chris and i want to join mon,wed and Frid. Prayer

  144. zainab says:

    when will pastor christ visit our country we would love that

  145. Emmanuel says:

    Dear Pas. Chris,
    The Lord should continue to use you to give life and hope to the world.I attended the Healing School in South Africa in 2007.
    Today, I am living in good health,after your TOUCH !
    Please pray for me always for my permanent HEALING.
    Remain blessed always !

  146. yigabari togho says:

    Thank you, Pastor. I am delighted to pray with you and to listen to your messages, always.

  147. Thank you Pastor Chris,your hard work is prevailing,God bless you.


  148. Franklin Myah says:

    Pastor sir, you are a blessing to our world, Thank you for giving God that chance.

    • Good evening Pastor,I have been living with a swollen left foot since 1996,I kneel before you and ask God thru u to cast away this ailment from me.Im also ask the Lord thru u to hold firm into restoration of my family as well as request for financial blessings,in Jesus’s name I recieve.

  149. Oparah Martins says:

    I pray that God will show me mercy and give me the grace to leave above sin. May He see me through in my educational porsuit and bless me financially so that i can be able to bless the people arround me expecially take adequate care of my parents. I WANT MORE OF YOU LORD!

  150. Lydia says:

    I need to you to communicate i need God to give me answers thrue you,you are a true man of God

    • Reggie says:

      I thank GOD for Ps Chris as He is listening to what God said,go yee un to the orld and make deciples,I have had a the spirit of God speaking to me about the people tha are out side church while we are comfortable preaching for the same group of people every day,help me to become a desciple

  151. Zita iheanyichukwu ihuaku says:

    Good morning Pastor, sir I want to thank you for all the prayer point you have beening sending to us and teaching us how to pray along with you. Pastor praying along with you has blessed me so much I am happy and I thank God for making me know you for such a time as this. Communion service with you every month is what I look forward as you proclaim the word to us. Pastor in the month of May you spoke words to us, you said there will be a sudden miracle indeed Pastor I received. Thank you Pastor am a blessing to my world just listening to you. I love you Pastor

  152. agbor idriss bate says:

    hey pastor, i will love u to pray for my mumy who’s very ill in the village that God should heal her.for my Breakthrough sir am a football.because for a longtime now i have been having promisses from people to travile oversea but no one have come true.i belief this is my time to be at the top pls pray for me.

  153. chukwuemeka val says:

    Good day Pastor, please pastor i need you to pray for me i need Jesus in my life now am a siner. I need God favour in my life and in my family, i don’t have power of my onw. I need God blessing in my life . Tnx pastor and may God be wit you.

  154. nteambong enow says:

    Good day pastor,
    I pray God to help me be strong in is words,and that he should show me a miracle these month.

    • nteambong enow says:

      Dear Pastor,i want to you to pray for me,i have applied for a student visa and i want God to help me.

  155. Calvin ranjith says:

    Hi pastor Chris .just wanna thank u for my visa to Australia.it is being busy proceding .they say it will be reddy soon. Pastor pray for me to recive it by the end of the this week.thank u for praying for my family. There is a big change. Pastor pray for me i am waiting for my english test results.i believe i passed .pastor pray for gods favour for my visa and test results and work situation.love u pastor Chris

    • mamofdebaba says:

      the sun shine life goes the lord work , and i am a child of GOD than i am working praise the lord . pastor you are up lifter thank you ,and i thank GOD about you .

      • mamofdebaba says:

        glory to the lord !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        holy spirit the helper, giving wisdom to do things in this world ,ya i have it , i am with holy spirit we speak and we bring life for a dead one for this world.

  156. Calvin ranjith says:

    Hi pastor some thing hapend while i was praying i said loudly devil u get out leave my family alöne u can not steal my joy .while praying i heard my son telling the mother he is bad luck .in my prayer i reject those words .after praying every thing was still .i looked around i found i was left alone in the house they was gone .pastor i realy need u help .love u pastor

    • Calvin ranjith says:

      Hi paster for a married woman to come home 11.12 pm. thats not fair. I was talking to my God and praying in tounges .there i heard the van comes in . She does not come inside the house she sleeps in side the van.pastor man of God pls pray for my family love u pastor

  157. Calvin ranjith says:

    Hi pastor i thank u for u word .my life as been totaly blessed.i am waiting for my english test results .i am trusting in god .pastor pls pray for me my results must be a favour miracle from God. I believe i passed in jesus name.
    Pastor pls pray for my family .i ask god to restore my family .i pray every day to my God for my test result but my wife tells i am stupid i will fail when she gets cross.95%cross angery.i have 2 sons .20 and 19 years old.pastor i got born again last year 26 may .i am a babby christain.my family treat me like a piece of shit.my wife is very moodey person .if she tell the boy to hit me they listen to the mother.as a father who as changed his life be told neàrly every day o u still smoking drugs .i reject those words.because god is my provider.GOD knows me .i love my jesus.she will be cross i will go and cook and suprise her and the boys dish out 3 plates .they will not eat.pastor i can not take this life any more.because every day i pray they will some thing the son tell me he will hit me or the wife pulls here face they are taking my blessing .away.but i am trust in God he is a good God.pastor i was a drug lord . And today i am a new creation in christ.because i dont think of the past .the word says old things past away. PASTOR i need U to pary for me and my family .it realy going out of hands this family can change people lives. I love u pastor chris man of god u are blessed

    • Calvin ranjith says:

      I went for the holy commuion i saw my wife sitting be hind me we came home to gether and she dished out food for me .thank u pastor for your prayers love u pastor

      • Sara Ranjith says:

        Jeetndra (Calvin) Ranjith, Stop complaining to everyone and to Pastor Chris and to our Pastor Lawrence. Start asking God for wisdom and be like a Father and a Husband! You have to ask God to keep you away from your friends that are on Drugs because that is where you spend most of your time in the Park,Bottle store, outside the shops, where you could have sit and meditate on the Word! When you come home it is for 5to10 minutes the most. When you get home you tell us how you don’t want us, you wants a divorce and you talk to us without respect and tell we must get out of your house and you will get court orders to put us out. That is when we leave you in the house and go. You start everything in the house you keep on calling my house! You need to apply the Word in your own life that is what I ask you to do everyday, me and the Boys know you this is the reason you did not want the Job that God gave you so you can be with me and the boys. The life you use to live was to buy prostitutes and drugs and come home when you have nothing and I had to do everything. We gave you the support and love when you gave your heart to the Lord! We did see the change but you left and went and work in Durban and started to go back on the drugs and sleep out your mother even complained by me and say I have to come and look after you I told her, you did not look for a job here because you don’t want to leave your old habits. I will never make the boys to choose sides they are big and made they own choices, they also not picking up hand for you since we started to go come in to Christ Embassy in Harry street. You are dwelling in the past and see how happy I am in church and want to take that away from me I will not allow you to do that. When you in church you give everyone the impression that what a good person and change person you are, before you go to church you look for trouble and as soon as you come out of church. You know as a wife I cry because I learn things I never learn since I am at Christ Embassy how to be a wife and to be a mother, but you are selfish wants to receive all the time no appreciation no Love or respect you give back to us. For 25 years I know you was not there I had to raise the boys be a mother and a father the boys lost out a lot with you they love you and wants also to get that love and respect from you respect come from both sides, when you use to attend every service in church and just sits with the bible. I told the world and till today that my husband change, but is this true or what? You find a permanent job you work two days and left it and want to. Have a job away from us! How you think we feel we can’t see what you do it will be the same like when you left to Nigeria and I had to go and see where is this husband and father that don’t send money for his kids and phone is off at night that is what you wants, you are the only one can make this choice what do you want, this was the time to build the lost time with your Boys and me your Wife, they will be gone and married in the next couple of years so decide. Last but not lease if a man get married he will leave his mother and fathers house and be one with his wife, but you will never leave that habit your father must receive you salary and I must just keep on doing the duties as a wife. Stop abusing your family emotionally and financially that will take all you blessing away! Don’t rob yourself from your own. Learn to give to the lord start with your Thites! We will always love you whatever you decides this time you can go for that divorce you promise me, I will not be the one I know who I am in Christ!

        • magaret says:

          hi pastor chris

          im frustrated,scared because im presently working in free state (southafrica) far away from my family,my family is in Rusternburg,husband is stayingthere, we meet only on weekends,im and 38years old, i dont have any kids,i spent alot on transport,actually, ihave applied for a post in rusternburg,and the principalis is waiting for an appointment letter from department of education,iv been waiting for a long time, i prayed,and fasted,so what i ask God to give me the post,to be closed to my husband and my family,i ask in the name of Jesus,i believe in God, pls when the school reopens,i’d like to work in my place,in Bosabosele p.school

  158. noluzuko pam kwebulana says:

    DEAR pastor i thank you for your teachings, it makes me to grow spiritually,

    • noluzuko pam kwebulana says:

      God send you in my life, so that i will know the word and understanding the word, every day when i read the Rhapsody there is a change,

      FROM : Noluzuko Kwebulana

  159. sis thuli says:

    My life has changed ever since I came to Christ Embassy. Iam aliving testimony of the word of God. Iam a product of the word. Christ Embassy Kroonstad

  160. Evelyn Mashile says:

    Dear Pastor

    I thank God for you Pastor, Christ Embassy has given my life a meaning, i know how to exercise my rights as a child of God,may the good Lord continue to bless and annoint you, love you Pastor and your family.God bless you, you are such an inspiration to us

    Sis Evelyn
    Christ Embassy East London

    • seipati says:

      hello pastor

      im seipati,staying in freestate, the word of God says in Genisis 2:18, you dont have to stay alone, everyone must have a partner, so im a divorcee,lonely,im still praying to God to provide me with a rich,handsome,and faithful man.it is written that whatsoever you ask in his name shall be given unto us, and i believe in the word.
      and i also would like u to pray for my son Andile,he is using drugs, and is involved in many illegal things,pls pray for him….
      i have another son who is still doing well, i ask Lord Jesus to cover him with His blood, that wherever he goes, he may be protected. no weapons formed against him shall prosper…

  161. godwin micah says:

    good morning pastor,pls,pls i just need a word of prayer that will chang my family bcs i blive that what ever you ask god happen’s,pls my family we really need your prayer.thank you love u pastor chris.

  162. Thank you Pastor for today message, am blessed to have join You on Yooks
    Indeed Pastor You nourish me with the word every day. AMEN

  163. Girlie Bête says:

    Pastor I was just thinking when you are going to sing again I love to listen to moments of worship.


    Pastor sir,
    You’ve always been a blessing to me.
    Thank you very much!

  165. Amen thank you Pastor for the prayer points and the message,
    I am waiting for the 14,15 and 16 of June to come.

  166. Busi Ntsele says:

    Wow you are so power full man of God you bless me everyday when i look to your show and motivate me i have finished my matric but i dont have money to contien with my study my parents are not work so i will be happy if you can pray with me so that i can get funding to finished my studys may God give you more power to help more people,God bless I love u with the name of Jesus

  167. KwesiJoe says:

    Pastor, Good Morning,
    I want to know the time we are praying today as I cannot log on to Yookos this morning. I have tried all this while and no response.

    thank you. GOD bless

  168. stella mutuku says:

    Thankyou so much pastor for yookos,my prayer life has realy improved and changed my way of prayer,annd tought me how to pray too, i thank God for a healing miracle i received as i prayed for my mum who was diagonised with cataract then as i prayed i saw her eyes peel off some flesh,i used to wear classes so as i prayed i opened my eyes and my glasses were black not able to see with them on,so i removed them ans up to today i can read the bible without them even the rhapsody i could not read before i could only see black page glory to God, i thank God for yookos ans for pastor Chris to have had such an idea reaching everybody to pray, thankyou sir

  169. stanley says:

    I lost my job on the 10th of May 2012. I knew it was going to happened. It was like God prepared me for it. I now want you to pray with me because I realy need a word from God if I have to enter the ministry flltime or should I go looking for another job. I need a word from God. Thank you man of God.

  170. florah letsoalo says:

    Pastor Chris i want to be baptised in the holly spirit and use the little faith like mustard seed of faith.

    just pray for me and my family


  171. lethiwe says:

    I really thank God to let me meet people such as this ,the teaching’s ,the automophere,actually everything about the church .I love ,I love.

  172. nombulelo baba says:

    I thank God that my prayer life to increase @ work and home

  173. robinson says:

    pastor pray for me i really need a job

  174. Mrs Halima Kukang says:

    Am a christian but most time I feel am not giving enough attention to God because I have so much work activities on my hands and deeply am not happy I wish to serve God deeply.but when ever I have the time to serve him I put in all my mind but I still feel it’s not enough,pastor please what do I do.

  175. godwin4win says:

    Dear father, i thank u 4 the rich fellowship that i have with you, and for your translational power that’s at work in me as a result of my intimate walk with you.

  176. charlotte frlara says:

    pastor chris
    can u please send me a prayer request.pastor pray for me,every evining i fell cold on my left arm and at the left side of my back its all ways echy.and allso my leg is echy and cold as well and this echyness happens to my[LEFT ARM] ARM,BACK[LEFT SIDE],LEG[LEFT LEG]. PASTOR PLESE PRAY FOR MY MUM…..

  177. Dear daddy in de lord, thank u so much for life changing words u alway release for us. my life has change for excellent since i started applying de word. God will continue to enriched u with his words everyday as u freely give us de word. Enaibre fidel. Calabar.

  178. ada great says:

    Please, how do I receive post on yookos n from where do I dwnload dis yookos on my bb. Thanks pastor cgris for impacting my life.

  179. Gloria says:

    Dear pastor am so glad to read all that God is doing thru you sir, i had two miscariges since two years i got married after the last miscarriage for over a year now i hav not seen my menses the doctors said the tubes and the womb is blocked, pastor please pray for me . Gloria from nigeria

  180. emelda says:

    Dear pastor i was pranagt so i get sic and i luse the pranangtcy and now i fine difficul to take in so sir i need a special prayer for these.

  181. pastor thank you so much for your good ministry. I want to pray in tongues. I have been praying for sometime now but to no avail please help me.

  182. Amanda says:

    I thank God for sending you to me. Pastor I was diagnos with breast cancer in 2009 and I thought that was the end of my life, but God has sent you to give me life. Now I know that GREATER IS HE THAT IS IN ME, THAN HE THAT IS IN THE WORLD. Thank you Pastor the word is working mightly in me, Now I’m free indeed. God bless!! 0782399318. Nelisiwe Amanda Adams from Jeffreys bay in South Africa.

  183. ese omudu says:

    WOW, pastor i was richly blessed this morning by today’s Rhapsody of Realities.(10th April, 2012). i am presently pregnant and i now believed the Word of God for me and my unborn baby dat i will deliver safe and easy bcos He (Jesus) has broken d curse of d first Adam. Today’s Rhapsody is 4 me. Thanks Great Man of God.

    • Evelyn Abatih says:

      Thank you so much pastor for unveiling the hidden truths in the word of God.The word is alive and it works

  184. BONIWE says:




    • THANK U VERY MUCH PASTOR FOR YOUR MESSAGE I RECEIVED FROM LOVEWORLD SAT TODAY. I NOW KNOW THAT IF I AM GIVEN AN INSTRUCTION BY THE LORD JESUS During a healing session i will do it there and there so as not to miss it. I will also tell others so that we must be alert when ministering to the Lord . I honour u Sir for the great job u do to all nations.God bless u.

  186. Andrew Zechariah says:

    Please Pastor Christ i want you to pray for me concerning my Exams ( waec ) i need wisdom and understanding. Because this is my second time now to write this waec thankyou.

  187. george idoko says:

    pls sir, i would like you to pray for me. I have bein going throu some deficulties in sleeping for some years now. It has afected my health seriouslly, i try all i could but no answer, i cant sleep pls i need help. Thank you sir

  188. phil peter says:

    pastor chris, i really want to say thank u for yielding to the call of GOD for the sake of this generation. i often wonder what life is out there without the word of GOD. Talking about how to pray effectively,the day i picked my copy, i knew my life will never remain the same, it has been from glory to glory. Pastor i want to say i love you dearly for teaching me the word of GOD that has change my life.

  189. Alexander nalfa says:

    Imagine life away from christemberssy? Would’ve been meaningless.my life have a meaning

  190. Alexander nalfa says:

    God bless pastor chris,iam really blessed by his book how to pray effectively.atleast i knw hw to pray now,unlike before that i just speak without meaning.praise the lord

  191. Adeyemi segun says:

    How to pray effectively by our man of God pastor Chris has been a blessing.i have learnt working principles about praying for different situations.On the same book,i won a competition organized by CEC,Ibadan north comprising of champions from various groups with a mouth watering prize of 35-inch LG LED TV.That quiz before the start of communion service was tough; and to be a winner you must have the contents in your spirit.Up CEC,Akobo group and to contestants from other groups.Thank pastor Chris for such an opportunity to have and read this inestimable masterpiece.

  192. Smart31 says:

    Thank u pastor for updating my life.ad my enteir family and their lifes i want to say thank u and my God keep on blessing u and your family.i love u.

    • george idoko says:

      sir, i want u to pray for me. Am having insomnia and is afectin me in every thing i do and i need money to go to school. Am an ophan i need help sir thank u

  193. Luso M Gondwe says:

    I am a single & i have one child. The problem that i have is that i have no settled home. My wife went away with another man & the girlfriend i have now she is somehow untrust wealthy. I have no permanant job. My question is how can i get my life back? How can i have focus on my destiny. Help me to pray against marring & remarring. Limitation in life. Amem

  194. Luso M Gondwe says:

    I am single & i have one child. The problem that i have is that i have no settled home. My wife went away with another man & the girlfriend i have now she is somehow untrust wealthy. I have no permanant job. My question is how can i get my life back? How can i have focus on my destiny. Help me to pray against marring & remarring. Limitation in life. Amem

  195. Zodwa lungisa says:

    Hi Pastor m married women for 3 yrs i didnt get pragnet and my husband Mzunzima he dont wts happng pls pray for me.

  196. Ayo IGIEBOR says:

    Good morning sir, firstly I want to thank God for sending you to our world at such a time as this.
    Pastor sir, my sister’s husband who is a footballer lost his job some years back and ever since then, he hasn’t been able to get into another club. It has been from one disappointment to the other. We need a miraculous turnaround in my sister’s family in respect of their JOb,finances and total well being. Please Pray for us sir.

  197. pastor chris i need healing i fell from a building and i have a severe pain around my hip joint coming down to my foot pls pray for me and my children for the fruit of the womb.

  198. Joyce says:

    Mrng Pastor Chris&Anita i would like 2 join Mon,Wed &Friday prayers pls

    • SIMEON NEUMBO says:

      Thank pastor High life Capetown was very inportent in my life and in my familly. And the word of God is cemented in my life thank Pastor .
      Lve you Pastor

      • Noleen Bailey says:

        Thanx to God for bringing Pastor Chris to Cape Town, My spiritual life had moved to a new level. The week before the Higher Life Conference I told my Hubby that after this weekend of the mentioned conference we will never be the same again and it is so.ALL HONOUR TO GOD. Pastor I thank you. May God Bless you and your ministry and also your family.Im looking forward to the next Conference in Cape Town.

        Luv you with the love of God
        Sis Noleen

  199. george idoko says:

    gud day pastor, i want to apreciate GOD for all that he has being doing for us through your out spoken word’s. We are richlly blees by this sir!! Pls help me pray concineing my health sir. Thank you

  200. Dear pastor thank u 4dis opportunity.pastor pls translate some of dis messages in other languages in nigeria.so dat some of our old parents who don’t hear english language can enjoy de benefit of hearing from u direct.bcos in every of ur message carried a divine anointing.

  201. santana unity says:

    wow! wow!! wow!!! This is mind blowing and i’m loving this site like no other……All thanks to our great man of God…..my life has never been the same ever since yookos came to exsistence..life made easy.wow

  202. BILLY JOEL says:

    pastor i don’t mention my request please join us to pray on that 21st of April 2012 and for the LOVE and FINANCIAL breakthrough Pastor this is a christian family of about 240 members with 4 Pastors but we can’t boost 1 car in the family
    please inter-seed for us THANK U PASTOR

  203. BILLY JOEL says:

    Greeting from CAMEROON PASTOR , Prayer request , my family the BILLY family will be fasting & praying in the month of April specifically 21st of April that wee will be having the first ever family meeting for LOVE and FINANCIAL BREAKTHROUGH in the family that has missing since 1994 till now
    thanks you for being there for us

  204. Good day Pastor Chris i want to join you in your Prayers Monday,Wed& Friday.

  205. Joyce says:

    Thanx Pasta Chris 2 come in S.A especialy in W.CAPE 2 teach us the WORD OF GOD we change our life we r so blcd we love u pasta Chris& pasta Anita

  206. bi france says:

    THANK U PASTOR CHRIS for the word.u really inspire me every day of my life when i see u on tv.u r really bless.i am growing up in the spirit every day and all thanks to u.pls help me pray for my family against evil spirit,health, long life,success in buizness,and we shoild never forget or fall in our faith.may God continue to bless u.

  207. kudzanai says:

    thank u pastor for the word that u shared with us

  208. Lynette says:

    Good morning Pastor. I just want to thank you so much for comung to Cape Town this weekend. You’ve changed my life, you’ve changed the way I see things in life, you’ve opened my eyes completely. I love you and I love JESUS, May GOD shower you with his blessings every moment of your life in JESUS mighty name. Thank you for your care, your love, your kindness. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    I can’t wait for you to come back to Cape Town…….. your teachings are amazing!!! Blessings…… blessings… blessings and more blessings to you.

    Right now I know I’m healed, blessed and loved so much by my Lord!

  209. cynthia says:

    pastor pray also for my family in higher life conference,pray for my job,because i know that my job,health,successful marriage has been released according to God’s riches in the glory by Christ Jesus hallelujah

  210. Thank you Pastor for your teachings my life is changed.

  211. Paul Nteku says:

    saint sarah u are fool! Why do u use small leter on my FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY.remember this is not an insult.u ignored my FATHER’S WORD.never do that again.

  212. Thank u so very much pastor sir. Ur life changing words has so much improved and transformed my whole life. I can tell with certainty that i’m no longer the same again. I’m now living in glory by the day. Thank u sir, I love u pastor sir.

  213. Akosua says:

    this is a good platform for people like us to have our prayers answered.

  214. Akosua says:

    Man of God am going through a lot am in debt my business is down i always get frighten the moment my phone rings because i don’t know who be calling for their money. my shop rent is long over due my land lord has trethen to take the shop from me if i don’t pay him. am weary please pray for me that the heavens will be open on me and that there will be a smile on my face.

  215. Surrender Sibongile Sambo says:

    Dear pastor I’m a 27 yrs old lady seriously in need of a financial break through in my life, I’m working 5 to 22:30 pm rating 33 per hour not getting much and I believe that this is not what God has planned for me, I can do more I want to do more and earn more, but I can’t find a better job. please pastor pray for me ti get a better paying Job. I thank you for all the Great miracles you doing, love your teachings.

    God blesses you more

  216. Ms Singele Durban says:

    Hi evertbody you are blessed. This year God has given more testemony like now am doing bussiness managiment the company is promting me and my other colegues from other branches in south africa. We are all gathered here in Johannesburg,free food accomodation. Although i failed my driving test but i wont give up…bcos am not a failer or looser my life is upward and forward.

  217. Dear Pastor,
    Greetings in mighty name of our Lord Jesus
    Thanks for allowing us a platform as this; on which we are enabled to voice the way we feel. You have made us feel so proud to associate with your wonderful ministry.
    Pastor I watched on Sunday-Holy Communion night you telling the world how we should look at our heart condition and the interpretation of the scriptures on masterbation.I was so proud of you!!
    Most priest and pastors approached the subject as if there is something to reverenced. I was so relaxed awaiting the interpretation coming from you as our father.Thank you Partor I felt very proud of you.

    • Selina says:

      Pastor I need your help plz I’m deep in debts I get paid on the 25th but on the 26th I’m left with only R100.00 I can’t afford to pay my debts the shops that I’m owing are threatening me to send my name to the credit bearau. I’m an unfortunate woman who work so hard but the man I’m with doesn’t care I’m tired Pastor for 14 yrs nothing has changed in this marriage. I bought all da furniture, paint,I’m paying da mortgage he’s suppose to pay rent but he doesn’t our house is owing R5 000.00 rental I’m afraid what they attached my furniture, I feel abused in this marriage,I’m not puting him on a bad side this is the truth I was involved in an car accident in 2010 my car was written off n I was about to trade it in the insurance did not pay me so I had to buy da car without deposit now da installment is heavy on me.

  218. Isaiah Faasa says:

    I once was a true christian but now i’ve gone too far from God please pray for me
    Isaiah Faasapi

  219. merriam busakwe says:

    Pastor Chris thank you so much for your teachings of the word.i am using the in everything i am doing being at work,home i personalise the word.Greater is he that is in me than the one that is in the world.The month of overcomer made to realise challenges are opportunities to victory.May the Lord bless you ,you are a teacher life coach.ce krugersdorp.

  220. Sir, i thank u so much for u have change my life for good my life is upword only. Daddy God bless u the more love you

  221. funkiye gershom says:

    pastor i dont know what is happening to me, am strong healthy but i reduce in sice pls pray for me to regain my body,thanks for this oppotunity God bless u sir.

  222. Yolanda chatadza says:

    Hie pastor im so blessd by ur teachng hw my life iz being changd iz so,so amazing im being liftd up! Moving 4rm glory to glory by the dae thnk u vry mch.

  223. Dineo says:

    Dear Pastor
    I need your help, I am a born again christian but this year I went cold. I dont pray like I used to and every now and then I have strange dreams speaking in parables then I wake up speaking in tongues and feeling so overwhelmed with the holy spirit. Two weeks back I dreamt of pastor chris delivering me at church and I started healing people and spreading the word of God. Last night I dreamt of Pastor Chris calling me to the alter and he asked me to say what was in my heart and really bothering me at that moment; My response was that” I want to serve God with all my heart”. These words were coming from deep inside my heart and pastor touched me once then I fell down, this time I did not utter a word, I just sat there and my body felt so strange it was like there was a lot of power that got into my body and shook me.

    I would like to know the meaning of this pastor and please pray for me so that I get strong again and get committed to the christian life.

    • BONIWE says:

      pastor i ve been praying4 my aunt s son
      he got stroke and i convinced him to go
      to healing but he doesnt take it serious
      please pray 4 him to change his thinking

  224. Sicelo says:

    Dear Pastor Chris
    I heard my brethrens talking about going to the mountain to pray the whole night and ever since then, I have been feeling the void of joining them. I thought maybe it was a very effective way of communicating with God. But after reading the Rhapsody of Realities last night where you were saying we are God’s temple and we are his dwelling place, I remembered the scripture that says people are dying because they lack knowledge. That void of going to the mountain is gone and I’m not guilty anymore. Well, since this is the year of the word of God, I make sure that I read the word everyday so that I do not experience unnecessary voids and I become sin consciousness free. However, you mentioned that going to the mountain is not wrong, but one going to the there should be mindful of the fact that God dwells in him or her and seeks those who will worship him in truth and in spirit.
    Thank you Sir, God my richly bless you and your family not to mention your sheep and I am one of them.

  225. Joyce says:

    Thanx Pastor 4 yr prayers im walking with my beautiful legs after 3yrs 3mnths after my accident if u got faith trust & hope God is going heal u Praise Lord

  226. Okechukwu Nelson says:

    Great privilege to be born in ur time n to be a part of wht u’re doing. Pastor u’re a gift 2 me and as a partner ,when u heal de sick ,i am also healing de sick. Wen u increase,increase comes upon me. Dats wht partnership teaches me. Sir i am honured. May God continue 2 use u 2 teach me and de world. Thank u my father!

  227. Okechukwu Nelson says:

    Great privilege to be born in ur time n to be a part of wht u’re doing. Pastor u’re a gift 2 me and as a partner ,when u heal de sick ,i am also healing de sick. Wen u increase,increase comes upon me. Dats wht partnership teaches me. Sir i am houred. May God continue 2 use u 2 teach me and de world. Thank u my father!

  228. Rose Jummai Bala says:

    Pst,i am a national Diploma holder looking for job.i have submited my CV at several places.waiting for God to do his will.pls pray with me.

  229. peter turaki says:

    Hello,Pastor I Need Your Prayer Pastor I Born A Son Since 2002,Up2Now De Boy Don Know How 2Speak Please I Need Your Prayer,His Name Is FEDILIS Is My Son.I’M From KADUNA STATE.Peter Is My Name.Thank You.

  230. BONIWE says:



  231. Masabatha Tsenase says:

    Hi Pastor
    I like to say thank you very much for Yookos
    I am blessed every time I read the message
    I thank God for using you and thank you, for sharing the word with us
    Our life will never be the same

    from Sis Masabatha
    C E Zone One Sandton Group
    Tembisa (Kopanong)

    Thank you Sir
    We love you so much

  232. saint sarah says:


  233. Yidnekachew Teka says:

    Pastor I don’t know what to say! one thing I know is my life is completely changed by the teachings of the Holy Spirit being released through you man Of God. Thank you for making me feel like you are my father. Always I encounter the Holy Spirit the moment I see you. For many years I have been struggling to be a man of prayer but now the thing is changed I just become addicted of God’s presence. God is making me experience His presence and becoming needy for his presence rather than struggling for mere prayer. Pastor’ Thank you it is because of the light and the Spirit of the word of God that I am being exposed daily through you. More love and respect!

  234. Ekweozor Joseph Chinedum says:

    To the best daddy in the world. Pastor i want to thank you for your words of inspirations ,powers and miracles. Please sir i want you to pray for me towards academics excellence and financial brakethrough. Thank you so much say for your words, i love you pastor. Joseph from onitsha Nigeria.

    • Bro Ibrahim Babayo says:

      Dear Pastor,
      I want to thank God for changing my life and receiving the Holy Spirit through your glorious and continuous effort. Pastor i was a practicing and fanatic Muslim for over 40 years. I have traveled almost around the world, interacted with top civil servants, businessmen, security personnels and others. But to the Glory of God i found myself in a rural town called keffi in Nasarawa state.

      One day i heard you preach in one of the international television stations and your follow of English language caught my interest. I immediately adjusted my sitting position and listened to you pastor. You said if any man be in Christ he is a creature and you backed up your statement with the scripture from the Holy Bible. This statement took me off guided and i repeated the statement to myself. At the end of your preaching i made up my mind to look for your Christ Embassy Church within the town and decided to give my life to Christ. After my foundation school i received the Holy Ghost and pray in other tongues. Pastor if i pray in other tongues even if its for one minute my prayers are answer.

      Thank you pastor and i know you are truly God sent.

      Bro Ibrahim Babayo
      Christ Embassy Church
      Keffi Nasarawa state

  235. Pastor Chris….worth hearing!!…Let the World hear this great Teacher& Prophet, He’s got so much to give! So great anointing!!!!! Hahaha….Glory 2 GOD!!!!

  236. Danny says:

    Hi Pastor Chris, I,my wife and my children thanks you very much for your words of God, you have for us everyday. Pastor i need to prayer for me as my papers still at H/O and things had been hard for me as family man. Please pastor i need your prayer in the name of God. Thanks you.

  237. Pastor Chris, hey…..u brought healing to my spirit, soul n body thro ur teaching of The Word of God… U r incredible, the Christ i see, my Mentor, my Teacher,my Prophet, my Inspirer, my Gift from God…May God preserve u for this generation IJN!!!

  238. mishingo richard says:

    pastor chris you know how to teach us how to live by the holy ghost. i read this book of “dont stop here” it ispired me about the how can grow through the word of god and prophecy. thank you for all the books and dvd i bought which gave me wisdom and understanding. i always pray to god in the name of jesus christ to give me wisdom and understanding he gave to king solomon and it went to pass.praise the lord. i earn P9000.00 but i remain with zero nett. i had problems after problems and would go get loans until i gave up. i lost cars, relationships with loved one, lost my family, i tried to hang myself but to know vain. i attended churchs after churchs en i have gift of prophecy that can win soul, and it was blocked at those ministries and god would revail to me in some dreams. but after hearing about pastor chris and buying his materials i learnt how to take possession of what belongs to me in the name of jesus christ. i receive the holy ghost spirit and spoke in unknown tongue. i impact change now and i have hope because my faith is now. my music career and music company and tuckshop collapsed but i now know that praying to the father in jesus name in unknown tongues is going to change everything that was impossible before i was born again or before i new the real word of god revailed by the holy ghost to the man of god pastor chris. i salute you sir bless me more so that i can be counted in the ministry as god asset. thank you god bless you. when i pray everyday i also pray that god protect you so that we can more to come.

    mishingo richard. botswana, gaborone

  239. Abuchi says:

    Sir,please am helpless here,pastor please i want to knw my destiny so that i wont make mistakes in life.i want break through in any thing i do in life nd GOD intervention.pls sir,thank you

  240. Abuchi says:

    You are the greatest man of GOD i hvn’t seen.truely GOD speaks through you but pastor there’s one thing i want you to help me on.I want to repent 4rm my sinful ways but i didn’t hav the grace pastor please i want u to help me on this isue.this is my email:Dwayneabuchi@yahoo.com may GOD be with us Amen

  241. Abuchi says:

    Pastor u ar the greatest my of GOD i hv seen,truely GOD speaks through you,i hv been hearing of you for so long now.bt pastor there’s one thing i want to tell you.Pastor please i want to repent but i doesnt hv the spirit in me please pastor i need your help.this is my email:Dwayneabuchi@yahoo.com

  242. stanley nfor says:

    i will not u pastor but will called u teacher coz when u teach i feel as thou GOD is talking with at thesame place but one thing i ask of GOD is to keep until the DAY i see u face to face coz i have that the DAY i will see face to face my problems will completely fininshed.Am in cameroon live in bamenda.pray for me that i can be strong and see u one day i love u with the love of GOD.pray for my sprot coz ama player.

  243. Sunday k. Jesus says:

    Hello pastor, i hav been trying to join u on yookos prayer u always sent to others. I tried it since when it was twitter.

  244. Jetro says:


    • tamirira mabuwane says:

      hie Pastor

      am hereby asking you to help me praying to God am working since 2008 to present but am still on contract and me and my wife both we earn same salary but my very big problem is , we dont see any development we keep on borrowing money from people month after month we r blessed with two daughters, So pastor please help me with prayer i need to be permanent at work i need to see the fruit of sweat in jesus’s name.

  245. James favour says:

    Pastor,thanks 4 teaching the right way 2 follow in life,thank u 4 tell us the mind of God 4 Feb. As our overcomers month. I know that in very area i’m already an overcomer,in my cell,pcu,etc. Thank u sir, teaching the important first fruit. I did d is just a starting point 2 our prosperity. Bro.James favour from Christ Embassy Garrison2 port harcourt

  246. Philip Agyiri says:

    Please Paster Chris, am a Christian who have always being seeking for the holy spirit till date but still not experiencing him as i wish i could get from him. Please pray for me so i can get the spirit that my service to God shall be holy and acceptable. Please help me.

  247. Sebenzile says:

    Dear pastor chris.please help me.am a born a gain child.i blv nd love GOD.im a failer towardz my GODz face.i fall down in doing my GODZ work.m starting my studies this year at jhb doing electrical engineering nd they say its difficult every1 nd m starting to have a bad attitude towardz it.m jst scared of it now.please pastor pray 4me.be always a child of GOD,du wht my GOD want.i want 2work 4him plz.help me i love him.i want 2stay true 2him.plz dear pastor.

  248. Hi Pastor. I thank to God. He has done a lot to me now i’m moving glory to glory, i’m top of everything in the Name of Jesus. Amen. From C Klipfontein

  249. phumzile says:

    Pastor , please prey for me in need fanancial

  250. Sizwe Tyholo says:

    I thank the almighty for protecting me and my family.My wife is having sinus and allergy problem,please pastor pray for us.we also need a financial breakthrough in my house. From Sizwe Tyholo at Queenstown(S.A.)

  251. Beltha says:

    Pastor thank u so much for praying and teaching us the word of God in this magnitude. God bless You.

  252. farom chol says:

    I pastor Chris a man of living God , iam Farom chol from south Sudan i want you to pray for me i am sick with disease (sugar) i use to take insulin everyday i believe God answer pray from you .
    thank you pastor for God to use more to change the world all from your teaching to everyone and doing miracles.
    thank you so much God bless

  253. ESHETU MENGISTU says:


  254. Bernard says:



  255. Joyce says:

    Thanx Pastor 4yr prayers my uncle he’s out in hospital pls im much beter pls pray 4 me 2 walk again im in SOUTH AFRICA

  256. Bester Munyanduki says:

    Pastor Chris, your word has changed my life completely. l am a new man. when l look back l can tell l have grown in the things of God and of the world too. l have abundance of wisdom in me. thank you for teaching me the word. l wouldnt have done it without you Pastor Chris. When are you coming to Zimbabwe?

  257. nmadyyo says:

    Dear Pastor Chris, Man of God. I sincerely ask for a prayer for me from you as I am in a state of confusion. I am in debts which makes me not to move on. the worst of all my mom has passed away recently, and she was the one who was encouraging, supportive and assisting me in maintaining the family of three brothers who are unemployed, a granddaughter and a great granddaughter though she was a pensioner. I am the bread winner, single parent and having my own house, now all the burden is over my shoulders. Yes, I believe in God as He knows what is He doing at a time and have a reason for what he has done. Please pray for me pastor to lead a successful in my lifetime.

    Nomathemba Mirriam Madyo
    Bloemfontein South Africa

    • Bester Munyanduki says:

      woman of God blessed are you for God will Never leave you nor forsake you. l am ddeeply sorry about the loss of your mum. l need you to understand that your mother is or was not your source of income but God. he is the provider of all things. get it from me. l am a single parent too raising my lovely intelligent daughters. God has a plan for everything that happens in our lives. when a friend of mine told me to rely on God, it didnt make sense but when l look back from the time when all the volcano started l smile. l grew spiritually God became my father. communicate with him daily. ask HIM to reveal His plans for you. He will give you ideas of how to make money not just money but BIG money. get involved in the things of God. participate. dont hide inthe shell. get out there and smile a lot. l can spend the whole day talking and giving you all that l have gone thru hey. we need to thank God for the man of God PASTOR CHRIS.

  258. Keith duncan says:

    Pastor i really have been blessed with your teachings.whenever i listen to your message i really get inspired and transformed from one level of glory to another.thank you pastor i love so much and i am looking forward to see you here in zimbabwe

  259. Masabatha Tsenase says:

    A blessed day Pastor sir.

    Thank you for the progrem we had Finance Convention thank you Sir.Wednesday you teach us about bring back what belongs to the house of the Lord Pludges, tithe and first friut. I am going to bring back what belong to the lord.
    I am planing to bring back what I owe thank you sir for a wake up call may God bless you with many years to come
    sister Masabatha
    C E Tembisa Kopanong

  260. Brian Nyazema says:

    Thank Pastor Chris for a week of Finance Convection our attitude towards giving to the God’s work is changed. Thank you Sir you are the prophet send for our generation and others to come. I love you.

  261. masabata says:

    Thank you Pastor for teaching me how to apply the word in my life,my famly,my neighbour and my collegue, we are transformed and I thank God for your life.I knew Christ Embassy because of Rhapsody Of Realities that I read while I was sick in bed,thank God that I am healed and the word is working and I am applying it every where I go even at work place.

  262. ronald says:

    Hie man of GOD,may you pray for me and my wife for some complications we are having in our Body.

    • Bester Munyanduki says:

      Rhapsody of Realities of July the 4th says You have authorty over you body. you are the caretaker of your body. God says look after it buit it does not belong to you hey. Speak to your body. it will respond. the things that you want to see unto your life and body. your sickness is not unto death. anything about you is not too. stay blessed. Zimbabwe

  263. ronald says:


  264. Japhet Dube says:

    Thank pastor,I’m blessed and thank-you.

  265. Ruth Bangura says:

    Thank u pastor, for am bless by this teaching.

  266. Hi Pastor i would like to say i’m starting acting now In Jesus Name. Amen. C Christ Embassy Klipfontein.

  267. Hi Pastor i would like to say i’m starting acting now In Jesus Name. Amen.

  268. Happy says:

    pastor thank you for givivng us this platform of prayer request. Pastor please pray for my company there is a deadline and tomorrow is a meeting pls pray that they don’t terminate the project as it is finished. Tge meeting is tomorrow the 20th of jan 2012 at 10h00.

  269. Happy says:

    Someone pls help me i want to follow pastor chris on yookos pls help me register.

  270. godwin4win says:

    thank God he nows me by name

  271. dominic emeka says:

    pastor my weddn is coming up by easther this year and i need ur prayers.

  272. malegae says:

    Blessed day

    We are lifted.because of your teaching.

    Thank you

  273. Joyce says:

    Pastor thanx 4yr R.O.R from 2006 till ths moment it change my life my prayer request pls pray 4my uncle he is in hospital

  274. malegae says:

    Thank you pastor.for teaching me the word.iam the dower of the word.because of your anoiting.

  275. Duyile victor says:

    Pastor, pls kdly pray 4 me and my family for God protection and mercies upon my family.

  276. evelyn says:

    pastor, just a word from u can change things.

  277. Dudu Mkhabela says:

    Thank you, Pastor Sir for teaching us the Word and praying with us. As you are a laboring with God, may He increase the unction of the Holy Spirit in your life. We thank you Sir for we know that as God increase you, we all increase as a ministry.

  278. Petronella Maramba says:

    Thank you Pastor for the Yooks today. Indeed as you stated during the New years Message, it is our year of winning many, many souls. Since the IPPC when you said, God is going to give some of you nations, the Holy Spirit keeps giving me nations to pray for, particularly for the salvation of the unsaved. Thank you for your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, pastor Sir. I love you with all my heart.

  279. I want thank you you sir, and may God bless you and your family?

  280. godwin4win says:

    I thank God for his word to me tru pastor Chris am a blessing to my people.

  281. i am using tecno t8 i find it dificult to recieve yooks pls help out i want to get hurk to past by follow him on yookos.

  282. Okoye joel says:

    Sir i love you so much, and teachs thanks a million time

  283. Sophia Mshana says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR My Father and Teacher,Pastor Chris and Pastor Anita.Thank you for Ministering to us in the new year overnight prayer.I receive the word of prophesy in my spirit, i receive ability to work to do.
    Love you so much!

    Sophia- Tanzania

  284. Hi Pastor i would like to thank God for everything He shows me in the spirit now i see my life is shinning in Jesus Name. I feel the Holy Spirit moving inside my body. God Bless You Pastor now i’m healed just to hear the Word i’m always happy in Jesus Name. Amen.

  285. Bandile Zungu says:

    Kind regards to our Pastor, Pastor Chris & Christembassy. We thank God for your life in this generation, for the Word you are giving us and may the good Lord bless you with the fresh oil as we enter the New Year. I’ld like to join fasting & praying as we enter New Year, may the Man of God and my beloved brethren join me to loose any yoke and to uproot whatsoever is not the perfect will of God for our lives. But most importantly it is to commit ourselves to Lord Jesus who stronger, worthy and the wisest than ourselves. God bless you!!!

  286. Sibongile says:

    Hi Pastor, I need ur prayer and ur answers.I grew up in a Sabbath-keeping church,we were taught that worshiping on Sunday is a sin.Please,I need ur advise,I always watch u on Loveworld and Soweto tv,ur ministry has revealed so much to me,and I have received the Holy Ghost and am able now ro speak in tounges.Please pray for me Pastor…

  287. Thank u pastor 4 helpin me 2 knw who i’m in christ.

  288. Sophia Mshana says:

    My Dear Pastor Chris. I want to testify of what happened in the day we were celebrating your Birthday. Pastor, the Presence of God was so strong.People sow visions angels of God were visiting peoples houses( one by one as were on the plane) and drop a bomb of fire. we sow Angels dropping fire/specks/bombs? We saw Smoke coming out from where our coordinators were sitting. Pastor even now as i am writing this testimony i feel the power of God. We Love you Pastor Chris.

  289. Cyril obaji says:

    MY LORDSHIP, This 31st night service, i am going with my father he is sick and i know for sure that he cannot go back the same in JESUS NAME AMEM. MY LORDSHIP , Please i need your prayer so that my faith will be strong the more. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU.

  290. Trymore says:

    Pastor please, please pray for me that God will bless me this Satday and i wil receive my blessings. Thank you so much and God be with you!

  291. Philip efengbe says:

    Pastor sir, tank u 4 teaching us d word, cos d word of God hav gain mystery ova my lif.pls sir, pray 4 my grand mum dat devine health wil be establish in her life.tank u sir.

  292. Mpho osenoneng says:

    Daddy pls pray 4 my health, finance nd my family to always ve god’s protection nd lov

    • Bester Munyanduki says:

      you dont beg from your daddy coz oyu are the heir, you inherit after HIM. WOW am loaded with the word hey.

      the word says you are the possessor of all things. you already have all that which you are asking for. you just not taking note of it. pay attention to the things around you. the power of God is within you how can you struggle. activate it now. join pastor Chris for a 15minutes prayer everyday and you dont even know the impact of that short prayer. stay blessed

    • Bester Munyanduki says:

      you dont beg from your daddy coz oyu are the heir, you inherit after HIM. WOW am loaded with the word hey.

      the word says you are the possessor of all things. you already have all that which you are asking for. you just not taking note of it. pay attention to the things around you. the power of God is within you how can you struggle? activate it now. join pastor Chris for a 15minutes prayer everyday and you dont even know the impact of that short prayer. stay blessed

  293. rachel says:

    Pastor,pray 4 me

  294. light sunday says:

    daddy please pray for me,am having problem with my education,i no with you GOD will solve my problem

  295. maria says:

    hallo my Pastor, i thank the Almighty for giving us You as our Pastor. I love you my father. Everytime when i see you teaching us the word, i always see that i will not come to a stage where i will say i know everything in the word ie every teaching is a blessing to me, Praise the Lord. My grand-ma has been sick but with the eyes of the my Pastor when i enter the hosp ICU, i dont see a sick person even on her eyes. Because i know who i am’ greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world. I love the word of God. I know when i speak healing it is already done in the name of Jesus, Haleluja!

  296. Daddy, I must confess dat Christ Embassy has really given my Life a meaning. Daddy pray 4 my music album 2 sell as never b4. Marketters should begin 2 request 4 it. Thanks

  297. Daddy, I must confess dat Christ Embassy has really given my Life a meaningful meaning. Daddy pray 4 my music album 2 sell as never b4. Marketters should begin 2 request 4 it. Thanks

  298. atang says:

    pray for my mother who is on the sick bed now

  299. rita says:

    how can i follow pastor Chris i will love to please let me know my email this there thanks to all and God bless you all

  300. Bernard says:

    pator plis pray for am lucking finacial support for my university education. i want to go to the university but i have no cash. please man of GOD pray for cause i believe and trust that with GOD everything is possible

  301. mwansa chewe says:

    pastor plz pray for me.i am having problems with my memory.

  302. Nhlamulo says:

    Pastor Sir, please pray for me for financial stabibity. I have too many debts and this prevent me to give to the Lord as I desire to. Nhlamulo from south africa, gauteng

  303. bafana yaka says:

    Pastor Chris please pray for m from south africa ,durban

  304. lele says:

    thank you pastor can u pls pray 4 me 4 the blessings of god 4 nxtyr i want 2 study n build my future,in the name of jesus i hope everything wil change nxtyr amen.

  305. Gomolemo Mapodise says:

    Good morning Pastor Chris.Pray for my daughter,she has a big stomach,her head is always sweating and her temperature is always high.Also pray for my mum,she always drink beers,she don’t want to work,um the breadwinner in my family.I am taking care of my daughter,my three sisters and my only brother.I realy want her to be born again.May the Lord God bless you Pastor Chris.I
    love you Daddy.From Gomolemo Mapodise -Botswana

  306. Good morning pastor,plz pastor pray for me and my wife,we are having financial challenges.Pray also for my brother,he is backsliding.I don’t want him back to the kingdom of darkness,we are the light of the world.For to be carnally mind is death,but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.I LOVE YOU PASTOR,you have changed so many lives.

  307. Felix Barnabas Aondohemba says:

    Daddy Good morning sir,first of all let me start by thanking u for this opportunity for given me the avenue to solve this my family problem,i want u to pray for the members of my family,for GOD divine manifestation in our career and HIS protection towards our life,for me Daddy, i want more of GOD in my life.the names of the members of my family are:Barnabas mza(dad),esther barnabas(mum),grace barnabas,Godwin barnabas,tina barnabas,joseph barnabas,felix barnabas,stephen barnabas,christopher barnabas,christian barnabas,emmanuel barnabas and my nephews and niece.pray for us sir that the man or woman that GOD want us to be,we will be them.thank u Daddy,on behalf of my family we say thank u with LOVE we are grateful sir.

  308. Godfrey says:

    Thank you sir, i love u. There is no word to express my feels …

  309. Dear I’m most for helping to discover my right place in Christ Jesus.
    Sir I never cease praying for you and your together with the ministry because
    We have the key to unlock the treasures of God to the whole wide world.
    Sir thank you also because now I’m fully persuaded and convinced that I am the the LIGHT of the of the world.
    Sir I’m so grateful to you sir.
    Thanks for the teachings that has helped me to always do the right thing and guiding me always.
    Sir wards are not enough to express my gratitude to you.
    Sir thank you and G0D RICHLY BLESS Y0U and Y0UR FAMILY sir.

  310. BERNARD says:

    someone help sign up on yookos plis. may God bles you all.2 corithians 5;8

  311. BERNARD says:

    when God call us let us go quickly <and when he invites us let us go to the invitation place. plis pastor pray for me and my education. love you pastor cause you have broght me in the prensence of the lord were nothing is imposible

  312. Demian Tochi Praise says:

    How do I follow pastor chris on yooko to get d alert of prayers every monday, wednesday and friday?

    • Francis says:

      I assume that you have a yookos acount already, click the follow Pastor Chris link which is on your right and then you will automaticaly receive the notifications. If you have a mobile phone that supports GPRS you can download the yookos application @ http://www.yookos.mobi that will give you access to the prayer points only. Thank You

  313. Ethan Elisha Bebetu says:

    Thank God for the wonderfull blessing (Pastor Chris) to the entire world for he has giving a beautifull meaning to the lifes of many on earth. May God continue to bless him abundantly. Deliverance of depression is the main point Pastor.

  314. Dear Pastor u make my life so beautiful now i know who i’m in Christ thank Pastor.

  315. Ntuabunauzor annabel says:

    Anita man is products of his words those children are only manifesting a build up of confessions but good news is u can change it with ur mouth so if u speak in tongs my sis strata today u can even fast speak in tongues fervently and declare the kind of life u when those children to have i have tried it u should to i he we get to talk so i could shear other truths to u that works

  316. Ntuabunauzor annabel says:

    Thank you pastor for the 7 days of prayer and prophesy thank you pastor for the words you spoke into our lifestyle for we are yet working this words and they are producing results in our lifes. For i have been living in divinity, every day of the 21 days of miracle money has been a reality, i and am family work in divine protection for the courses of the earth have been hanged concerning me i have had open doors living in the consciousness of righteousness, pastor the list is endless, thank you sir. I love you so much sir

  317. Blessing says:

    Pastor I thank you so much for the word of god that u have spread into my life,my pray request is may fear or panic not be part of me for tomorrow am gng for a drive test

  318. Rhulani joanah says:

    Morning pastor i thank u for 21 days of miracles and i believe all people are owing me the paid back my money with my faith i hv a year now .pastor im asking your prayer my sister past away 1997 left two children i take 4 them ,so ably is 18 now he start smoke and drinking .ae girl she got acident august she lost her ear ,the doctor promise to put artificially ear 6 October she steel waiting know that one day i will recive your miracles there will call her .tnx pastor God bless u and pastor Anita amen.

  319. Isaac Gondwe says:

    pst to say the truth starting from the day i encountered ur teachings my lyf has never been the sme. stay blessed pst

  320. Karen says:

    Pst tank u 4 yookos. Pst plz pray 4 my brother,for 8yrs now we ve not see him.pst plz pray 4 my mum she has been struglin but no changes.i need a change in my life.

  321. Evelyn says:

    thank u pastor for praing with us and may God richly bless u and your family

  322. Pastor i cant access the vedio that you sent out on the seven days of prayer. You have bn a great insoiration to me since i started going 2 the ministry, i see and understand the word differently from the way i always did and im very grateful for that. You are a real man of God sir

  323. Merriam Busakwe says:

    Thank you for the word,praying in tongues is awesome as i am steering my faith.I feel the presence of the holy spirit.And my faith is growing from strength to strength.Pastor you are God’s sent to us.May God keep on blessing you Merriam Busakwe CEKrugersdorp.South Africa

  324. sony says:

    i believed u received answers in jesus name, amen

  325. sony says:

    so great a platform.mine family and i appreciate u sir,the team of yookos u are a wonder.i need the Grace for financial sucess

  326. onwukaeme kingsley says:

    pastor, good day sir. i have always believed that anyone can go to God and receive. but am asking for your prayers because i have learnt that their people higher anointing and grace. sir, help pray that God blesses for immediate breakthrough… God bless

    • Xola says:

      Paster thanks 4 all the Christ embassy pasters all over the world & we wil continue taking all the intructions you gave 2 them at IPPC thats my commitment 4rm Xola @ Brits CE church. Thanks Daddy

  327. Olaniyi Adekunle says:

    Pastor i want u to pray for me for God guidiance & God support in my life.

  328. Eyafimoni Rosalia says:

    Pastor thank you 4 this opportunity.i want 2 thank u for the prophecies i believe with the whole my spirit n it’s working in my life.thank you pastor.

  329. Ray Dokai says:

    Thank you so much pastor,I believe and i receive all the answers the lord has granted us,its working for me already sir,I Love you sir.

  330. mandla ngubane says:

    Goodmornig Pastor sir ilike to say thank you somuch for the prayers im so blessed pastor and im happy in my spirity thank sir nd i like to thank our Papa God to send you in South Africa thak you sir

  331. Comfort says:

    Good morning pastor sir,thank you for this platform.pastor yookos on cell phone doent open and our invitees wants it on mobile devices,they say to use yookos must go on desktop etc.thank you pastor sir.

  332. Henry Efemini says:

    pastor pray 4 me 4 financial blessing

  333. Pastor Chris is de father of many lost souls,he bless them,i’m blessed 2 know about u,thank u 4 helping me 2 receive my salvation

  334. Busi says:

    Please help me to follow pastor Chris and receive messages about prayers on mondays, wednesdays and fridays

  335. Pastor Chris de relationship between me and de father of mi baby is not good,we’r suppose 2 get married,pls pray 4 our marriage 2 work out and both of 2 b bless with good jobs,and live healthy happy ever after,in de name of jesus

  336. Thank you Pastor Chris, my father my mentor. Our lives will never be the same again.

  337. Winnie Maseko says:

    I believe and I receive and its never too late. I have been participarting since I saw the 1st video clip. You are a blessing to all of us.

    I am seeing with my heart. My vision is by the Holy Spirit. Pastor you are A God sent teacher and father to me and my family. Pastor may you continue to receive multiplied blessings from Holy spirit . May there be unlimited supply of Holy spirit blessings on you and the church and your family . God mightily bless you.


    Pastor sir; Thank you so much for making the word plain to me,life has been very exciting and full of testimonies ever since i started getting the revelation behind your messages:Thank you sir and God bless you


  339. lineo moiloa says:

    indeed God is Good all the time.pastor pls pray for my finances,i need to register and further my studies next year.

  340. ukeme says:

    tank u pastor4 an opportunity like dis…….pastor am frm a brokn hom n am d first child,pastor it wasnt easy @ first bt am gratful to God……for givin u to us,makin us to undastnd hu we r in God….am gratful.pastor i wnt u to pray for me abt ma admissn….am stil waitn for ma name to b out…n also pray for ma hom i need peace in ma family……tnk u pastor n God bless u

  341. Magdalene says:

    Shalom pastor,sir my dad’s elder sister has been married,cudn’t get pregnant nd naw her husband is “late” pastor! Is it right 4 her 2 re-marry?she’s above 50,pastor as for mi, i will lyk her 2 remarry becos i nid nephew nd nice 4rm her.

  342. Magdalene says:

    Goodmorning sir,i was nt opportune on 1st november bt tankGod you 4 givin mi another opportunity at communioun services,i believe nd have recieved.tanx sweet daddy u re one in a million,i luv u sir.magdalene,christ embassy minna-niger state, nigeria.

  343. hilda says:

    Please help to be able to listen to the said video of answers. Thank you.

  344. Thank you father, thank you jesus and thank you holy spirit. Yes, through the power you imparted to pastor chris, I have received my protection with everybody associated with me.
    My debts are cancelled, I have received my money From all those who are owing me.
    And I am healed in every respect of my life. My word will never return back to me void.
    Thank- holy spirit,thank you pastor chris and thanks in the name of our lord jesus christ of nazareth TODAY is day 4 of miracles


    Thank you so much Pastor for the opportunity to be blessed by you at the Bible conference and also participate. It was indeed a life changing experience and can’t not be forgotten in a hurry. A big thank you for praying for us on the 1st of November as I am already enjoying the blessing from it.
    Before Day two of the answer prayers, I already had a testimony as i received a salary I didn’t work for. Little did I know that I was working ahead of the prophesy and my path was directed by God’s word. I am enjoying my life and living in love because that is all I know how to do best as been tutored by my life coach Rev Chris. I Love you so much Sir and i am proud to be a staff of the Believers Love world HQ Community.

  346. Freedom Phakathi says:

    my life has changed ever since i walked in the lite of GOD .I thank healing school in the name of Jesus christ

  347. mimi ita says:

    thank you very much on the step by step demonstration on how to follow Pastor Chris, please i would like to know how to set up my own blog how do i receive the prayer alert on my phone please because this is very important to me. God bless you real good.

  348. sakhi says:

    Please how do i follow pastor Chris and receive messages about prayers on mondays, wednesdays and fridays

  349. sonia says:

    Thank you Jesus,Im blessed by the prayer of Pastor Chris on 1st November

  350. Oge says:

    I have recived my answers n miracles.tank u very much sir.God bless u.

    • kennias dube says:

      i believed and received. I am already a mirracle happening everywhere. Thank pastor Sir, you are really a gift to our kosmos. God bless you.

  351. paulinemutemeri says:

    pastor l recive all the blessings .

  352. Ken Gershon says:

    I received and believed in your prayers on yookos and my life have a bether meaning since,

  353. Destiny says:

    Good day sir, how is ur ministry going on. Trust GOD is wonderful. Ist n famous, i tnk GOD 4 given u d power 2 pray 4 us by faith 4 healing nd it works. About myself: i was born on 16 sept 1991 without knowing who my father is was. But 18ys letar praise GOD i knew who was my father and he accepted me as the son praise GOD. But right now, i find it very difficult 2 stay with him in his house. But since then I kept on truesting GOD. So please i need your prayers i want 2 stay him neyt year no matter what ever it cause. GOD BLESS U AND UR FAMILY. And am facing a very horrible disease called pimples 4 4yrs if have tried all remedybut no cure pls pastor i need us help cause i no that d GOD of miracle will do it. God bless u in Jesus name amen!

  354. refilwe says:

    Oooh thank u pastor,I believe and I’ve received for me and my family!

  355. Arukhe Enoch Ohis says:

    i Arukhe Enoch o White believe and recieve your prayers on Nov 1st

  356. Kwaku Owusu says:

    I’ve believed and received your prayers for me! Pastor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  357. Pastor I believe and Recieved the prayer for me and my family. Thank u…

  358. ETU J.SAM says:

    I believe and receive your prayers for me and my family on Nov.1

  359. Amba Ogar says:

    I Amba Ogar believe and receive ur prayer for me,my family and friends on November 1.may God bless u pastor chris amen.

  360. I believe and receive your prayers for me, family and friends on November 1.

  361. I Deborah believe and receive your prayers for me,family and friends on November 1st. Thank you Pastor for praying for me and family. May GOD continue to bless you Sir.

  362. ibiene says:

    I believe and receive your prayers for me and my family on November 1, 2011


  364. nokukhanya gumede says:

    Pastor I receive and believe in Jesus Name,for a better job and prosperity…God bless you sir

  365. angeleta richardsona says:

    thank u pastor i believe and accept ur prayers in Jesus name for my family son trevion rowe daughter tanesha lamont grandson javier lamont and my self angeleta richardson i accept the deliverance of the HIV /tyroxine/ back pain in Jesus name ALSO THE DELIVERANCE of the white family julie white beverley/dad thanks pastor in Jesus name Amen Amen..

  366. refilwe says:

    How do I check or see pastor chris messeges or prayers

    • ethol joan rodgers says:

      Shalom Pastor Chris,wil you please pray for my family. Ive got heavy back pains and got heavy pains in my right leg for years now .Please i cant stand the pain any more. pray for my spiritual life .God must fill me with the fire of the Holy Ghost . My daughter carmen had a dream about hypertention and its becoming reality,constant nauseu and head spinning,she is going to start working on the 15november,please make prayer for her health and her business to grow and be blessed.her eldest son brydon is having teenage problems,he wanted to commit suicide on sunday and start steeling wich were never the case before and his only 11years old. Carmen is a mother of three boys she’s raising on her own. Also pray for my husband who worked for years and retired but all money is lost and got paid out so little,the devil realy robbed me and my family of so many. Carmen lost her house and two cars and her husband filling for divorce. Neither of them one another back because of adultry.please pastor chris,keep the rodgers family daily in your prayer ….. May God keep and bless you for caring about others

  367. Silas Adjei Poku says:

    I believe and receive your prayer me and my family on November. Amen.

  368. Gabriel Boakye says:

    Sir, i believe and receive your prayer for my family and i on November 1st.

  369. francis ogbuagu says:

    I believe and relieve your prayers for me on november 1st

  370. ruth mbofana says:

    i believe and receive what you are praying for on the first of November 2011

  371. i believe and receive what you are praying for me on November 1

  372. peter tandoh says:

    I believe your prayer for me on November 1. Amen

  373. Charity zikiza says:

    Pastor i believe and recieve your prayers on the 1st of November.

  374. washe rhoda sithole says:

    i receive and believe what you are praying for me on November 1

  375. neo molotsi says:


  376. I mr patrick and mrs lucy owusu nuamah says:

    I believe and receive your prayet for me on November 1

  377. Frankg says:

    Pastor I believe and receive your prayers for me on Nov 1

  378. Gloria addo nuamah says:

    I believe and receive your prayer for me on November 1

  379. Frankg says:

    I believe and receive your prayers for me on Nov 1

  380. Mathetes says:

    I believe and receive your prayers for on November 1

  381. Christianekals says:

    I believe and receive your prayer for me on Nov 1

  382. John C.C.N. Melekwe says:

    I believe and recieve your prayer for me on November first

  383. millen says:

    I believe and receive your prayer on me today 1 nov.


    Dear Pastor sir. I believe and receive your prayers. I thank you for blessing me and my family(wife and son).I also thank you for making it possible for me to go to college in Canada next year a reality. Thank you Pastor.

    • favour says:

      dear pastor sir, i believe and receive your prayers, your prayers are blessing me and family. thank you pastor.

      • favour says:

        our lifes have been catapulted to a higher level of glory, we thank you pastor sir for that. the teaching of the word is so powerful our spirits are invigorated and strengthened, we are really blessed. thank you mighty man of God.

    • grace says:

      halleluya brother u a functioning in increased glory congratulations to u and ur family

  385. Paul Mashiri says:

    I believe and receive your prayers for me on November1.

  386. i believe ur prayer for me and my family on nov 1,2011thank u pastor

  387. Lydia Ramatsasa says:

    Pastor I believe and receive your prayers.

  388. i believe ur prayer for ma and my family on nov 1,2011

  389. Frank Archer says:

    Wow!!!, what a privilege to be greatly blessed beyond measure,
    Pastor, i thank you so much for being the outstreched hands of God upon the world,
    your insights and revelations has continually revealed the mind of God to us,
    Thank you pastor for your unflinching prayers upon us, even expecially today sir.
    I receive your prayers upon my life and family, even as my wife celebrates her birthday today
    1st of November, for her and all those celebrating and every one of us, it’s our season
    of SPECIAL double blessings.
    We say a big thank you pastor, thank you sir.

  390. lizo says:

    Pastor,I believe and receive your prayers.Amen!!

  391. Maneo Nnyane says:

    Pastor I believe and receive your prayers for me in Jesus Name.

  392. Rethabile Nnyane says:

    Pastor I believe and receive your prayers. Thank You

  393. kelechi says:

    Pastor I believe and receive your prayer for me today in Jesus name, Amen.

  394. i believe and receive your prayers for me.

  395. tanaka hlavati says:

    thank you very much pastor,i believe that which you pray for us shall come to pass man of God,thank you for your prayers

  396. Shaiberry says:

    I believe and I receive your prayers for my life, my children, my husband, my family, my career , my organisTion. The word of god is manifesting in us today

  397. mariah mweta says:

    thank you pastor for ur prayers irely need a transformation in my life today,

  398. Solomon says:

    I recieve and i believe ur prayer pastor…the word has start manesfesting in me…am full of the anointing of God this new month

  399. Solomon says:

    Pastor i recieve and i believed ur prayers this new month..i hav startd seening ow God has been re editing my page. .am full of God’s anoiting

  400. Emmanuel nkole says:

    My family and I believe and receive the prayer that are doing for us today. Thank you pastor sir.

  401. Emmanuel nkole says:

    Thank you very much pastor for praying for us wholly. my family and I believe and the prayer that you will do on 1st november. thank you sir God bless you.

  402. malegae says:

    Thank you pastor Chris.I believe and I received.thank you for the spirit of boldness.thank you for the word.I receive I receive.amen.

  403. joshua jerry says:

    I believe and receive your prayer for me

  404. Frank says:

    Pastor, thank you sir for your committed prayers upon us , we are all so greatful and to tahkful to you pastor,
    I recieve yur prayers for me and my family, thank you sir.

  405. Kemi Aregbesola says:

    I believe and receive your prayer for me and my family on November 1st, thank you sir

  406. I believe & receive your prayer for me & my family on Nov 1 2011.

  407. Lydia says:

    I believe and receive your prayers for me on 1st November 2011

  408. Bro&Dcns Eleri says:

    I receive and believe in Pastor Chris prays for me and my family on 1st november 2011.

  409. bukky says:

    I believe and receive your prayers for me

  410. bukky says:

    I receive and believe your prayers for me on November 1st

  411. Henry Greatness says:

    i believe and receive your prayers for me and my family on 1ST NOVEMBER 2011

  412. Henry Greatness says:

    i believe and receive your prayers for me

  413. ajayi oluwaseyi babatunde says:

    i believe and receive your prayer for me with my family on november 1st

  414. Johanna Isaacks says:

    I believe and receive your prayers on 1 November 2011 for myself and daughter

  415. desreen says:

    I believe and receive your prayer for me.

  416. desreen says:

    I believe and receive your prayer for me

  417. Prince Mathew says:

    I believe ur pray 4 me pastor

  418. I believe & receive the prayer by pastor Chris

  419. sibongile marumulo says:

    I believe and I accept the prayer by the man of God Pastor Chris

  420. Grace Nobunga says:

    I believe and i receive your prayers on the 1st of november

  421. Duduzile nobunga says:

    I believe and i receive your prayers on the 1st of november

  422. Duduzile nobunga says:

    I believe and i receive your prayers on the 1st of november!

  423. Mr michael Enabulele says:

    “I believe and receive your prayers for me on November 1st”

  424. Thank yu my mento my pastor, may yu pliz pray for me i asked for a payrise my boss said he will give me his offer tomorrow i believe and recieve your prayer for me on 1 november i am getting a big payrise. As yu always say if yu stck to th word yu will come back wth a testimony i dont stop saying it am th rich one of God .love yu Pastor may th Lord keep blessing yu

  425. OMOREGBEE KATE says:


  426. courage attuquaye okai says:

    I receive and accept your prayer for me on November 1st.

  427. lord danso danquah says:

    I receive and accept your prayer for me on November 1st.

    • George Ejiro Okagbare says:

      My entire family and I believe and receive your prayers on Nov 1st, 2011. Thanks for blessing our Lives. We are indeed grateful to God for having you as our Dear Pastor. We love you dearly.

  428. Ikeh Chris says:

    I beleive and accept your prayer on 1st November

  429. Amos Oliver Piribu says:

    I believe and accept your prayer for me on the 1st Nov, 2011

    • I believe and receive your Prayer on the November 1st

    • queen inyang says:

      Thank you Pastor for all your inspiring and motivating teachings, am inspired and priviledged to be under your ministry which have increased me spiritually.On November 1st Sir, i receive and believe in faith solely on the word of God that will be proclaimed in Jesus Name, Amen.

  430. Amos Oliver Piribu says:

    I believe and recieve your prayers for me on the 1st November, 2011.

  431. John Ndukwe says:

    “I believe and receive your prayers for me on November 1st”

  432. Abigail Destiny Owusu Adu says:

    Dear Pastor, i believe and receive your prayer for me on Nov.1

  433. dudu says:

    I believe and receive your prayers for me on Novermber 1st

  434. dudu says:

    um born again,Jesus lives in me…..oh hw i lyk tte song by sinach

  435. ‘I believe and received your prayers for me on November 1′

  436. Pakie Kwinana says:

    Dear blessed, loved & sent man of God ‘I believe and received your prayers for me on November 1′

  437. mandla ngubane says:

    I believe and receve your prayers for me on november 1st

  438. I believe and i recieve your prayer for me.

  439. neju says:

    Joy egbunu,kaduna,I believe and receive your prayer for me on nov first.

  440. I believe and i recieve your prayers

  441. Angel Mamuremi says:

    I believe and I receive your prayers for me on November 1.

  442. Josephine Francis says:

    I believe and receive your prayers for me on the 1st November 2011. Thank you Pastor Chris.

  443. Man of God l greet u. Pastor l thank you for the daily prayer points for we know wat to pray for and not loosing direction.

  444. prosperine says:

    I believe and receive your prayer for me on Nov 01


  446. I believe and receive your prayer for me on novenber 1

  447. Thembie chokoza says:

    Pastor Chris thanku for your healin power frm God n i believe n i receive in Jesus name,Pastor my prayer request on d 1st of november,am married for 3yrs bt no children, Pastor pliz i need a child n my husband ‘s promotion n direction in our life ,thanku Pastor i receive in Juses name

  448. Thembie chokoza says:

    Thank you Pastor Christ for the word of God, my life is never d same since i got born again n i thank God 4 his presence in my life n thank you Pastor 4 d prayer on d 1st of November n i agree with u in Jesus Name

  449. Samuel Ndlovu says:

    I believe your prayers for me, and I receive answer for everything God wanted me to receive in life, and I live in the wisdom of God. I receive power, authority, anointing and grace to fulfill my divine purpose on earth joyfully, in the name of Jesus. I am called, anointed, authorized and sent of the Lord. Thank you Pastor Chris for your prayers for us. I believe and receive answers for my life in Jesus’ name. Amen!!!!!!!!

    From Samuel Ndlovu, a citizen of the House hold of God
    With the fellow saints.

  450. Ajayi-bembe funke says:

    Thank u pastor,i receive and believe your prayer for me on november 1.Amen

  451. SHEPARD says:

    How ar u Man of God, I have heard th word of God n i truly believe in it,therefore my spirit is open for n faithfull for the prayers u ar going to make 4 us on the 1st of Nov….

  452. Wel it says in john 4 dat God is spirit n john 1 says God is da word. So da spirit and the word are one-thing so clearly da fruits of the spirit are the fruits of the word. So da more u fellowship with the word the the fruits. Jesus says im the vine and ur da branch. Do u get it ??

  453. Wel it says in john 4 dat God is spirit n john 1 says God is da word. So da spirit and the word are one-thing so clearly da fruits of the spirit are the fruits of the word. So da more u fellowship with the word the the fruits. Jesus says im the vine and ur da branch. Do u get it ?

  454. Ehichoya Kingsley says:

    I believe and receive your prayers for me on November 1st.

  455. Ntombizanele madolo from christ embassy grahamstown south africa I would like to say I belive nd I receive and I thank u pastor for giving me this opportunity to communicate with u and I would also like you to add solomon konzani and xolani madadasana on your prayers thank you pastor

  456. Kundai says:

    “I believe and receive your prayers for me on November 1″

  457. Aji says:

    Pastor Chris, I believe and receive your prayers for me on November 1st.

  458. i believe and i receive my indefinate stay through the agreement pray with pastorchris on 1st Nov.

  459. oshodin osaze says:

    Good day pastor chris,
    my is osazee oshodin from christembassy benin, yookos member.
    As you pray for us on d 1st of november, i knw& beleive i wll receive divine direction of my life&alround success.
    Thank u sir.

  460. pastor i would like you to pray for increase in knowledge to me

  461. i believe in d november first prayer of pastor chris

  462. happiness says:

    I receive and believe your prayers for me on November 1

  463. happiness says:

    I believe and receive your prayers for me on November 1.

  464. Ellah makwangwalw says:

    I believe andi receive my indefinate stay ,pastor chris pray for me on 1st Nov. May u please pass it to pastorchris for me. Am having problem to sign in.

  465. Akra Victor says:

    Pastor, I believe and I receive the Blessing as you pray for us on November 01, 2011.

    Thank you Sir.

    Bro. Akra, Victor

  466. Pastor Chris i believe and receive your prayers for me on 1 November 2011 thank you for your prayers.

  467. Moreblessingchivu says:

    Pastor my spirit is ready to receive on the 1st of nov God bles yu love yu

  468. Thank you so very much Pastor. I do believe and receive all of it. I love you Sir…your daughter,pastor queen biobaku

  469. Thank you so very much Pastor. I believe and receive all of it. I love you Sir…your daughter pastor queen biobaku

  470. james mupona says:

    i believe, i would like pastor 2 pray 4 me on 1 november.

  471. mishingo richard says:

    i enjoy every single statement of your preaching and that had worked on me i feel very blessed, my blessing grows every day. i wish one day i can be healed and uplifted in my spirit

  472. kingsley okonkwo says:

    how can i follow pastor chris live on yookos ?

  473. Lizzy Mapaseka kgamanyane says:

    can u pls help i nid to follow pastor,so i have given instructions to sign nw it’s giving me head ache when am trying to sign in.

  474. Ellah says:

    i believe and i receive every prayer you pray for me on 1st Nov. Thank you pastor.

  475. joyce Agban says:

    As u pray for us on d 1st of Nov,I believe
    N I accept it in JESUS name for me n my family n I am blessed.

  476. Karabo Tsholo says:

    Hello pastor .i am watching your program on channel 150 from monday -friday and i am blessed.i am waiting and accept my miracle that i may be free and be heald.i have a lamp in my left breast and another ones under the hands .my parents never take it serious now i want God to remove them in the name of Jesus for i believe that my God is a working miracle God.may God bless you

    • Ellah says:

      pastor iwant you to pray for me to breaktthough, all doors are being closed with no wy out. Am believinGod to grant me unlimited favour in every area of my life and release my indefinate stay.

    • KEV says:


      Be heal in your body, be heal in your blood. I command every Lump in your breast to leave now and every lump in your hands to leave now. I declear you heal now in Jesus name: Amen.

  477. jeal's ma says:

    Pastor am believing God for the fruit of the womb. I want you to join me in prayer of faith

  478. jeal's ma says:

    Pastor am believing God for the fruit of the womb.want you to join me in prayer of faith

    • KEV says:

      Jeal’s ma says,

      Father God thank you for the fruit of the womb in her life
      thank you for that baby boy and another baby girl. in Jesus
      name: Amen

  479. Lizzy says:

    i would like to thank God 4 givin me my spritual parents, Pastor Chris nd his Lovely Wife Pastor Anita.u have changed my life,it’s really not the same like before,i know how to share the word of God with my Friends, bcz of Raphsody of realities.when i come across challenge,very soon i consult my Raphsody.am more than a conquer.nothing impossible unto Christ Jesus.

  480. Paul says:

    I believe and receive your prayers for me on November 1.

  481. Paul says:

    I believe and receive yo prayers for me on November 1.

  482. Ruth Alalibo says:

    I believe and i receive ur prayer for me come 1 November

  483. Pastor,you have been a blessing 2 millions home.u brought so much joy 2 our world.thank you Pastor for accepting the ministry of christ.

  484. Innocent patrick says:

    Gud is good, i need pray 4 facial nerve palsy on my face

  485. Light bonny says:

    I believe and receive the prayer made for me on November 1. Please send this to pastor Chris for me. I am unable to sign up. Thank u .

  486. Sonwabile Oliver says:

    I believe and receive your prayers for me on November 1st. I thank you Pastor Chris.

  487. lekan says:

    Pastor chris i want u 2 pray 4 me about all my life

    • KEV says:

      Dear Lekan,

      For one to pray for you for all your life then it will take them the number of years you have live to do that.

      Are you born again? do you want to be born again? do you want grace or peace in your life? be specific.

  488. Pamtarry says:

    Praise god hes good he gave me a special life coz im not an ordinary person amen

  489. Carolyn Navaya says:

    Thank you pastor i believe and receive your prayers for me on november 1.

  490. My name is Eugenia,i recieve ur blessing and prayer onthe first of nov 2011.You have bn a blessing to me since i went back to christ embessy.my life has changed very much.Stay blessed.

  491. Omeila rugpath says:

    Hi pastor my name is omeila im from south africa i realy enjoy ur show.im havin to much problem in my life is never ending for so many years i got problm at home with my husband and my son who is a drug addict my health is not good with heart problem and other problem pleas help me pastor chris i jus want 2 live a happy life

    • KEV says:

      Omeila, God Bless you.

      Prayers changes things, I urge you to keep on praying and be a woman of prayer; if you abide in these words all your problem will turn into testimonies by the power of the holy Ghost.

  492. NOZILILO TSHAKA says:

    pastor Chris i thank God our father because if he ddnt annoyed u we wl stil be lost in the dark.may he lift u from glory to glory.frm Nozililo at Bloemfontein.

  493. Obert ubisi says:

    Afternoon Man of God

    I watch your channel nearly everyday,your teaching and preaching lifted my spirit. When you heal people i always felt the power of the Holly Ghost,the problem i have one night is that i was in the church with you but saddenly you change and become a woman. I prayed in the morning about this dream because Devil was trying to disturb me.


    • KEV says:

      obert, God bless you.

      Pastor chris is actually a man but not a woman. If a dream is contrary to the word of God then it is not of and from God but from the Devil. The interpretation of the Dream is this; your inner self is fighting between the truth in the word of God from Pastor Christ and the negative rumour/comments you hear about the man of God from non true believers. Such dreams may continue to disturb you unless you keep away from such people.

  494. Promise says:

    I want to give my life to christ today

  495. Blessed tom says:

    I want to say thanks a million for teaching the gospel and standing firm on the truth

  496. Constance says:

    I like to thank Almighty God for keeping me from every evil attack in Jesus name. I thank God today that He sent Jesus to make my way straight and lighty i have hope about tomorrow for my way is prepared by He who does not leave the sheeps to go astray.

  497. Bro oluchi says:

    Thank u sir pastor chris the word has lifted me up.

  498. pinky says:

    hi pastor chris, my name is pinky. i’m having problems from one to another please please pastor pray 4 my life i need GOD helps. fankyou…………

  499. pinky says:

    hi pastor chris, my name is pinky. pastor i’m having problems from one to another, plesas please pastor pray 4 my life i need GOD helps!!!!!!fank you

  500. success says:

    It helps a lot love the things of the spirit, because that helps you to quitly join in the spirit. It is recorded in the book of MATTHEW that man shall not leave by bread alone, and that word has made me to be careful about what to eat…..,and how often should that be.Thank sir,may God bless you more.

  501. success says:

    Hi,can i receive a daily notification on my cellphone as when to pray;is that possible? If so, my no is 0796869969.Thank you sir.

  502. Aira Ndatelela says:

    Pastor i am so blessed to have you as my mentor,but i want to ask pastor,why is it that woman are not all meant to get married?Or is it just not my time pastor?I want to get married to a man of God,who is commited to the word of God,who knows who he is in christ Jesus?What do you think i should do?Should i just wait untill its the right time?and when will that be?

  503. Juliet Briggs says:

    Pastor, I will always be grateful to God for your life. Every of word has blessed my life. Thank you.

  504. Pastor , you have indeed blessed me with the revelation for last month which continued through this month. It has really been my month of productivity.

  505. Pastor, indeed, your pre sense with generation is a prove of the era of grace because has gifted you to us.

  506. dcn theodore ehannire says:

    Pastor ‎​†нªηк$ for yookos,the prayers and prophecies are wonderous and soul lifting! But sir can blackberry javelin be inclided in the list of device to use for yookos.mobi and also activate us to receive yooks on our phones especially etisalat network! Thanks Pastor. Dcn Theo Ehannire Christ Embassy Benin,GRA group

  507. obioma kizito says:

    i love pastor chris, pray for me

  508. obioma kizito says:

    how do someone speak in tongues,i have been praying for it p/s tell me how i can connect with the holy ghost

    • KEV says:

      Obioma it look like from the way you talk that you might not be able to achieve it on your own. see your leaders in church (I am assuming you go to christ embassy).

  509. chris uvoh says:

    some one should sign me up to follow pastor chris 08138074807 chris.uvoh@yahoo.com and send detail to me.chrisplux as user name. thanks a million, God bless you richly.

  510. v ictor mbakwe says:

    pastor its been a pleasure getting to hear the word of from you, i have been blessed by every word of GOD that you have taught me, and i want to use this opportunity to say thank you and may GOD continue to use you in all his ways

  511. Umar francis says:

    Thank u pastor chris and pastor anita,may God bless u all.Pls send a copy of prayer the right way. Iwud like to follow pastor chris on yookos pls help.And how i sign up my yookor account my phone no 08094380547,07061678016

  512. how can i sign up with yookos

  513. Okafor Patricia says:

    Thank you pastor Chris.

  514. JESSICA says:

    Pls i would like to follow pastor chris on yookos.

  515. jessica says:

    Pls i would like to follow pastor chris on yookos

  516. Dagogo-Jack Faithful says:

    Pastor you have been a blessing to our generation and a gift to world,may God Almighty continue to take to greater heights.

  517. olaleye kayode lawrence says:

    pastor i need deliverance

  518. Dennis lilian says:

    Hw can i help my friend he feels al hope is gone. I told him 2 holdfast on God’s word but he is loosing it!

  519. Quincy C.Walker says:

    The Bible say that the soul is willing but the flesh is weak.

  520. Quincy Walker says:

    When ever I hear the wonderful teaching of our dearest pastor Chris I feel inspire by his great messages and most especially the healing school.

  521. Ese aphia says:

    How do i sign up with yookos?

  522. victoria says:

    man of god u are such a blessing in my farmilly,i realy thank god for using the man of god pastor chris to heal my mother.am walking in the light of my mother’s testimony.the life of god is at work in me and the holy ghost shall see me throuh accademically.o thanks to u dady paster chris may god bless u.

  523. RUTHLY says:

    am always inspired by the way our man of God preaches the word, infant he teaches the word in a simplified way marvels me. HE my mentor, father, counselor, whatever u can call him. love him so much because the word of God i always hear from him gave my life a meaning, a reason to live again.

    i also wanna say a big thank u for giving us the opportunity to Reachout out to our country Nigeria with our messenger angel Rhapsody of Realities bringing New Hope to our country because i know that only the word of god package the devotional book can transform our country Nigeria I love you.

  524. Pastor i rili appreciate u 4 ur life inspiring messages.may God continue 2 bless u.amen

  525. Pls pastor mine is a prayer request-i wrote d just concluded post UTME nd al i ask is dat God grants me my hrt desire which is 2 gain admission into d university(UNIBEN)

  526. pls pastor i want u to intercede for me in the area of my job for quit some time have been without job and things are realy dificult for me and believed God have answer

    • KEV says:

      Hello Aleege,

      Do you attend christ embassy? do you go to your cell meetings? bring it as a prayer point over there and see how God will intervane.

  527. Endurance says:

    Thank you Pastor! God bless you continually and richly!

  528. tariro chikodzore says:

    my life changed because of you pastor chris i can do all things thru christ who strengthens me.i can see light in my life since i now no my identity in christ.i love u pastor chris and pastor anita God incriz u

  529. ALEX IKEM says:

    Today is a blessed day the lord has made.it is certain and i know that christ embassy is the best ministry in the whole wide world.
    I have not seen such a demonstration of the character of the spirit in any ministry that i had attented.
    It is a privilege to be identified with this ministry,a.k.a:chris embassy.
    My wonder about the ministry is the enormous talents exhibited by every individual who reckons with the ministry,becomes a super human,unveiling supernatural ability to doing great works.
    Wow!pastor chris,you are the excellency of the spirit of GOD.
    I love you sir.

  530. cynthia says:

    i have been struggling to sign up on yookos ,pls help how to do it

  531. Felix says:

    How can i become a child of God

  532. timothy abiather says:

    how can i register with pastorchris or whath are the dose step.

  533. Onisimus kefas phc says:

    Oh! My life how can iget peace and prospherity iwas born poverty, physical and spiritual illines and i am upto 24yrs without going to school pastor teach me how to pray becouse i have pray anough

    • KEV says:

      Hello Onisimus,

      Prosperity comes in stages and I don’t think you should call yourself poor If you are sure you are in Christ Jesus, this I mean born again. 9 out of every 10 riches Men in our world today or in any country do not have a university degree when they were young as a student.
      They keep on doing what they do best.

      Look for what you do best as regarding work, keep doing it and keep
      Serving God, as you do it, expect God to do a miracle in your life and he will visit you.

  534. cynthia says:

    pls im struggling to sign up on Pastor chris live,pls help

  535. CHIDINMA EJIOGU says:


  536. CHIDINMA EJIOGU says:


  537. dennis mikisi says:

    hello pastor its long now since iwas in church.i dont wat came ma way jaz to hinder me 4rm getting aword of god.pastor pray 4me 4rejuvenation

    • KEV says:

      Hello Dennis,

      I don’t really understand you point, did JAZ Music hinder you from going to church? are you disable? if not then nothing has hinder you but yourself, it was your decision not to go to church when you did not go.

  538. tariro chikodzore says:

    pastor you are the best i love you so dearly

  539. ALEX IKEM says:

    Dear beloved pastor chris,you are the performing JESUS in our present era.
    more power to your elbow.
    It’s nice to meet you in my world.
    i wish to see angels,how do i go about that?

    • KEV says:

      Dear Alex,

      You Probably have seen Angel or Angels but it is just you didn’t realise or know it.

      Be spiritually minded and be prayerful and it will begin by a voice whispering to you or a strong feeling that the angels of God are around
      you and then progress from there.

      God Bless

  540. Saint says:

    Pst,i ve a strong callin on my life which i ve been preparin 4 almost 3yrs now bt am scared 2 lunchout,am a young graduate with nothin,pls sir i need ur advise

    • KEV says:

      Dear Saint, Lunch out to where? are you not a member of Christ Embassy?
      is the calling of God about doing our own thing?

      If you are a member of Christ Embassy, my first question for you is; are you a cell leader yet? if the answer is no then you don’t have a calling yet. you are only emotionally starred up by preachers and preaching.

      If your answer is yes, then you are in the right part, start by growing
      your cell (that is the best test for your ministry calling)and see what God will do next.

  541. kabwe says:

    who is my neighbour?is it my house neighbours,my church mates or my country men.in terms of helping poeple say in our churches are we supose to wait for the day or date that the cloths or groceries are distributed or we can give those with challeges at that time if we have.e.g cloths,food etc

    • KEV says:

      Hello Kabwe, I don’t know if you are asking a question or making a comment
      but the answer to your question can be find in the Bible, Luke 10: 29 on wards….37

      29But he, willing to justify himself, said unto Jesus, And who is my neighbour?

      30And Jesus answering said, A certain man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and fell among thieves, which stripped him of his raiment, and wounded him, and departed, leaving him half dead.

      31And by chance there came down a certain priest that way: and when he saw him, he passed by on the other side.

      32And likewise a Levite, when he was at the place, came and looked on him, and passed by on the other side.

      33But a certain Samaritan, as he journeyed, came where he was: and when he saw him, he had compassion on him,

      34And went to him, and bound up his wounds, pouring in oil and wine, and set him on his own beast, and brought him to an inn, and took care of him.

      35And on the morrow when he departed, he took out two pence, and gave them to the host, and said unto him, Take care of him; and whatsoever thou spendest more, when I come again, I will repay thee.

      36Which now of these three, thinkest thou, was neighbour unto him that fell among the thieves?

      37And he said, He that shewed mercy on him. Then said Jesus unto him, Go, and do thou likewise.

      God Bless

  542. fadimatou nsume atze says:

    Pastor i have been looking for a child since 1o years ago.My kid sister and i are Hiv positive. so pastor will need serious prayers. i have given my life to christ and i did attented the Higher Life conference in London. God bless.

  543. success says:

    NO one can compered to you sir, you are so Great.

  544. ALEX IKEM says:

    Good day pastor,yookoos has become a platform for us to reach our wolrd.
    Thanks for the opportunity.
    In the nearest future,i see yookoos as a security to every christian and an elctronic media for every christian, to unleash their potentials.

  545. Pastor, is it right to make weekly prayer of confession for sins when one is born again? What does the scripture says? Please help me understand the truth.

    • KEV says:

      Dear Gilbert,

      The bible say in 1 John 1:9
      If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. if you sin you come before
      God and confess it and repent before him. as a christain we are not suppose to live in sin, so you don’t have to do it as a routine or ritual as weekly or so. whenever the spirit of God convict you of a sin you
      should be ready to repent in prayers.

      This should be our attitude to prayers: Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints. Prayers should be always

  546. Okwor Linus says:

    Pastor, I’m beleiving for an admission

  547. MERCY says:


  548. chinonye james says:

    my mom is been tormented by so many evil spirit, since i knew right 4rm wrong i did not know d sweetness of a chid 2 her mother, pls my family need help 4rm God almighty.

    • KEV says:

      Hello Chinonye, How did you know that the evil spirit tormenting your
      mum are many? do you have the ability of discerning of spirits?

      Firstly, are there Artefact in your mother house that do not glorify God? or Artefact that glorify any other gods or other things. you have to distroy them because you might find that even after a serious prayer things might come back to its previous position.

      Let start with that and them we move on to prayers and fasting and
      you will see what God cal do.

  549. From the time I got hooked to Pastor Chris’s teaching of the word, my life has chnaged positively and everything is working good for me and my family.
    Let God continue blessing you richly with His wisdom.

  550. I love the Lord so much, I want to see myself working for the Kingdom, growing with the mentality of unconditional love for my family and bretheren. And fulfilling Gods purpose for my life

  551. Ezomoh Esther Igbabesi says:

    How do I sign in on yookos?have tried but to no avail.Pls,can you help me with me with it?my phone no:08067094904.Tanx alot and remain blessed in this season of greater productivity!Love you.Bye.

  552. king alfred says:

    i, thank the love of god imparted on you kings which always keep encouraging and inspiring me to adhere to the word of god as there is no other alternative that can replace his glorification.
    yes, i m blessed by his grace amen!

  553. I am a living testimony praise God . I almost lost my life this year due to an eye. I went to HEAVEN GOD brought me back to reach out to the YOUTHS AMEN I am Blessed please visit my website and email me http://www.marianadejokunfoundation.com

    God Bless. Marian

  554. Lovette says:

    I really want to know how to pray with pstr Chrisand how to receive the daily text msg on prayer via my phone.
    Thank you.

  555. am very delighted by ur proggrame.may God wisdom be with u. Amen. and also pastor ,what can i do to be courageous in what to do . becouse i find it difficult even to stand and express my self in the public.and i want to desolver fear in me.

    • KEV says:

      Henry, God bless you. you have to learn to pray in tongue and if you
      already pray in tongue you have to learn to pray in tongue more and
      do it every day. praying in tongues makes your spirit bold. then move
      on to the next level try becoming a cell leader and see how your
      life will change.

  556. friday says:

    Pastor am in grade 10 am a zambian please pastor i want you to pray for me i want success in my education and in life. I still remember one of the teachings of pastor chris he said “i refuse to fail, i refuse to be poor”. Please help!.

    • KEV says:

      Hello Friday, I can see that you are literate. to be successful in your
      Education you have to study the books that applies to your studies.
      you don’t just read what might come in your exams. you read everything given to you in your studies, eventhough it’s unlikely to come in your exam, still study them by doing that your mind becomes stronger and ready
      for anything. if after doing this you still having problems, them all you need is to pray for God guidance and you will see it as it comes to you with easy.

  557. friday says:

    How can i know that am clean to God?

  558. Ganiyu Rabiyu says:

    Aglo lovely man of God pastor christ.. am awesome delighted 4 God sent u 2 d work .. jesus is cmin again pastor u are jesus thks so so so plent…

  559. Mom terungwa says:

    How do i sign up my yookos account

  560. Pastor you are such a blessing in our lives

  561. chege peter says:

    i love your messages and God bless you

  562. molefi says:

    one man of God said that i will not be rich. is that true?

  563. Miranda says:

    coming to Chrs Embassy was the best ecision I have made in my whole life, as a born again I always thought I know how to pray,but as the years went by I coukd see no results from my praying until Pastor Yemi from PE EC 1 preache about productve porayer, the prayer that produces. I watch teachings by Pastor Chris and they are soul lifting and helpful.
    I need to follow Pastor Chris on Twitter so I can be able to send abd receive messages. Thank you.
    Fron Miranda Port Elizabeth,CE 1, South Africa.

  564. ALEX IKEM says:


    • KEV says:

      Hello Alex, why do you need to communicate with the Servants when the
      Master is around? Why communicate with Angels when you were given
      the Holy Spirit? doing that could jeopardise your christian life.

      Alex Be filled with the Holy Spirit always

  565. ALEX IKEM says:


  566. i try to open my account,but i could may can give more instruction my email is evance-benedict@live.co.uk thank u,god bless u

  567. Henrey says:

    Thanx great man of God you a inspiring Man of God. Pray for me I trust God for a mericale brackthrough. Thanx

  568. Henrey says:

    Thanx great man of God you a inspiring Man of God

  569. Yabo Luswazi says:

    Hi Pastor your teachongs are so blessing are powerful thank you Pastor God bless you

  570. Yabo Luswazi says:

    Hi Pastor your teachings are so blessing and powerful thank you God bless you

  571. Pitso says:

    ps I want help with my faith so I can live life according to God will

  572. Shongerai sithole says:

    I world like 2 follow pastor criss plaese please

  573. Please can u sent me a free copy of How to pray so that we grow in praying.thank u pastor for following you in the twitter as well as in yookos

    • This is Christine Kanja from Uganda the blessed land of God full of good people with God’s devine wisdom at work in them. Now Pastor Chris, i thank you so much for the opportunity of MIE that took place recently in our region East Africa. I believe that our ministry message in Uganda has spread rapidly to many who have been yarning for the truth. Because we know that we know that our message works and it has the power to change thousands and thousands of people in our Nation Uganda. And with MIE, Uganda will never remain the same again. Secondly, Pastor, i want to ask you something, you always teach us these things from the word of God, that we as the people of the beloved Country must put in practice the word of God and you even said if you have received Christ, that means you have to Love him by keeping his word and not only listening to it, but doing it, becaming like it. And if one does not do so, then he has no love for Christ and he/she is not a Christian. Am talking about Love pastor, many Christians i have seen even some leaders in the Church have no Love for each other. Others there there to please the Pastor who Pastors them, but no love for their fellow brethrens totally. Yet Paul insisted and said Love one another as one body in Christ Jesus, and be there for each other though there those who are just there to take advantage of others by getting what they want from them. But i don’t see love in the eyes of some believers sir. Now my question is, what causes them to behave that way? Am not judging or critising them, but this has been honting me all along, asking myself are we really seriously with what we are taught through the word of God? What is happening? God himself is love, what is difficult that some christians can’t practice Love and yet it is one of three principles in the Bible that we have to live by. (LOVE, HOPE AND FAITH. Help me sir and let me know about all this. Thank you and may God bless you so much

  574. Elsa Kaanjosa says:

    I love Pastor Chris so much. I always watch him on Loveworld, oh He blessed me life so much with his teaching. teaching on who is the Holy Spirit, Effective Prayer, Christian Missionary oh Pastor i am a changed christian all thanks to you teachings. I am a Christian with a difference. I love Your boldness and strength of faith. thank you Pastor, May God continue blessing you and your family.

    Love Elsa

  575. I am blessed to have you pastor chris.my life is moving from glory to glory, no more fear, thank you pastor chris,we love you

  576. we are blessed with pastor chris and we think you for taking your calling in the Lord.I received my healing from God through you pastor, we love you.our lives are moving from glory to glory, thank you pastor chris

  577. Precious says:

    Am failing to sign up for yookos

  578. Lwakhe129 says:

    I wud like to follow pastor chris on yookos. Plz help

  579. Mandisa says:

    temptations are strong, i know the more you pray the more trial and pains come your way…but if you pray with your whole heart and believe all is possible.

    To Prudence, m sure all will be well sister if you have asked your heavenly father before m sure he’ll come thru for you. Talk to him.

  580. Prudence says:

    I wanted a new start,new beginning as i am a Born again, so i decided to resign my job at the bank because i feel everything about me was a lie and i couldnt tell the truth afraid to loose friends.I prayed to God that i want change, where i will speak the word and truth about my life…now im jobless.Was this a wise decision??

    • Simret says:

      Am so blesses at the higher life confirm Canada. God is so good and love you all who served us there.

    • KEV says:

      Hello Prudence, if you are brave enough to resign your job for the sake of christ (except you did not do it for his sake)you can be brave enough
      to let the employment manager in that bank know why you resign. do it prayerful and see what God can do. God bless.

  581. Buyile says:

    Plz send copy of praying the right way

  582. Pastor you a man sent by God to talk His church to the nexl level I love my man of God

  583. bright8blw says:


  584. polite says:

    Thanks so very much for finding me

  585. Nelson Khoza says:

    Please send copy of “Praying the right way by Pastor Chris”

  586. i am blessed to have this opportunity of following the awesome man of God, Pastor Chris on twitter..

  587. Ntume says:

    thank u pastor Chris for helping us.mine is not a comment but a prayer request,i would like u to pray for me,i m a christian,i was in a relationship for 11/2 years,just 8 months before the marriage,the guy changed his mind,he said he has a marriage phobia & fear,i love the guy so much & i m now in traumour & shock.i think that is a demonic thing,i really need him back in my life please pray for me.his name is Phenyo Matlho mine is Keitumetse

    • KEV says:

      Ntume? he might not be the one for you.the reason you feel him so much is
      because you have open your heart for him. any man who is afread to marry
      you is either not a man or not for you. move on with the love of God in your heart and the right person will come.

  588. edoh faith says:

    pastor l want to get more inspire with the word of god.the word of God is working mighty in me everyday of me life.

  589. what a blessing experience from pastor chris live on twitter.Am blessesd my life has changed tremendasly.glory to god.( pastor to pray for the twitters and ask us to touch the screen,as he prays for us ,wil be more blessed. may GOD grant him more grace for our blessings.this is a prayer request to all those in need of the fruit of the womb!)

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    • nominate says:

      pastor pliz help i need direction in my life, i’m married with two children, ve been born again for the past five yrs, my husband has always been cheating on me, pastor pliz help us have direction in our lives for the sake of the children and ourselves.

    • Pastor chris
      Thank you for y the healing power of Jesus that you bear. i came to lagos on a wheelchair having been for three years. During the session I experienced alone lights and explosions. Next day mall wounds were healed and a week later in Kenya I started walking up to today. Thank God for the transcedent life he has bestowed to me
      Dr Kisaka Waswa Kenyan Medical doctor and university lecturer

    • joyrose says:

      I want to get inspired by the wonderful messages posted by pastor Chris.

    • Bro. Moore Ibe Dioka says:

      I receive your prayers for me on November 1st, 2011.

    • Prince says:

      i know that with God all things are possible
      so i put my trust in Him

    • Maduka ifeoma peace says:

      Pls a, deeply yearning to follow pastor chris bt dnt knw aw to go abt it.Please i am in desperate nid of help pls

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    • gloria oleabhie says:

      not comment,pastor chris i receive ur prayer for me in jesus name

      • Ejiofor Cindy says:

        D word of God works.its a lamp unto my feet,a light unto my path.I declare dat I do not work in darkness,I do not miss my way.Oh,thank u pastor am excited.I can’t stop declearing dis word 4 it is d power of God unto salvation.ceph zone3

  592. JV says:

    Hi Mundus, We’re already following Pastor Chris @pastorchrislive. Are you one twitter? We would like to follow you and this web site on twitter also…

  593. I am following pastor and my user name is tjambs2010

  594. Ntombi Mathole says:

    I wish God can grant me more fruits of the spirit.

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